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Five billion dollars for Angola-Zambia oil pipeline

Economy Five billion dollars for Angola-Zambia oil pipeline

At least US$5 billion is available for the construction of an oil pipeline to connect Angola and Zambia, aiming to make operational the Lobito corridor.,

This information was advanced last Thursday, in Luanda, by the Zambian Ambassador to Angola, Lawrence Chalungumana, who was talking at the celebration ceremony of the 55th anniversary of Zambia’s independence, which was marked on 24 October, highlighting that the works shall start from the refinery of Lobito (Angola’s western end) to Zambia.

According to Mr Chalungumana, this project created by the Angolan and Zambian governments will have five years duration and will be handled by the Zambian company Baseli Balisel Resources (BBLR) with the Angolan company Sonangol.

“The conclusion of these works will facilitate the construction of roads and railways to connect neighbouring countries,” he said.
Mr. Chalungumana also reiterated that besides the project, Unitel is launching in Zambia mobile telecommunications project of over 350 million dollars.

According to the Ambassador, the bilateral relations between Angola and Zambia continue to grow, referring that the Permanent Joint Committee on Defence and Security of both countries met in 2018 and its 32nd session is scheduled for November this year.

He said many high-level meetings involving both government and private sector entrepreneurs have been held with focus on agriculture, oil, finance and economy, trade and Provincial Administration.

He also highlighted that Zambia keeps on playing a decisive role in International Organizations, mentioning that last August it became the host of the Southern Africa Sub-Regional Centre for Sustainable Development Goals, in addition to the international organizations already working in Zambia.

Angola and Zambia share a border of about 1,300 kilometres.

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    • Another cook and bull story. Who will like to 8nvest in a corrupt country where banking is corrupt, mining is corrupt, housing is corrupt, malls are corrupt, ministers are corrupt, cadres are corrupt, priests are corrupt, ruling party is corrupt and opposition is equally corrupt.

  1. If this project comes to fruition, both countries will benefit greatly. Long over due. KK started it but the guerrilla war in Angola derailed the project. Let’s pray that this does not become just another good story…

    • The Americans are on the sidelines lurking. To me they are the biggest terrorist state. Hichilema is in thick with them, that is always a recipe for disaster. Look at the DRC, Angola itself, Libya, Liberia, Somalia. That Country carries some sort of plague that destroys any country it touches. Even Zambia has been a victim of their terrorism. Now someone has just opened the door like that snitch who gave away the secret of Helm’s Deep in Lord of the Rings (JRR Tolkein).

    • Till I see it with my two eyes, and touch it with my hands, I cannot believe it. Additionally, I have never heard of a company called Balisel Balisel. If there is any truth in all this, the only thing we will see is corruption. Whenever obscure little companies that have neither competence nor a proven track record are given huge contracts, you can be sure there is PF corruption.

    • I laugh at how gullible we are as Zambians, while the intentions may be good, remember the Saudi Oil promise turned saga. Do not be exited yet, you may end up with K50 per litre fuel.

    • First priority is power then oil.Find
      Investors to invest in power generation then we can talk about
      Oil.Better to have light then remain
      In dark .

  2. These are the projects that make sense in Africa. Not foreign mining giants bulldozing all their way into our national parks out of unquenchable greed and lust for our mineral wealth.

    • @cosmos… ubukopo bulwele or being a upnd cadre lishamo, go back and read the article again iwe mumbwa-mumbwa…. the money will be provided by two private companies. there is just too much negative energy in you people, nowonder we are failing to move your negative energy is dragging us backwards.

    • @Cozcow-you couldn’t have said it better. These evil tribalists have conjured a dark cloud over the country unless their chosen becomes president…

  3. Wonderful news. Now please feed the starving first in rural drought stricken Zambia before bloviating about a $5 billion project for which the minister has no clue as to how the fantasy shall be paid for. Government should be responsible to feed its poor not the U.N. Shall fuel prices go down with this dream?

  4. how’s such a major undertaking going to be funded?
    before y’all say it’s a good project, ask yourselves how it’s gonna be funded. the devil is in the detail.
    I don’t think it’s feasible for the government to contact another huge debt on fossil fuel project when the rest of the world is looking to move to renewable energy.
    you can’t continue mortgaging a country especially on fossil fuel. and no it won’t result in cheap gas mu Zambia, you need to understand how gas prices are determined, you can be swimming in oil and still pay exorbitant prices to drive you inefficient pajeros

  5. Since this has been announced by the ambassador, can we take that it is not a full cabinet decision…just asking coz of the usual finger pointing that may follow in case the pipeline crosses a national park…

  6. This is Shi Chilufya’s vision. The refinery will be operated in Angola and oil pumped to Zambia, Zim and Malawi. Faka speedi, iwe….


  8. If this project came into fruition, the benefits will be immense and SOEs like Indeni Oil Refinery,once streamlined or restructured may eventually achieve economies of scale.However,such an ambitious project carries credence if its jointly announced by the heads of state of the respective countries involved and not by an Ambassador.Anyway, I will keep my fingers crossed.

  9. kutashafye well done guys keep it up and make sure you bring it to fruition in order to shame your critics who will never appreciate you. Nice and good project.

  10. In the next 10 years some countries in Europe are going all electric. Can we please move with times, and invest in research with the view of setting up a plant for electric vehicles. Should always be playing catch-up in Africa?

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