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Dedicate lives to God- Defence force urged

General News Dedicate lives to God- Defence force urged

Molcolm Moffat Collage of Education Pricipal (Left) and Mupepetwe Engineering Construction Company (MECCO) Director General Benson Musonda during the commemoration of this year’s women’s day in Serenje district. The event was held at the national square.

Defence Service Command and Staff College Commander Benson Musonda has urged military personnel to take advantage of the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation by dedicating their lives to God.

Brigadier General Musonda says men and women in uniform are not spared in this declaration, hence the need for military personnel to devote themselves to Christ.

The Commandant of the Zambia Army said this in Lusaka today when he addressed students at the first ever thanks giving service held at Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka.

Quoting from the Bible in 1st Thessalonians Chapter 4 verse 8, Brigadier General Musonda said men and women in uniform should dedicate their lives and put God first in their military operations.

“Pause and reflect on what God has done for you and see good things especially after fighting or war,” the Commandant said.

The service attracted military students from nine countries, namely Botswana, Eswatini., Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and the host Zambia.

Zambia Army, Zambia National Service (ZNS) Zambia Air Force (ZAF) Zambia Police Service were represented among the students who attended the thanksgiving service.

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  1. War is about defending a nation and consequently killing your foe. So are we dedicating our lives to God to allow us kill and not be killed? So when you are spared from going to heaven you thank God ka? And when your enemy precedes you…? Awe mwe.

  2. Sick fool thinks death-cults should control the defense of the nation? Is Musonda even qualified as mentally competent?

  3. Now this Christian Nation stupidity is creeping into the army, awe sure Musonda uleke amasalamusi! Zambia is Zambia, this Chiluba foolishness of declaring it for the God of the Jews leaving ours ignored is what has brought persistent drought whence the lord shedding! Our gods are upset with us for this treachery!

  4. This is their simple solution, like Chimbwili Kashimba suggested Zambians must all pee in Kariba to fill it up and resolve the power crisis! With this lot, we are on a one way ticket to purgatory!

  5. The Christian stroke Moslem god likes war. At one time he made a little David guy slay a giant called Goliath. I wonder if he was happy since it was he who created Goliath and therefore loved him like all his creations.
    Right now the jews will tell you that God is helping them to kill Palestinians. In all Jihads he is with the killers. Perhaps It therefore makes sense that soldier
    Benson Musonda has urged military personnel to take advantage of the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation by dedicating their lives to God as they prepare to kill other creations of God.

  6. I thought faith was a personal choice and not something you force or instruct someone to do?
    Sharon seems to think that she is the chosen one for heaven and everyone else is destined for hell!! What’s this about mansions and dark forces Sharon is so fixated on? Delusions of religion = schizophrenia??

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