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President Lungu directs Home Affairs Minister and Police IG to stop Tribal Conflicts in Western Province

Rural News President Lungu directs Home Affairs Minister and Police IG to stop Tribal...

President Edgar Lungu pose for the group Picture with Chiefs From North Western Province at Statehouse on Tuesday 14-07-2015 PICTURES BY EDDIE MWANALEZA/ STATEHOUSE.

President Edgar Lungu President has said that he is concerned that Mbunda and Nkoya chiefs are living in fear after attempts on their lives by known individuals in Western Province.

The President has since directed the Inspector General of Police, Mr Kakoma Kanganja, through Home Affairs Minister, Honourable Stephen Kampyongo to ensure the lives of the chiefs are safe.

The President made the directive today when Chief Mutondo, Chief Chiyengele and Chief Kahare paid a courtesy on him at State House.

Meanwhile, President Lungu is impressed that Chief Bundabunda of Rufunsa in Lusaka Province has invited the State and investors in his area to build a modern city.

Speaking when Chief Bundabunda paid a courtesy call on him, President Lungu said some areas in Zambia remain underdeveloped because chiefs refused to allow investment into their chiefdoms.

And during the meeting with the three chiefs from Western Province, the President was dismayed that there have been attempts on the lives of Chief Chiyengele and Chief Kahare and yet the suspects had not been arraigned.

The President directed Hon. Kampyongo, who was called to the meeting, to alert the Inspector General of Police so that he positions police in the trouble spots in the province.

The President also directed his Special Assistant for Legal Affairs, Mr Sukwana Lukangaba to follow up on the case.

The three chiefs narrated how they and their families survived attacks and how they have been living in fear since.

Earlier, President Lungu met Chief Bundabunda and called him an ally of Government because of his vision for development.

Chief Bundabunda informed the President that he wanted to transform Rufunsa into a city and thanked the President for the massive road development taking place in Chongwe.

President Lungu promised to support Chief Bundabunda to realise his dream.

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  1. Someone issued and carried out the threats. Why all the two cheifs? Did the chiefs report the matter to the Police? They probably did. Why Police inaction?
    The threats may have been underhand methods to persuade the chiefs to change political patronage hence police inaction. Only well postioned cadres get away with this kind of behaviour.
    The police surely don’t need to receive presidentioal directives all the time to do what they supposed to do and are paid for.

    • If only I could play a role in this. I think I hv better general information on wht causes these conflicts from a couple of yrs reading and studying similar issues. Edgar Lungu, I’m afraid to say, doesn’t sound sufficiently informed on why these conflicts occur.

    • Heee forget these useless PF blutal things.
      HH and Never Mumba watch a movie called “Holiday in the Wild”, it was filmed in Zambian national parks… so great. So romatic.
      And then these fuvking PF are our sabotaging the country, fuvk you fi PF mwembwa mwee

    • I welcome challenge to the views I hold rather than a mere thumbs-up or thumbs-down. In Zambia now we hv seen govt officials who want to enjoy the benefits of citizenship but would rather live wth the obligations of a tribesman or tribeswoman. It cannot possibly work. Benefits of citizenship hv obligations of citizenship for a flip side. We cannot hv a citizen who trashes the rights of other citizens and only respects the rights of his tribesmen. That’s where the problem lies.

  2. Kanganja and Kampyongo you have been Directed now you can start working. No more excuses for snoring until you do this assignment.

    • Over the police teargassing of the DP vision launch in Samfya on Saturday, Kalaba reiterated that: “the truth of the matter is that the President himself, because he has become so insecure, called Luapula Province commissioner of police Elias Chushi and said ‘this rally will not take off.’”
      “They fired teargas because President Lungu told them to do that. I’m supremely confident because my intelligence told me that he (President Lungu) called Chushi directly and told him ‘nge ifyo naumfwa (what about this I’m hearing?) Can you cancel it!’” said Kalaba.

    • Lungu must be behind all the violence and killings we are experiencing from the look of things. He can’t hid any more arrows are pointing to his direction.

  3. How did it get that way in the 1st place ? This means Lungu’s administration has failed in some areas of governance .

  4. Chief Mutondo, Chief Chiyengele and Chief Kahare are very naughty boys, running to Chagwa will not help you in any manner. We all know the problem started with the government’s new constitution that declares that all chiefs are equal. It can’t be, imagine claiming that Gawa Undi is equal to that Ngoni rapist and alcoholic Mpezeni SukaMkondo Njengebaso Jere, no ways! Sata tried to install a Bisa man, elder brother to Nkandu Tasintha Zinjanthopus Luo and ChitiMukulu only for bashiluBemba to say it’s a nullity! Lungu and his criminal cabal must just quit office, they have done enough damage to the country to compound it by stirring up tribal strife.

  5. Imagine Barotseland seceding from Northern Rhodesia and then diverting the Zambezi River into the Linyanti and all the way to the Okavango delta, it will be lwanya lwakwa Noah for those Rhodesian colonials with all their hydro drying out!

  6. Now these directives are getting out hand. Thats why lungu now looks twice his age because his plate is too full!! Bushe ninshi these ministers cant think or is just that they are not allowed to make certain decisions?

  7. These idiyots are fighting amongst themselves. There are two claimants to Mutondo and Chiyengele Silalos or administrative districts.

    • These people aren’t *****s. Wht they need is to know and be taught wht citizenship is apart from mere membership of a tribe. Citizenship is the more superior identity than membership of a tribe but things are the other way round now. Tribe is being seen as superior to citizenship as hiring patterns in govt are now. This is wht Edgar Lungu should know.

  8. And of course Lungu is promising development of these areas out of his own pocket??? Or is it state money and he makes it look like he is financing it all from his own or PF money ?? People please educate our Zambian people so that they vote wisely next time and none of this small talk nonsense!! He is misinforming these chiefs and he is not even aware of the origins of this tension. If he talks about tribal tension, then he needs to look at his own track record about the subject because he is the biggest source of modern day tribal conflicts in Zambia.
    He’s trying to gain votes through falsifying information and bullying these chiefs into submission!!

  9. @Ayana @Nemwine
    Smart move by His Excellency. This is what we need. Zambia is a developing country quite alright but we need to preserve our customs and cultures for generations to come. Let us support President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for playing such a role. We we need peace and security in all chiefdoms for the sake of keeping our respective history and cultures as an African Nation

  10. Unity and Peace is Zambia’s cry all day long!
    Thank you His Excellency for ensuring that its not only in Urban areas where we hear or talk about peace and safety but in all areas of Zambia (chiefdom to be precise).
    @Enlightened How is He (President Lungu) Trying to get votes from them when all he’s trying to do is help the chief realise his dream for his chiefdom? Lets not always politicize matters even on issue of development all we see is get are faults from him.Learn to appreciate when a good gesture is being portrayed..

    And just a Plea to the Police let’s not only wait on the President to caution us when we well know our duties and responsibilities and that is ensuring that there is Safety and Peace in Zambia more especially as we are approaching 2021.

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