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Jack Mwimbu reprimanded for alleging that Zambia is being ruled by a Foreigner

Headlines Jack Mwimbu reprimanded for alleging that Zambia is being ruled by a...

President Edgar Lungu shaking hands with UPND members parliamenet Jack Mwaimbu shortly after the official opening second session of twelfth Assembly at parliament
President Edgar Lungu shaking hands with UPND members parliamenet Jack Mwaimbu shortly after the official opening second session of twelfth Assembly at parliament

First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Catherine Namugala has cautioned parliamentarians never to make statements that can compromise Zambia’s peaceful record.

Ms. Namugala says Zambia is a haven of peace and a host of different nationalities.

She said this in parliament following a point of order raised by Chembe Member of Parliament Sebastian Kopulande.

Dr. Kopulande sought the deputy speaker’s intervention after the leader of the opposition in the house Jack Mwimbu alleged that some foreigners in Zambia are in the position of authority.

Mr. Mwimbu who is also opposition UPND Monze Central Member of Parliament said court cases of leaders whose Zambian nationality has been questioned must be sped up.

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    • Again, wrong headline.

      Jack Mwimbu reprimanded for alleging that Zambia is being ruled by a Foreigner.
      Jack Mwimbu alleged that some foreigners in Zambia are in the position of authority.

      The two statements can not be said to be the same whatever bush you went to as school. A case of LT attracting surfers to wrong and incompetent articles.

    • Wht will ensure that this peace endures is recognizing that national governance is essentially an exercise in managing diversity.

    • Mulongoti died for bring up that issue. They even took to South Africa to make sure he dies. Soon it will be Mwimbu, balemilowa basaa!!
      Please don’t reprimand me, I just miss Mulongoti….

    • – Chief Justice Ireen Chirwa Mambilima = Malawian
      – ECZ chairman Justice Chulu = Malawian
      – ECZ Commisioner Emily Sikazwe = Malawian
      – Jean Kapata = Angolan
      – Lungu = Malawian
      – GBM = Half South African
      – Given Lubinda = Half Indian
      – RB = Malawian
      – Speaker Matibini = Zim
      Etc etc

    • This issue is about Zambianness or Zambian citizenship and Zambian identity . It’s an artificial creation to start with and not a product of some natural process. The political entity called Zambia is a successor entity to wht the British created. Citizenship is therefore just a concept like shareholder and it can be made and remade. It gives u membership of a nation or state just like shareholder gives u membership of a company. A company is also just an artificial creation which can be made and remade. U can renounce citizenship, u can also ceaze to be a company shareholder by selling the shares.

    • If you follow the history of Zambia, you will realize that none can claim to be a pure Zambian unless the bush men who were driven into the Kalahari desert. Te rest of the bantu people just forced themselves into the country. Those who are calling others foreigners are just dull chaps with no history of their origins

  1. LPM’s father was a Yao from Malawi who settled in Lambaland on the Copperbelt and married into a Lamba family, the Mokolas. As an itinerant fish trader, LPM’s father later migrated to Central Province and settled among the Lenjes. LPM’s father was therefore more like a naturalized mix of Lamba and Lenje rather than a pure indigenous Zambian. The sad thing is that a myth was perpetuated that LPM was a pure Zambian when he actually had this mixed heritage which LPM himself never acknowledged up to the time of his death.

    • FACTS: LPM’s family on both his mother and father’s side is traceable. His mother was by his side whn he was taking his presidential oath at the High Court and she spoke there in Lenje. It’s a pity the media didn’t interview her to tell us about her late husband. His father’s migration to the Copperbelt is a matter of historical record because all Africans who lived in towns needed a special pass issued by the colonial government and that pass described your tribal area in Northern Rhodesia or Nyasaland. The colonial govt was very good at that. If wht you allege was true, this information would hv been out in the open. Further Amos Malupenga has written a biography of LPM. It’s not a well-edited book but it describes wht happened whn LPM’s father died. His father’s relatives from…

    • But why you idyots always bring up Malawi, why don’t you think of other countries like Madagascar, Mauritius or even Namibia? And there is nothing Malawian about Edgar Lungu.
      Ba Edgar looks like a Herero of Namibia or bushman of Kalahari desert… Edgar Xaghwa
      Fucck that backward country of Malawi…

    • Mwanawasa the father never settled in Copperbelt rural but Mufulira after migrating from Central Province where his roots are traceable because he still has family members there. These are the family who claimed his estate whn he died in 1975. Malupenga discloses this in the biography after interviewing LPM. So Mr Facts, let’s hv a better argument from u.

    • There’s nothing like a “pure indigenous Zambian”. We are Africans
      Zambia is an artificial creation from the 19th century. All who live in it came from somewhere else so they should just embrace each other and move forward

    • The source of my information was a childhood friend of LPM who knew him from primary school, Chiwala, and UNZA, and who was also in LPM’s UNZASU Vice Presidential campaign team in the 1970s. One of LPM’s rivals for the UNZASU post resorted to tribal politics, calling LPM a Bemba candidate. Since Mwanawasa was not a common name, a number of students became curious about his identity. This is when his childhood friend narrated the background I gave. My source’s information could have been inaccurate, but interestingly, the majority of people with the Mwanawasa surname are from Malawi and not Zambia ****

    • For all you Doubting Thomases, my source of information could have been inaccurate, but interestingly, the majority of people with the Mwanawasa surname are from Malawi and not Zambia ***

    • Check the name Ngala among Africans. It’s in Cameroun, Kenya, Zambia and DRC. If that doesn’t make u curious, then u may need help in hw to think.

    • The system of national registration in Zambia is still based on wht the colonial govt established. Whn an identity document is issued, the govt keeps a copy. I hope the much-hated colonial passes copies were retained @ independence. I hv been informed that a lot of unthinking destruction of records took place during the excitement of self-rule. Because Africans were excluded from state administration, few had heard of the system of archives. If a colonial “chitupa” was shown to me, I would not know it. Yet this is part of our history.

    • One of the tragedies of the education system in Zambia is that officials in the Ministry of Education hv never bothered to ensure that pupils who go through it are taught wht various Zambian tribes hv in common. Even wht passes as the intelligentsia hv no clue wht these are. I hv bothered to find out myself out of curiosity. They just want to parrot ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION without serious thought.

    • For those interested in the Mwanawasa name’s origins and distribution, check this website(forebears.io/surnames)

  2. A born and bred Zambian is a Member of Parliament in Poland Europe. Too much petty jealousy in Zed why can we concentrate on what the person id bringing to the table whether its good enough or not. Dr. Habazoka is right.

  3. Truth be told! Lungu is a foreigner, together with a number of his cohorts surrounding him.
    Jack Mwiimbu’s observation is very accurate! Infact there are many foreigners in Zambia who are illegally in possession of Zambian NRCs, hence enjoying the rights of Zambian citizens.
    The house is extremely dirty and needs serious sweeping! Come 2021 the HOUSE MUST BE THOROUGHLY SWEPT!

  4. But it is a fact. Look at Lungu closely, where do such Zambians with such features originate? Secondly, if indeed he is Zambian, why the silence over stopping that Mining License in Lower Zambezi? Bane what Zambian will loot from he own home

  5. Northerners and Easterners have a habit of bestowing foreigners with the Presidency of Zambia. All that the foreigner needs is a surname from the east or north. And most these buffoons are never qualified for the job. Just look at how the country has never progressed since 1964. Per capita income in 1964 was $1400. Today it is $1320. Compare to Botswana which moved from $65 to $8000 or South Africa from $2800 to $6400.

  6. Nemwine,
    True, I salute you progressive line of thinking my brother. What have so called true Zambians like Sikota Wina, VJ etc done except pissing on this country!

  7. Of course the nearest comparable Bembas have to an economy is Congo, where there is none except kleptocracy. With Easterners, there nearest comparable is Malawi, where the economy evolves around chewing snakes and bakoswe! With this lot it power, surely, is this not a one way ticket to purgatory we are on here? Kunya bebele!

  8. When I listen to Jack Muleza Mwiimbu debate in Parliament, I always wonder about his sanity. I don’t know if all is well with him. He should consider to retire when this term ends

    • These tonga id!ots have run out of ideas. How do you have a whole elected legislator bringing up such rubbish in this noble house but walks out of the house when electoral bills come up for amendment in Bill no. 10?? Imagine if Europe or America had such leaders in the 1800s??? A tonga will never rule this country in the near future. Ubukopo nabuchila!!

  9. I think Jack made a general statement which has a backing of truth like Ireen MAMBILIMA ,MRS Mwanakatwe,Chuulu,Jonathan Mutawale, all these are from MALAWI and they have teamed up now to destroy the governance of our country???? They should all go back where they belong.

  10. We must work and unity passionately and unrelentingly for the goal of freedom, but we must be sure that our mouth and hands builds a strong pillar of unity and love in the struggle. We must never struggle with falsehood ,un clean mouth, hate and bitterness, Politics is a game of winning and lossing and the winner should always take a lead and the looser should accept and develop a helping hand, therefore politics should not control our mouth and divide us, let politicians control a game of politics and making sure they preach peace and contribute positively towards national development for we are one world, one people and ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION.

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