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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Government plans to build 5 more universities

General News Government plans to build 5 more universities

Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba
Brian Mushimba

Government plans to build five more universities to increase access to public higher Learning institutions in the country.

Higher Education Minister, Brian Mushimba said currently, only 20 percent of those wanting to be in public tertiary institutions have access leaving the 80 percent to find an alternative in private institutions.

Dr Mushimba said it is for this reason the Minister thanked the University of Lusaka- UNILUS- for taking a leading role in offering quality higher education in the country.

He was speaking when he graced the UNILUS 7th Graduation ceremony.

And UNILUS Chancellor Jeventus Tembo urged the graduates to be innovative in their various fields to better Zambia’s economy.

Professor Tembo said graduates should offer solutions to the problems that the country in going through.

Meanwhile, UNILUS Vice-Chancellor Pinalo Chifwanakeni said the institution will continue to offer quality higher education in the country as a response to the economic challenges.


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  1. When time comes to tell the story of Zambia to our children and great-grandchildren, some names must be erased from that story just so that our children and great-grandchildren do not laugh at us, people like the finance minister DUDU, Rupiah, Edgar, Mwila, Lusambo, etc, personally I would hide this part of history from my children because the question they will ask is “where were you”

    • I don’t believe anything this Brian Mushimba guy says; these universities will never happen. He promised us that Zambian Airways would start flying on 24th Oct 2019 and this is November now.

      He told us that Lusaka would have a tram service and a mass bus transit system and non of that has happened … Brian Mushimba is good at yapping.

    • Sata built Mushindo University, and these PooFs never used it. Now they want to bring up 5 dreams for re-elections. You won’t win mishindo yenu!!

  2. What have the people in NorthWestern province done. ? There was a pronouncement of a University in Eastern Province, FTJ university in Luapula. Two universities have been built in the North. There has been no announcement of a university being built in the North West. Why Why Why??????

  3. Lewanika university in Mongu is still a day dream.
    You know that the elections are around the corner so you have started the Don’t Kubeba!
    This time it is Kuya Bebele!!
    Muchinga province was given 2 modern universities at a Go!!

  4. Brian Mushimba for running mate 2021. I think this guy should be elevated to the position of running mate. He is what Zambia needs this time, he is exposed, having lived and worked in the US for a number of years (I think he has US citizenship) and has generally very good ideas. The only issue with him is that he used Government funds to fix his broken arm after breaking it while drinking. Otherwise I would definitely vote for him as running mate in 2021.
    In 2026 it should Brian Mushimba President and Alexander Chiteme Vice President

  5. Speaking like an ordinary person who may not know the procedure for entry into university study. People do not just want to go to university. They have to qualify. Private universities provide a service where the govt cannot meet the costs. In Zambia where private universities are charged a certain amount of money for every student enrolled, I have yet to hear of these universities making money. It is unfortunate that the minister sees private universities as irrelevant to the development of higher education in Zambia. Could this be another aspect Zambia is copying from SA which does not allow private higher education institutions to use the title of UNIVERSITY?

  6. I hope Mushimba is daydreaming and not really planning to go ahead with his hallucinations. There are so many projects these crazy people have started and have not finished or they have just stalled. We have failed to run the current institutions and we should not be planning on borrowing to make new ones. This govt should not be in a hurry to build structures that they have no clue how they are going to use them effectively or even pay for them. I hope that was just lip service from Mushimba!

  7. How are they going to run these same universities when they are failing to pay lecturers on time. As of today, CBU lecturers have not been paid and UNZA only started getting their salaries for October today. I just wonder what these guys smoke. If they are failing to pay lecturers on time, it just means that they are even failing to fund research.

  8. more so called universities isn’t the solution.
    you can have a million universities in Zambia, but unemployment would still be rampant. how many current unemployed Zambians went through all these new universities?
    education isn’t about a paper, you need to use your brains and think outside the classroom. the government is better off looking at ways of creating skill based centers where youths can learn skills that would enable them earn a living without lining up hallways of some offices wanting to do some work in the “office”. Zambia needs to move from that culture of wanting to dress up to go to work, utu ma tie…put on coveralls, roll up the sleeves of your shirt, put on steel toe shoes, get dirty and dusty and work, that’s how you build a country. it’s not by wearing those…

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