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President Lungu not Scheduled for Interview with ZNBC-State House

Headlines President Lungu not Scheduled for Interview with ZNBC-State House

Special assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Mr. Isaac Chipampe
Special assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Mr. Isaac Chipampe

State House has dispelled social media reports suggesting that President Edgar Lungu will today Saturday, November 2nd, 2019, feature on a special live interview on ZNBC radio and television starting at 19:30 hours.

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations, Isaac Chipampe has aid that the social media report is fake news.

Mr. Chipampe said that President Lungu has no scheduled interview on ZNBC as falsely reported on social media, adding that the government is working to ensure that abusers of social media are brought to book.

Mr. Chipampe said that culprits will face the wrath of the law.

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    • It would hv been the biggest news of the year in Zambia if ECL had subjected himself to a media interview. In the end it has become the news isn’t news.

    • Iwe Chipampe, you promised to investigate Findlay’s presence on presidential jets and issue of drug trafficking.
      What are the findings?

    • Lungu doing an interview? That would be a miracle. Everyone knows clueless Lungu can never agree to an interview as that would expose his cluelessness. This is the guy that dodged the 2016 MUVI TV Presidential Debate, apparently because he feared people would discover that the guy is clueless. Why does he keep dodging the media? Because he can’t articulate his plans or his vision for the country. The worst president Zambia has had the misfortune to have. Come 2021, Zambians should go out in large numbers to vote this clueless guy out of office to save our beloved country.

  1. “….Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations, Isaac Chipampe has said that the social media report is fake news….”.

    And yet that is exactly what the citizens of Zambia want, in fact need, in fact crave for from their President. I don’t mean the fake news, I mean a Presidential question & answer interview, or better still a press conference. What is this particular President afraid of speaking to “his” subjects? The result has been a proliferation of “fake” social media reports to satisfy the natural curiosity of Zambians. And some of the “fake” news happens to be true, while most of the fake news has some truth in it.

  2. “..Mr. Chipampe said that President Lungu has no scheduled interview on ZNBC as falsely reported on social media, adding that the government is working to ensure that abusers of social media are brought to book…”

    Mr Chipampe, then you have to arrest almost all Zambians including PF members, because all Zambians want to hear their President answer their questions. In fact Chipampe, for his own good, must take this particular “fake” report as a citizens request to their President.

  3. …For example my question to the President would be why the 19 hours of load shedding has not stopped despite his directive to import power. Another one on the same subject is why Zesco is not paying Maamba Collieries so that they can maintain their power generators at full output?

  4. …and we don’t want answers from Mr Chipampe, he is not our President, I don’t remember us electing him in 2016.

  5. And my questions to Lungu would have been, “Why he has allowed cutting of Mukula tree and other rare species; why he is still holding on to Chitotela and Kaizer and lastly, what he will differently as President if he was re-elected in 2021?”

    God bless Zambia.

  6. We Isaac Chipampe, is His Excellency back from Botswana so that we can read about his morning workout in tomorrow’s papers? It is just about the only non “fake” news in Zambia at the moment, you even see pictures of His Excellency in an exercise tee shirt alongside Freedom Sikazwe whom you can’t fake.

  7. Ba Chipampe, Republican Presidents world over communicates to citizens and our President is far less too quite. Press statements at morning walkouts and at airports are way too insufficient. His silence on national matters is being filled by useless opposition leaders who are becoming a darling of hoodlums and the gullble. Up the game Mr Chipampe. One press conference every two months and monthly radio and television appearance can really reassure the nation on national matters. Weekly pressers by the Minister of information and broadcasting are good but the populace wants to hear for the real masquerade, the President himself.

  8. In the midst of hopelessness in the country the president must come out of hibernation and renew our strength, that there is still hope we will get out of this economic melt down.

    • That’s expecting too much, the chap doesn’t have what it takes to lead a peaceful, honest God fearing flock. Maybe Intercity bus station or KMB he would shine.

  9. Lungu can not feature in a free interview incase he implicates himself……..

    among hard core thiefs and crooks , the golden rule is silence or demand a lawyer……Lungu knows this.

  10. Fonko fonko! Tamulafonkoka! Tighten your belts and grit your teeth as the worst is yet to come. There is no honour amongst thieves that is the golden rule of thumb. You are lucky to have 5 hours of power right now because a total blackout and back to the dark ages where you belong is yet to come. Visionless nation.

  11. Chishimba Chimbwili speaks very good points against PF leadership, only that he himself is also not presidential material and is fully corrupt. But you can see how much support he enjoys among PF supporters. If it was possible to stop him from appearing at the freedom statue last week and from church on 25th PF would have done so, but looks like they misread his intentions and now they are paying dearly for the free publicity that he received.

  12. Poor leadership. Our country is in a cocktail of economic, energy, climate, governance crises, peppered with political tensions and he prefers not to talk to the suffering citizens about their plight and the direction of the country?

    He certainly lacks a vision.

  13. He’s not fluent in English !! Allow him to address you in Bemba and he will be very happy indeed. If pigs could fly!!

  14. This is akin to a girl hiding a pregnancy she has failed to abort, surely the delivery day will come. You can only “kick the can down the road” so far b4 you run out of road space, so what is their end game ?

  15. So when is he appearing at a press interview?
    Even Trump is doing better with talking to the American nation directly and answering questions. Who can we liken our President to in this very important area?

  16. Come on people he is afraid because he has so many scandals to answer to. Mukula gate, maize gate, mealie meal gate, fuel gate, electricity gate, kwacha gate, findlay gate, kaizer gate, black lechwes gate, lower zambezi park gate, fire truck gate, lusaka Ndola road gate, 48 houses gate, national debt gate, mswati donation gate, etc.

  17. My goodness – Chipampe even threatens people who suggest that ECL will be interviewed on Television! There, you have all read it – it is punishable to indicate that your GREAT LEADER will ever be interviewed on State media!
    Very skewed governance this is. Brought from another planet, far far in the galaxies.

    • But why cant the man just resign?It is clear that he knows himself that he has failed,yet he has the guts to dream of 2021.

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  19. let him address the pressing issues the country is facing, will be nice to see him on Prime Tv being interviewed by Mark Simuwe or Nicholas Phiri. The man can sweat.

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