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African Continental Free Trade Area agreementnot a threat on revenue collection

the agreement to establish the African Continental Free Trade Area

The World Customs Organisation of East and Southern Africa has dispelled fears that the coming into effect of the African Continental Free Trade Area agreement (AfCFTA) is likely to affect revenue collection among countries in the African region.

Director of the World Customs Organisation East and Southern Africa capacity building Larry Liza says before the agreement takes effect, countries in the region will need to put in place implementation measures and legal frameworks aimed at protecting revenue collection.

Mr. Liza told journalists in Lusaka yesterday, that there is need for countries in the region to look at a broader picture on what benefits are expected to be accrued from the agreement.

He explained that the market may seem to affect revenue collection, but the agreement is expected to be more beneficial to society through increased trade facilitation and business opportunities.

He noted that this is because the agreement will allow the business community, to have easy access to foreign markets while improving their businesses.

Mr. Liza added that there is no need for stakeholders in the African region to be agitated with the implementation of AfCFTA, adding that all countries will continue their revenue collection depending on their legal framework.

Meanwhile, Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Commissioner Customs Services Sydney Chibbabbuka disclosed that Zambia is still awaiting parliament and stakeholder approval before coming up with an implementation plan.

Mr. Chibbabbuka noted that it is premature for Zambia to know whether the country’s revenue collection base will be affected by the implementation of the AfCFTA or not.

He was, however, quick to mention that despite the predicated loss in revenue collection due to the implementation of AfCFTA, Zambia is still expected to gain more from other sources of revenue like Pay As You Earn through increased employment creation.

He added that the country is also likely to benefit through improved industrial activities as well as increased exports, among others.

The AfCFTA has secured the required number of ratifications which is 22 and Zambia is expected to deposit its instrument of ratification.

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  1. Oh no! Zra you are waiting for who? Please we know the entire management is politicized but do your work you are suppose to be the technocrats read over the document identify the issues advise your board who will advise grz! Don’t wait like lame ducks


  2. They put the country in huge debt to build roads with shopping malls everywhere to facilitate easy access of foreign goods ………

    Zambia manufactures nothing of note , other African countries like Kenya and SA are rubbing their hands at this nice ready market in Zambia with nice roads ….

    And the PF rats wonder why there are no jobs in Zambia?


  3. @3 Spaka,EXACTLY,THAT IS THE REALITY!! Where are we with the industrulialisation strategy and what safe guard measures have prepared to ensure we don’t collapse our few limping industries? VERY FEW or NO new industries will be created bcoz the current leadership is too busy with self enrichment at the expense of our common good.Our position of being a central landlocked country could have been an advantage to export to neighbors but now its the opposite.As we discuss some industries are down to lack of electricity- no vision!!


  4. parliament and stakeholder approval of the AfCFTA needs to scientifically assess the impact on Zambia. No research I have come across has quantified the benefits to be accrued to Zambia like South Africa – several billions of dollars in benefits.

    If a scientific research would itemize sectors in which Zambia will have competitive advantage, then we can discuss, not like this, blind folded. The top African economies they know exactly what they will get and are positioning themselves for the free trade area, eg Vitalife drink advertised on DSTV from Nigeria – to ready us so that we are ready to munch it when the floodgates open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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