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It’s immoral for Harry Kalaba to lie against a dead person, Mwanawasa had nothing to do with ZEMA

Headlines It's immoral for Harry Kalaba to lie against a dead...

Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba
Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba

Green Party President Peter Sinkamba has said that the late Republican President Levy Mwanawasa had nothing to do with the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) on the approval process for the construction of the Zambezi Sun Hotel and the Royal Zambezi because the two hotels were constructed and opened before he was elected as President of Zambia. Mr. Sinkamba said the two hotels were opened in 2001 before the elections were held and approval and construction were done in the late 1990s when Mwanawasa was neither in Government or had anything to do with ZEMA.

“You will recall that the late Mwanawasa was Vice President from 2001 to 2004 when he resigned from the Chiluba Government. He went to practice law from 1994 up to 27 December, 2001 when he won elections. Between 1994 and 2001, he had nothing to do with the Chiluba Government and ZEMA. Specifically, he had nothing to do with the approval and construction of neither the Zambezi Sun Hotel nor the Royal Zambezi.

“This being the case, it is immoral for Honorable Harry Kalaba to tell a lie and accuse a dead person premised on falsehoods. It is wrong to make political gains by falsely accusing a dead person who is not there to defend himself or herself. More so, it is immoral to dent or malign the character of a former Head of State by spreading falsehoods.

“Of course President Mwanawasa was not a saint. He made his own mistakes as President of Zambia. If one points at factual examples of mistakes, that is one thing. But to generate lies, and use the lies to dent the integrity of a dead person is inexcusable mischief which Honorable Kalaba needs to apologize about. If he is honorable enough, he has no option but apologize not only to the Mwanawasa family but the people of Zambia at large. An insult to the sitting president or former president is an insult to all of us the Zambian people.

“As an environmentalist I was personally involved in the environmental impact assessments for most large scale projects in Livingstone. The only large scale project involving the Mwanawasa government was the proposed construction of a five star hotel and golf course by Legacy Holdings in the Livingstone Game Park. This was in 2006. If allowed to proceed, the hotel and golf course would have occupied a significant portion of the game park including blocking the route for elephants when they migrate from Zimbabwe to Zambia and going to Botswana.

“Whilst Zambia Wildlife Authority and the local community, including the local chiefs were in support of the project , we the environmentalists objected. ZEMA conducted a public hearing of the EIA, and at the end of objected to the construction of the hotel and the golf course. President Mwanawasa never ever overruled ZEMA on the objection and that is how the idea of construction of the five star hotel and golf in Livingstone Game Park failed to materialize. If you want you can google this information and my name will pop up on the environmentalists that objected. Mwanawasa name will not appear anywhere either for or against the project. This is the factual position.

“Honorable Kalaba should therefore just admit he made a mistake on the Lower Zambezi Game Park saga and apologize to the nation than defend himself premised on falsehoods tainting the integrity of deceased persons. That is cheap, petty politics that we, who aspire for the highest office should never entertain,” Mr. Sinkamba said.


  1. Zambia is cursed with clowns, Id!ots and buff00ns as opposition. None are capable of credible leadership, they all think using slander against an elected GRZ can win them leadership. Zambians are not dull to vote for such characters.

    • The mining activities were approved by the PF cabinet. The President chaired the meeting and the PF cabinet ministers approved ( not sure they read any documents). This is how mediocre the PF government is

    • Harry Kalaba wrote a letter to cabinet supporting the mining activities after ZEMA had turned them down. As minister in charge of environmental affairs, he advised the president and cabinet to approve the mining activities. If we are going to blame everything on the president, why should there be ministers?? Margaret Mwanakatwe failed to handle the GST implementation and ECL fired her, she was responsible; And so Harry took responsibility of this issue.

    • Incompetent Kalaba is now also a lair.
      The nigga lies between his teeth.
      The thickhead must tell us how much was his cut in the LZNP saga.
      What is he covering up with his lies?
      It’s good such a low life left Government. Anymore low lives in PF?

      Thanks ganja man permanent secretary ,oh sorry, Peter Sinkamba – PS. In 2026, after ECL’s 2021 rule my eyes will be eying you. Stay on course. There is EN already on the line.

    • The problem lies wth presenting your own speculation as fact. There’s nothing wrong wth speculation but whn u do, let it be clear from the words u use. And these are words or phrases such as ” If my recollection is correct, probably, likely etc. That’s wht u do if u hv handled dissertation writing under supervision of a serious scholar.

    • Obatatala,
      Your personal hatred of the PF shows the mediocrity of the opposition in Zambia starting with the cadres. Visit Lusitu in the Zambezi valley in Siavonga and witness for yourself the high poverty levels that can be fought by mining in the valley.
      This waffling by ignorant cadres is taking the country backwards.

    • Wrong Zambians are bloody dull they can even vote for a corpse. Please be objective, you have the most useless govt in the history of Zambia that does not give a toss about the welfare of its Citizens, the govt has caused untold misery and its not finished yet on this. Watch the space!!!

  2. Of all people, Kalaba should be the last person to try and defend himself by pointing fingers, to the dead for that matter.
    We are all only human and make mistakes. But to be honourable, we must admit that we did when we do and move on. Not trying to be clever by pointing out a stick in your friend’s eye when you have a tree in yours

    • @ Adedos….why do you want to know the shareholders of these hotels? Shareholders can come in after approval or construction of the hotels. HH is a shareholder in one of the hotels and there is nothing wrong in that. Dont make an issue out of this. Celebrate HH for having shares in such ventures. Thats what we hope zambians can achieve. HH is insipirational

  3. ka Kalaba is just another crook like his friends Bushiri and Seer 1. He is by nature full of himself and behaves like a small god. ka munshebwa kaya notu mashinsha kubuko

  4. Kalaba must fall on the sword for this one. He actively pursued it despite technocrat objections. He must have had very strong convictions which he should now use to defend himself. Otherwise ninshi anadyamo. Its the only logical possibility. It being “a cabinet decision” does not hold because Masebo, a then Minister of Tourism in the same cabinet rejected this proposal and supported ZEMAs position. Kalaba is famous for facebook live interactions and TV appearances, let him do a comprehensive appearance on the ZEMA issue.

  5. “The truth will out” and “It takes a man to say I am sorry”

    Kalaba of all people due to his high aspirations should know the two adages and make good use of them for good measure if he is to stand a chance of attaining that which he aspires for.
    As for Sinkamba, I can only say that he has his head in the right place but I am afraid that another analytical mind might suffer the same fate as General Miyanda. He needs to cultivate the grassroots and entrench himself there where the voters are. It is one thing to write good pieces and another to woo votes. A presidential aspirant needs both the enlightened and those who aren’t. Needless to say the later hold the keys to State House until sometime in the distant future. How I wish only those who can analyze issues were allowed to…

  6. Zambia is a christian Nation,it is a blessed Nation Bane. Therefore, appreciate it if you saying this country is cursed then who cursed it isn’t it you?, and do you even have those powers to do that? hmmmmm! when you don`t even have strength to kill a mosquito.
    Mr.Harry Kalaba has actually made a mistake by lying against our late President Dr. Mwanawasa on Zambia Environment Agency. Approval construction process for Zambezi Sun Hotel and Royal Zambezi Hotel was actually constructed befor Dr. Mwanawasa was elected as presindent. The dead are to be respected and not insulting them, honor their memory and let them sleep in peace.repent and ask for forginess from God and forgive your self too. LET PEACE PREVIAL.

  7. Ba mugwila cintako uyo Kalaba! Slowly we will begin to see the fruit that our political tree has produced. Even those who break away from the tree and try to sprout will still bear the same rotten fruit. We just need to slash, burn, and start afresh kwena mwe! Ine nimuuzani nati let us try some guys who are quietly working professionally here and there. One way is to begin to appoint ma Ministers from outside parliament, imene nkhani that some careless government threw out of the constitutonal recommendations mpaka ba lakwa bacita na overstay ma MPs akuti ni ma appointed ministers!

    • You are right if we where to appoint ministers outside parliament all these issues would not arise because the president will appoint men and women from the cream de cream with the necessary understanding of their portfolio and will have allegiance to the appointing authority. Because of these greed politicians the threw this out. As for Kalaba he will continue burning his fingers.

  8. I agree with Kalok. Ministerial appointments are actually political appointments. From the Kaunda era it has been the same. Our parastatal firms were headed by political appointees and soon they run them down. Minister who have no clue whatsoever have been appointed government key ministries for political expediency. Do we really expect ministries. Do we really expect conducive results such ministers? Let us change the constitution and let the president appoint people who are savvy I whatever ministry. The partisan line should also be removed.

  9. This Harry Kalaba is the same dude in his own warped dreams thinks he is presidential material. The level of incompetence on his part is being exposed in huge way.

    The sad part – like one PF cadres has stated the President is MUTE , when there are fires all around him. These require decisive decisions and the incumbent is devoid of such calibre. The NOTHING MUCH dude. We the Zambians are reaping the fruits of what sowed and it’s not good at all.

  10. If no mining has yet taken place in lower Zambezi, then better just stop it than continue trading insults amongst yourselves.
    Mining must be stopped at all costs let us try to talk about other projects that will not harm either people or animals nor nature, I would like to thank everyone fighting against mining in these sensitive areas for the resilience in this fight

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