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PF commends the Church for being the salt of the earth on Zambia’s political landscape

Headlines PF commends the Church for being the salt of the earth on...

Party Secretary General Davies Mwila
Party Secretary General Davies Mwila

In the gospel of Mathew our Lord Jesus Christ tells his disciples who later became the founding apostles of the Church: _“You are the Salt of the Earth.”_

Salt has many properties.
Among them is healing; preserving; and providing taste.

In the aftermath of the memorial service of the founding father of the Patriotic Front and 5th President of the Republic of Zambia, Mr Michael Chilufya Sata, we commend the Church for championing healing; advocating the preservation of dignity and encouraging the sweet flavour of brotherly love, to a body politic’s buffet that has increasingly become unsavoury and served on a soiled platter garnished with all manner of malice, fake news, hate speech and violence.

The jubilation by congregants was evidence that Zambians are yearning for politics of maturity. Politics of insults and demeaning language has been frowned upon by the Zambian people. Our citizens are fatigued with politics of insults and character assassination. Fifty five years after independence, such distasteful politics has no place in our country- and it must come to an end.

It takes a lot for the President to humble himself in the manner he did. His humility should not be taken for granted.

We thank President Lungu for showing the way and demonstrating such mature and peaceful politics, that even under extreme provocation and disrespectful taunting, he has refused to respond to insults with other insults. He has exercised commendable self –restraint and demonstrated how meekness is not weakness; but rather power under control.

The Head of State has shown that he is President not just for Patriotic Front, but for all Zambians regardless of ethnicity, political affiliation or religious inclination. His all-inclusive approach is testimony to his decisiveness in leaving no one behind in the development agenda.

At 55, Zambian politics have come of age. We are at a stage where the Head of State should be able to meet and dine with any Opposition leader to discuss matters of national development irrespective of any sharp political differences.

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has effectively demonstrated that as the nation’s foremost Leader, he is ready to, meet, reconcile and work with any political leader for the good of the nation. Such is his practical commitment to mature politics that seeks the common good for the common man.

It must be emphasised that it takes a lot for the President to humble himself in the manner he does.

We therefore urge all opposition political leaders and other stakeholders to take advantage of President Lungu’s goodwill. For the sake of all our children and posterity, we must put politics of insults and character assassination in the past where they actually belong.

On our part as the Party in Government, we will endeavour to cherish the Church’s guidance and emulate the President’s politics of civility, even as the Church continues to fulfil its prophetic role in bringing sanity to the body politic and healing in the nation.

PF continues to call for substantive politics, issue-based politics.

We shall do our part.


By Hon Davies Mwila
Patriotic Front Secretary General
Party Head Secretariat


  1. Shut up you hypocrites!
    You send your cadres to beat up and kill people!
    Oh and that so called legacy micheal sata was the worst mistake zambia made! The distructive effects will still be felt long after we have died!

    • And I commend PF for being the stench of the earth.
      Their rottenness has spread a terrible stench in this country and brought great suffering on the people.
      1. Corruption
      2. Incompetence
      3. Laziness
      4. Dishonesty
      5. Theft
      6. Greed

      What a stench!

    • Let’s develop this thing and while they remain in HaDream Land. Bitter hearts bitter herbs. HAZALUZA HAGAIN. Sex Hagainst the order of nature and Three Mansions Boy.

  2. The Pf wildly celebrated the purported reconciliation between Lungu and Kambwili. Reconciliation is good but it can only last if it is genuine and based on truth. What are Lungu and Kambwili reconciling for?

    Davis Mwila seems to rejoice that there was jubilation. Those people jubilating were people who had eaten something. You cannot jubilate on a hungry stomach. Since Mwila Davis is craving for jubilations let him fight very had for lower cost of meali meal and a good economy which creates jobs. If he does this, he will be happy.

    Imagine you are working for a company paying you a huge salary but you bring in less money so that your job is not profitable. If you are normal, you really work under pressure to change things. Is there remorse from Lungu for getting more money compared…

  3. @1 Bufi Bwenu, you are spot on. This is something I have been telling peasants. Sata was the worst mistake Zambia made and he put us into this whole mess.

  4. “The Head of State has shown that he is President not just for Patriotic Front, but for all Zambians regardless of ethnicity, political affiliation or religious inclination”

    The problem with our Zambian Schools is that everyone was taught to write composition after composition – all nothing but imaginations. This is the result. Difficult to fetch reality. Is it inclusive to have 99% of the Permanent Secretaries, DC, Quasi Govt Heads etc from 3 out 10 Provinces? When 100% those retired on National Interest are from 3 Provinces? Is it religiously right to commit sin and pray without confession? e.g. buy Fires Engines at K1,000,000 and insure them at K250, 000, no arrest, no court! Satan steal, destroy and kill. Show me a satanist!

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