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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Current load shedding of 15 hours to remain – ZESCO

Economy Current load shedding of 15 hours to remain - ZESCO

File:Construction workers conducting maintenance works on the G4 unit, which failed to generate power after rehabilitation. The loadshedding schedule has been extended

Zesco Limited has announced that the outage period for the generator which was taken out at Maamba Collieries Limited Power Station 12 days ago has been extended until further notice due to unforeseen circumstances encountered during repair works.

Zesco Public Relations Manager Hazel Zulu said this therefore means that the current load shedding hours of 15 hours daily will remain effective until the repair works are completed.

Mrs Zulu said during the period of the shutdown, generation at Maamba Collieries limited which produces 300 megawatts will remain at 50% of the dispatchable capacity.

She said the daily 15 hours load shedding has been effected in order to protect the generation installations.

Mrs Zulu said Zesco deeply regrets the inconvenience this will cause to their customers.

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  1. My plans for revegetation of the Zambezi River Basin catchment area is the panacea for solving this problem. Will someone in authority please accept my offer.

    • Instead of buying expensive jets and traveling around with huge entourage and first lady traveling all over the world with a bedroom attendant bringing in junk fire trucks wasting US$4.5 million…..with all this money being wasted every day why cant we find a permanent solution to deal with energy….

    • So what is the role of a bedroom attendant to Esther Lungu…..wasting tax payers money or doing Lungu’s bedroom duties

    • Stop lying ZESCO is owing Maamba huge sums of money hence the reason the have failed to maintain the generators leading to reduced capacity …so regardless it boils down to ZESCOs ineptness …same ZESCO that is owing ESKOM and the Mozambique utility …useless management…. I do understand that even previous governments are to blame for poor investments in energy but the PF have taken the Mis-Management of ZESCO to a whole new low !

    • Even bush men in bostwana have got electricity. Zambians need to suffer more so then can learn. Please Mr lungu say anything about economy please please. Economy Mr lungu say anything about economy please please.

    • @Anonymous

      Depending on the gender(sex) of the bedroom attendant, roles can differ. If the bedroom attendant was male, could be playing a role that you and I would not want to openly talk about.

    • The simple reason is that ZESCO has not paid Maamba Collieries. And isn’t this Hazel fimo fimo the same cadre telling consumers to consume carefully??

      Zambia is a failed state. Just let the Chinese come and finish us off.

    • Zambians deserve this for their docility. And then they voted for a clown, who had clearly told them that he had NO VISION. What else did you want clueless Lungu to tell you? So yes, increase the Load shedding to 24 hours…maybe then docile Zambians can wake the heck up. And you’ll be the same people voting for clueless, corrupt Lungu again in 2021. Imagine another 5 years of this extremely incompetent clown. What a tragedy.

    • Fifteen hours of loadshedding just means a shut down of all industry in a country. When can you produce to contribute to the GDP if you have no power for 2/3 rds of the day? Most countries would have declared a national disaster and called emergency meetings of their think tanks. However Lungu is going about life as if nothing has happened

    • Now power goes at 5am and is restored at 23hrs, but obviously PF dont believe that this can possibly be harming the economy. Nice punishment for voting unwisely

    • We cried for independence when we were half baked. Typical African crying for something you cant handle. We have failed to rule ourselves and shamefully we are even proud to be independent.

  2. Is Mamba your company you mappets? The owners have confirmed that you are not paying them in full that is reason they are rationing the power they are giving to you. Why do we have such incompetent people heading such a critical
    institution? Just accept that you have failed, nonsense.

    • Ba Bandit PF, thanks for letting me know. How much is fuel today? How much is 25kg mealie meal? Mr lungu never gave power to the speaker. Corruption everywere in government.

  3. Increase it to 24 hrs load shedding ..Zambians don’t mind.They won’t say anything and they will accept whatever lame excuse is provided to them by government.

    • Ba lungu please please say anything about economy please!!! Economy Mr lungu say anything about economy please please. Even bush men in bostwana have got electricity ,

    • There was no drought and no big demand for power during Welensky s time. Zambia s population was 2 million

  4. Zesco 15hrs is not enough, make it 48hrs every day. Zambians need to suffer more so then can learn. Mr lungu said NO vision, still voted for him. How much is fuel today? How much is 25kg meali meal today? Ba lungu never gave power to the speaker. All government institutions are corrupt and lack of leadership.

    • Jacob thumbs up, let him teach us a lesson many times we are told but we dont listen. Even pf cadres deep down there hearts they know.

  5. Make it forever,make it a black out the whole country, so that Zambian have a good excuse to vote for a lame party PFoools, with weak and dull leadership

  6. If all goes well, soon nature will get rid of ZESCO for us the n we will have to start all over again (Northern Rhodesia 1864). No power supply, no buying of units. No buying of units, no money in ZESCO’s coffers. No money in ZESCO’s coffers, no maintenance of generators. No maintenance of generators, no power supply. No power supply, no buying on units. The circle goes on and on. This company is where ZAMPOST currently is on its way to where UBZ, ZamCab, Contract Haulage etc are.

  7. Yaa we though there was suffering in UNIP days but we never saw this kind of suffering and misery we are currently experiencing. This load shedding is slowly killing the economy. There is little money in circulation because businesses are badly affected. Kaya we dont know where we are heading to as a country.

  8. The problem with ZESCO is lacking foresight managers. All along they have been only buying expensive hehilces and increasing salaries for themselves. The have data on consumption of power right from 1964 to date yet they sat ndwiiii. Climate change warnings started way back 15 years or so yet they seem not to understand until the Kariba Lake first dwindled in 2015. By the way someone has opened the spill gates ahead of the 2015 drought and was not brought to book in terms of accountability.

  9. Fire these incompetent fools and shut down all these useless parastatals. Fake jobs created for political gains through inefficient parastatals. Parastatals never work and are parasitic on a country’s economy. Close ZESCO.

  10. That’s what you get when you have former board members like Charley sex , fatherless frank bwalya as former board members installed by PF ……..bunch of thieving lunatics only out yo loot , the whole lot of PF ….

    The knock on effects of PF useless rule are astounding……from failing to take advantage of the power shortage by initiating local solar power device manufacture to the depleting of trees to the looting of forests , Now because they have no money , wanting to loot and vandalise game parks for mining….

    Everything now depends on the expected rains….Everything.

    If , god forbid, we have another drought, people will starve….

  11. I blame xenophobic South Africans. They are stup!d, uncivilisedand and uneducated.

  12. Ama Zambians are tribal fikopo, especially abanensu from Mbebaland! They always remain with their wakos when the rest of the country moves on! They remained with UNIP, MMD and now will remain with PF! Abanensu bambuya besu have given us bad presidents so far!
    They would rather vote wako ni wako even if the chap is incompetent! Celebrate your wako ni wako! Lekeni twesheko bambi, especially umutonga! We need economically competent individuals to run our country, not chaps who can’t articulate basic economic principles, whose policies and actions are contrary to basic economics! Brace for more darkness but remember to vote wisely in 2021!

  13. where ever Dora Siliya goes you find problem where she was minister of agriculture there was a problem and

    now we have a problem with electricity Mr. President Sir you cant see.

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