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Government to establish electronic monitoring and tracking system of all its vehicles

General News Government to establish electronic monitoring and tracking system of all its vehicles

Minister of Works and Supply Hon. Silvia Chalikosa
Minister of Works and Supply Hon. Silvia Chalikosa

The government says it is in the process of establishing an electronic monitoring and tracking system of all its vehicles, for prudent fleet utilization, as directed by President Edgar Lungu.

This follows the launch of the Government Fleet Management Policy by the Minister of Works and Supply Hon. Silvia Chalikosa at Mulungushi International Conference center Thursday morning.

Hon. Chalikosa said this will ensure that information on the utilization of Government vehicles, plant and equipment is obtained in real-time in addition to other management tools.

“Gone are the days when we used to see Government vehicles being driven around in the night, at midnight and early hours of the morning; Government vehicles parked at undesignated places, bars, night clubs, etc.” She stated

She added that the Government will not let anyone use government vehicles for personal errands, be used by unauthorized drivers, carrying unauthorized passengers or being driven without necessary documentation such as logbooks.

And Hon. Chalikosa has stated that the newly launched policy will strive to ensure that all government vehicles are ensured.

Meanwhile Hon. Chalikosa has announced that the government has through ZAMTEL opened a toll-free number 3003 for members of the public to report those seen misusing Government Vehicles.

“Remember that the toll-free number is 3003. The government is you and the Government is all of us. Lets do the right thing. It’s a collective responsibility.” She emphasized.

She observed that the government has been spending a lot on a huge fleet which currently stands at 12,000 thousand in the country.

She reiterated that the vision of the policy is “a world-class value for money of a public service fleet management system by the year 2030,” which resonates with the recently launched public service vision “a smart and value centered public service.”


  1. You mean after more than 50 yrs of Independence ,Zambia did not have a Government Fleet Management Policy ? In order to launch it, you have to hold a ceremony? Has this tracking system been tendered or state house has already given it to a pf cadre who is going to sell the tender to the Lebanese?

    • These PooFs of idyots will never stop scams.
      Put tracking systems in your foreskins you uncircumcised PF ministers.
      Tracking systems are expensive and PF government will tripple the costs, and will be discussing another $50 millions scam.
      Zambians will remove those chips from vehicles 2 hours after installing.
      But fi PF ni mbwaaa shakalyelye, they never get healed.

  2. You bet some PS’s company or some hopeless cadre’s briefcase company has already been lined up for this contract. As they “sanitize” public spaces watch out for these compensatory moves akwasu! It will get wild.

  3. Oh please I join imbwili and say ‘lesa forgive us for whatever wrong we committed to you’…how can one say they are going digital and yet ‘no vehicle will move without a logbook”…the LG was in place because it was not electronic. With an e-system from the time you ignite the engine it enters the log and captures data…I see the loose nut who flipped a 200k$ vehicle applauding….A manual Log can be manipulated…anyway we trust the Controller of Grz Transport is involved.

  4. This is not new, we heard this when Mutati was Minister of Works and Supply. What we could have been hearing now is that the actualization of the electronic monitoring and the continued impounding of GRZ vehicles on weekends….Instead of telling us on how far U have gone, everytime its blah blah blah….!!! We need results.

  5. Why would anyone need to have a government vehicle in this day and age? Why can’t they use their own vehicles for work and only pay them mileage allowance for work related journeys? This is how finances are mis-managed in our countries. Outdated systems are never reviewed to see whether or not there is benefit.
    Here in UK national health service staff were allowed lease cars and free car parks while at work. These are no longer available and as long as one receives a salary, they are expected to own their own personal vehicle and pay for parking. No more free government vehicles please!!

  6. We advised PF to do just that when mutati was running around like a chicken mounting roadblocks catching grz vehicles….

    This PF lead GRZ is so full of du.ll empty tins.

    I am dumbfounded.

  7. We told mutati and PF at the time those GPS trackers are cheap,

    We also told this PF lead GRZ to establish a local GPS industry to creat jobs instead of relying on South African companies.

  8. Sometimes all we need is simple reasoning mwebantu. If you live in urban areas, you have all seen how the vehicles are misused like they belong to the drivers. Let us just support the step Government is taking , we all know it is a step forward.

    @Spaka the equipment might not be cheap but do you know how much the vehicles cost? Do you know the expected life span of the vehicles compared to when they are in wrong hands? Think of the pros and not cons.

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