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I am not rejoining PF – Kambwili

Headlines I am not rejoining PF - Kambwili

Opposition politician Chishimba Kambwili says he has no intentions of rejoining the PF.

And Dr Kambwili says his decision to attend the 5th memorial of late President Michael Sata has been misunderstood.

He said some people interested in propaganda are allegedly twisting the facts around his attendance at St Ignitius Catholic Church in Lusaka.

It was widely reported that President Edgar Lungu and Dr Kambwili have reconciled after the two attended a memorial service of late President Michael Sata who is also the founder of the PF.

The two leaders were called in front of the congregation alongside former first lady Christine Kaseba by parish priest father Charles Chilinda to declare what dispute was between them.

And President Lungu said he had nothing against Dr Kambwili and was at peace with him while Mr Kambwili also said he had nothing against the head of state.

The two shook hands in witness of Dr Kaseba in front of the congregation as the congregants cheered in delight.

Meanwhile, Father Chilinda urged the two leaders to put their differences aside and avoid destroying the PF.

But Mr Kambwili in a Facebook post on his page stated that the gesture has been misunderstood.

“It has come to my attention that propagandist are at it again with their malicious rumours and this time taking advantage of my attendance of The priest indeed called upon all former members of PF to work together and visible among them was me and he called me to the front in church,” he wrote.

“Further, after church service the priest again called me and President Edgar Lungu for a closed meeting in which the priest again urged us to forgive ourselves. I mentioned to the priest that I have nothing against the Republican President and I emphasised that all that needs to be done by the PF leadership proper governance of our country and that I will continue providing the usual checks and balances,” he stated.

Dr Kambwili said there was nothing discussed relating to him rejoining the PF.

“I need to reiterate that I have not gone back to PF and I have no intentions whatsoever! I still remain the President of the fast growing National Democratic Congress party (NDC) and I urge our members countrywide and those in the diaspora to continue mobilising the party.”

“Wish to also take this opportunity to assure our Alliance Partners that as NDC, we are committed to the cause of a united opposition as we get to 2021. As such, I appeal to our colleagues to stay calm and ignore all the false information flying around that I have abandoned our grouping and rejoined PF.”

He said his attendance of important national programs and association with old colleagues in PF does not in any way amount to rejoining them.

“I am committed to a united opposition and my focus for now is to continue mobilising our party the national democratic congress.”

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    • That’s how politics should be civility, opposition parties could meet and greet each other as brothers and sisters under the sun as our National Anthem says. Kudus to Lungu and Kambwili. Tefyongofye lyonse, people will never take you seriously as politicians.

    • That Father Chilinda has no respect. That is a republican president he is parading like a sinner.
      Edgar didn’t do anything wrong to Kambwili, it was the other way round.
      So ukubalinganya amapulli was very disrespectful.
      Zambians please let’s respect Ba Edgar, even though he is not a good leader.

    • Kmbwili is not helping himself, he is entangling himself further in a web of distrust not only among his supporters , but voters, he is neither cold nor hot, but lukewarm. We had such Judas escariot dinials before from politicians.

    • Nothing surprises me anymore….been surprised way too much in my life…looks like the animosity between Edgar and Kambwili is scripted….Lungu will hand over the reigns of PF to Kambwili….just like Sata handed over the reigns to Lungu…Never trust a Politician they’re very good and playing monkey tricks….Kambwili knows there is no one who can lead PF after Lungu is done….dont be surprised if Kambwili will be the running mate to Lungu in 2021….mark my words

    • Remember i once said never trust a Politician…they play on people’s minds….fake and scripted animosity…..and just watch when Kambwili rejoins PF bandits…HH is too blind to see all these GBM,Miles Sampa,Mulenga Sata and Kambwili’s Politics of deceit….Unfortunately Zambians only spend time drinking and being die hard fans of English clubs….even though the English don’t even want you Africans to be fans of their teams

    • Thorn my friend, you guys hounded Kambwili out of the party and then you start begging for him to come back? What gives? It’s like firing someone, he gets a new job and then you call him and say ‘Swallow your pride and come back to work here’ does that make any sense? Oh I forgot, in PF nothing ever makes sense

  1. We need civility in politics. This is a welcome gesture. Instead of parading coffins, let UPND take a leaf from this gesture. We can still politic without going ballistic or demeaning each other.

    • We are tired of telling Ba Edgar to grow up, look now even priests start asking him to clean in the church. Who the fucvk Chilinda thinks he is??
      The presidency has been soiled, no wonder priests and cheap Pastors going around comparing amatolle and making Ba Edgar kiss anybody including rumpeni Kambwili…
      So disrespectful.

    • I really do not see why the priest Rev. Father Chilinda, Chishimba Kambwili or the president should be insulted as I watched the whole service in full and none did anathing wrong to warrant such bad comments.
      Father Chilinda and the other catholic priests just did the right thing by preaching reconciliation to the various parties especially between ECL and CK. The word of God has no regard for position. Insulting people for doing their work correctly is not only uncalled for but also disgusting.
      We must respect our leaders even if we do not agree with them. It is so immature to insult them. we can state our case without without using bad language. What is school for? Just to gather papers?

    • @FMX that’s a wise comment, where were you before they annoyed us.
      If anyone feel offended, I apologise. I am Catholic, and am tired of seeing the likes of Frank Bwalya.
      Do you even know that their are 2 offerings in Catholic, first to the parish and second to the Priest? Do you know how much Chilinda got from that mass.
      Ok, this is was not about Chilinda, it is about miss using Ba Edgar.
      Anyway, again, am sorry, and I will go for Confession tomorrow, to a priest!!
      And I resign from LT.

    • Nosta you are right. Ka Lungu has cheapened the presidency to this level. Can you imagine any funny priest parading Levy around like this? Very sad.

  2. Dr. Kambwili is better off in the PF. Whatever will happen in 2021, Dr. Kambwili stands a better chance to become President of Zambia in 2016 on the PF ticket.

  3. Hehehehe……..Zambian comedy at its best! Are the two leaders absolutely sure they have nothing against each other? What made the President fire Kambwili? Why has Kambwili been calling ECL all sorts of names from the time he was fired?

  4. Mr kambwili dont think Zambians
    Are dull people. Action speaks louder then words.Ask your friend
    GBM what he was saying and what
    He did.Nothing wrong in rejoining
    But dont do it secretly.very difficult
    To stay in opposition.

  5. Why should you enjoy seeing politicians fighting. To be in opposing side doesn’t mean they shouldn’t meet. It’s the way it should be,its only sad for those ones feeling like the president is there personal to holder.

  6. GBM can not match cks political stamina not even Edgar. Ck is the one who brought Edgar into power. I’m also disapointed with those insulting Fr Chilinda. Don’t play with Catholics. …and don’t play with God.

    • Exactly my point! Catholics are not paid by politicians. They preach the Word without fear or favour! Their interest is reconciliation, peace and fairness.

  7. The issue of reconciliation is quiet complex. If I heard the priest well, he gave an example of when the late president MC Sata mhsrip heard him preach about forgiveness and reconciliation at one time, The late MC consulted him how he would reconcile with late LP Mwanawasa mhsrip. The priest advised late MC to go to State house and have breakfast with LPM so that they talk to each other. Then MCS made arrangement to go snd meet LPM recognising that LPM was head of state. I am not trying to be negative here, but for the two, did they really prepare for such an arrangement or it just happened because the two were found attending the same function? I am sure even at the freedom statue, the Head of state remarked that CK should follow proceedure. As much as it was some kind of…

  8. They can reconcile or not it does nothing to benefit the country in any way because just wait tomorrow and you see the other try to imprison the other. Politicians are very good actors, pretend to love each other then tear each other the next day.

  9. Ubulimi bwakale tabutalalika mwana. Get it right, CK no matter how much insults can be paused Pali baLungu you Will never be MCS my advice, CK go your way of doing politics, tracing MCS’s footage ‘ll make you miss the path, getting into plot 1 temangalo ask HH, Nawakwi, many more how many times they have tried? Don’t be forgetful that you were fired. You CK HH WK you messed up opportunities some other opportunities comes just once 2021 thats when you will see 400 false prophets

  10. So this guy called priest is a PF cadre who wouldn’t what to see PF destroyed despite it destroying Zambia. Father fimo fimo PF is done, The people are suffering and they want your party gone like yesterday.

  11. As Alangizi Ba Chitukuko we need to see people coming together and put a smile to each other politics aside. We only have one Zambia and we are one people created by one God therefore, “The aftermath of non violence is reconciliation, and the aftermath of violence are emptiness and bitterness.

  12. What happened in Church yesterday at st Ignitious is very embarrassing to most of us Catholics. A church is a very holy and sacred place to be talking about more money in peoples pockets, and artificial reconciliation of two people whio can never be reconciled. There is everything wrong in this country, the other day Chishimba Kambwili was saying he went to Freedom statue to commemorate independence day as mark of patriotism, whoever said patriotism is going to the freedom statue, one can betray his own country and still go and show face at Freedom statue, can going to Freedom statue to attend independence commemorations be a measure of patriotism, my foot.

  13. Joke of the century, just calling two people and say, you guys reconcile now. Where on earth please? Even If you mean well, there is a certain way in which things are done, that is why the other guy came out so quickly to say he was ambushed.

  14. The family of the late Michael Sata have good reasons to complain about those priests at st Ignitious yesterday. And i am told they complained indeed. Did these priests understand the objective of that memorial gathering? If they wanted the reconciliation of Lungu and Kambwili, did they just have to wait for that memorial gathering, don’t they have the phone numbers of the two. It was going to be meaningful to have a discussion with the two in a quiet place devoid of that hallaballo in Church and get some genuine concerns from both parties. Surely did they expect those two to come out in public and say this is the issue I have with the other. That is why they both pretended there is nothing between them.

  15. Reconciliation occurs when both parties show remorsefulness .Each shud have asked from each other forgiveness for all the bad words they have been exchanging in public ..As it stands , it holds no water

  16. The idea of Reconciliation acknowledges the fact that there is separation between two or more parties.
    Just as God reconciled us back to him through Jesus Christ, our leaders ought to sort out their personal differences and find means to improve the economic structure of our Nation Zambia.

    We urge all the Zambian citizens in different political parties to encourage their leaders that they should reconcile with their fellow leaders just like the late President Micheal Chilufya Sata when he was in opposition sort out his differences with the late President Levy Mwanawasa. We only have One Zambia so lets work together and be United.

  17. Everything as a process even reconciliation as a beging,so this is just the beginning.Something happened in the spiritual realm which some one who is not spiritual can not see.So don’t be quick to conderm I know this time around we have good people who are just good at condermimng.But it is very shameful because the same people have been talking about reconciliation.When a day of prayer is called these guys (the critics) they talk about why ECL can’t reconcile with others,when they reconcile the same people cry out it is fake.mmmm this is pure foolishness at its best.

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