Finance Minister Bwalya Ng’andu and the Zambian delegation in Washington DC during a meeting with the World Bank Group Vice President for the African Region, Dr Hafez Ghanem

Finance Minister Bwalya Ng’andu says the expression of goodwill and willingness by various cooperating partners is a sign that the government’s initiative to engage them is yielding results.

Dr. Ng’andu adds that the willingness by France, the United States of America and other Cooperating Partners in helping Zambia overcome the turbulences in the economy, are signs that the governments initiative to implement an information exchange is having

positive impact on development cooperation.

The Minister was speaking after bilateral meetings with France and the USA at his office in Lusaka.

And French Ambassador to Zambia Sylvain Berger conveyed the readiness of his government to continue financing developmental projects in Zambia’s various sectors.

Mr. Berger explained that the France’s stance is aimed at strengthening the relationship between the two countries.

And speaking later during a bilateral meeting with the Minister of Finance, US Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote said his office has enjoyed close working relationships with government agencies.

Mr. Foote told the Minister that the United States maintains an open engagement policy with its partners.

Speaking at the same event, United States Director for Southern African Affairs Stefanie Amadeo said Zambia should continue to explore solar and other off-grid solutions to mitigate climate change challenges posed by dependence on hydro power generation.

This is contained in a statement availed to ZNBC News by Ministry of Finance Spokesperson Chileshe Kandeta.

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    • Why not asking your “all weather friends” to copy “donors” and cancel your debit?
      After all, friend in need, is a friend indeed!!!


  1. The only item worth reporting is what was said by the US Director for Southern Africa Region Affairs. The rest were just waffling. Who cares about good relations. Suggestion for diversifying power sources is more relevant than ever before. That is what the govt needs to hear and act on.


  2. Nothing concrete at all…real progress takes time so I’m not sure who he is fooling. Bogus minister without proper economics credentials


  3. Those that disobey a direct order from the queen should hang.And the rope should be of such a length as to prolong suffering.Be it any of the queens servants.Peter Carlos Hinds.


  4. what developmental projects is France continuing with? we understand Mr Bergers countries stance and that america gave use a clear sod off. but whats our own stance here lol why where we there exactly?




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