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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

At 55, Zambia has come of Age

Columns At 55, Zambia has come of Age

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila making the party’s submission to the parliamentary select committee on the Constitutional Amendment Bil5l
PF Secretary General Davies Mwila making the party’s submission to the parliamentary select committee on the Constitutional Amendment Bil5l

By Davies Mwila

Zambia’s independence was made possible not by any one particular individual or grouping, but by the synergy of a wide variety of personalities from various regions, demographics and political groupings of the time.

For instance the gallant efforts of independence pioneers such as Mbikusita Lewanika and the organisational abilities of Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula blended with the youthful passion of the youths of the time- such as Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, Kenneth Kaunda, Dixon Konkola and Robinson Puta among many others, as well as the feminine wisdom of matriarchs such as Mama Julia Chikamoneka. Mama Mary Fulano and Mama Christine Mulundika among many others.

55 years later, Zambia has come of age.

Although we may still come from different regions, political parties and different demographic groups of our nation, we have a shared destiny and shared future, just as our patriarchs and Matriarchs envisioned.

And just as our political independence struggle was not the effort of one man or woman, but rather a collective and trans-generational effort; the maintenance and enhancement of that independence requires the collective input of all Zambians across the Political, Regional and Demographic divide.

The road to meaningful economic independence through the implementation of the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP) and Vision 2030 can only be completed, when we embrace mature politics, hold hands and pull in the same direction.

As we commemorate our 55th independence anniversary, we must be aware of those who are bent on auctioning Zambia’s sovereignty and mineral wealth and undoing the sacrifices of our freedom fighters.

Let us therefore emulate the selfless Spirit of our forefathers’ independence struggle, by putting national interest above personal and partisan agendas.

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  1. On this very special day for the country, I also wish mother Zambia a happy anniversary. I pray that these beautiful messages coming from our leaders become a reality. On this day, we go our those selfless people who sacrificed so much so that we are truly free. 55 years later, we sing proud and free but in words more that in actions. Cadres are fighting and hate because one belongs to a different party surely is contrary to what our heroes and heroines fought for. We once again need to capture that spirit of Ubuntu, United in diversity. Differing on ideas and harming one another. Strong well meaning leadership in ensuring we are truly free and strong. God bless Zambia

    • Zambia is still an infant despite being 55. How else do you explain the childish things we are still doing as a country. buying 1 million dollar fire engines when pupils still learn under trees.

    • Well done Zambia! Please make sure that the CULT LEADER CHILDISH and his TRIBAL GATHERING Ha kicked HAGAIN by their behinds.

    • Ba reporter I have been hearing that Zambia has come of Age since the 20th anniversary won’t you think of something else? Every year we come of age and we can’t solve our problems such as loadshedding, unemployment lac k of industrial development bad roads or no roads at all and you keep saying Zambia has come of Age?

  2. Corrections!! On this day we honor our heroes and heroines.
    Differing in ideas and Not harming one another!

  3. What is he talking about. Who wants to auction Zambia. Just to be heard saying something is not clever enough – exposes ignorance big time!

    • Mr SG the real issues are theft, corruption, violence, nepotism, tribalism … under your PF govt. Is it a coincidence that you find yourself surrounded by such elements such as your body guard who was arrested by police for aggravated robbery involving a refrigerated truck loaded with Sea Food.
      Your body guard identified as George Kalemba was arrested with two others for hijacking a truck at gunpoint a week ago.
      It had to take the President to stop Lusaka division police commissioner and his officers for attempting to silence the matter. If you have reformed, hand over the killers of Gaddafi! Don’t pretend you have not seen, heard or smelt what has become of our twin brother Zimbabwe. Ask yourself what went wrong, the ruling party are at each others necks. I end my case.

  4. Nothing against his message which is very good. Now is it true that your body guard was an actor in a robbery? At 55, how much money are you and PF cadres stealing from the treasury? Be honest!

  5. “…..we must be aware of those who are bent on auctioning Zambia’s sovereignty and mineral wealth …..”

    You and lungu are even now giving foringers the rights to mine in our game parks ……..and tell us what you benifits Zambians are getting from our minerals under pf ???

  6. At 55 revenue from markets and bus terminals still end up in the pockets of cadres?

    Tulekula but amano yalechepa.

  7. Unfortunately at 55 years, Zambia is a poverty stricken and stinking with corruption and a future so bleak! We should be ashamed of ourselves even celebrating this day because there is nothing to celebrate when the majority of the so called independent people are languishing in poverty and darkness that has come to define us. At 55yrs people should not be sleeping in the streets and lacking basic needs. At 55yrs we should have had system that produces integrity and competent leaders not ma rubbish corrupt crops we currently have!

  8. Has the load shedding finished? How much is 25kg meal? Corruption everywere.. That’s why we controled as Africans

  9. Please also remember on this day James Skinner who also played a significant role in the independence of Zambia all those years ago.



    We are most thankful to God Almighty for His favour upon this beautiful land of Zambia. Sparkling in the sun like the rarest Jewel of Africa; that it is!

    One Zambia, One Nation(we own the very soil including that in NW, Western and the other one.. provinces HH thinks he ownes…)!!!! NO BA’ROT’SELAND IN ZAMBIA.

    • Iwe chi siru, why have you run away to the UK? Come back and live in Z and be patriotic like some of us are. Come and live in the darkness of 15 hours load shedding. It’s easy to talk from afar. Come home and face the daily music we are facing as Zambians.

  11. Blantant liar.Moron
    Zambia is still languishing in self inflicted predicament cause of vision-less incompetent and corrupt leaders.
    Our leaders vision is self enrichment on expense of poor fellows.
    They only focus on there families but we still give them votes to mercilessly plunder the economy

  12. PF has made Zambia so bad that the colonial masters may even begin to look angelic.

    But no trible HH please, maybe until he apologises for the trible politics that birthed him in 2006 through a trible coup detat that overthrew Sakwiba Sikota, the legitimate heir to Andy Mazoka.

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