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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Live Press Conference by President Edgar Lungu

Headlines Live Press Conference by President Edgar Lungu

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  1. Why is he sad, as if country is in darkness?? Just be jovial mudala. Enjoy life… Dance… Rejoice….

    • Because he rides in an exepensive privat Jet while some of the Zambians are starving.Four legs good two legs bad

    • I must commend Mr. Lungu for finally having the courage to face the media. Its a step in the right direction. But this needs to be a regular planned thing. Not a once in a blue moon random event that depends on which side of the pillow he has woken up.

    • He has no respect for the law. By not adhering to the CC ruling is in which the highest court had instructed the illegal earners is tantamount to being pompous a lack of respect for the laws of Zambia. Pretending to be ignorant about the amounts of moneys that were illegally received will only earn you jail terms. Start by paying back salaries.

      How can you tease the C Court that kulibe vamahara??

    • So, after watching and listening I was left wondering what that was all about.
      Plus it was the first time I saw a head of state READING out ANSWERS to questions at PRESS CONFERENCE.
      Is this how useless Zambia has become?
      I cant help but think those journalists were hand picked coz none of them asked about the burning issues in the country right now!!!!

    • Exceptional.
      Each question was tackled headon, concisely and articulately.

      Huhm! So presidential.

      Nimupase 2021 uyumuntu.
      He deserves it mwe.

    • @ nzzelu What do you mean by WE? It’s not everyone who enjoys his boring reading skills.
      I didn’t listen that much, just 1 minute, and saw the same sadist.
      What did he end up saying??

    • As you all wanted or is it as you expected. If it is as you wanted then we have issues there. Do as I want or????

    • @ Nzelu What do you mean by WE? It’s not everyone who enjoys his boring reading skills.
      I didn’t listen that much, just 1 minute, and saw the same sadist.
      What did he end up saying??

    • 2.3 Nostradamus

      WE – Means 2 people or more. It does not have to be millions of people. You F00L, what if Nzelu enjoyed it with his friends, colleagues, or one more extra person. That would qualify to use WE…

    • We the real Zambians for Zambia the real Africans.

      We, defined:
      1. All the Elite People of the ROZ, ~ TITF.
      2. All the Smart People of the Zambian Enterprise, ~ Br Mumba jr.

      This is not for microscopic shrilling shrimps or microbes.

  2. Well done Mr Chipampe for the wise guidance to the Executive on the importance of Press/Media Conferences. A father in a house who does not talk to members of his own household is not fit to be a father. Such is just a visitor to that house. My only disappointment is he did a bad job by being evasive on a number of important issues and bad threatening body language which may have intimidated some of the journalists who were present! Nevertheless, it’s a great step in the right direction. We hope we can have these on a quarterly basis. Also let him make peace with HH rather than always referring to him as some! HH is your subject as well!

  3. This was more important for Mr President than The Media houses! The people who have been speaking on his behalf have been misrepresenting him grossly! Through these Media engagements, Fake News will be starved! Where there is no information, people will speculate! Where speculation is rife, Fake News will thrive. Well done for the good start! Chipampe is doing better than ba Amos! Insaka is critical! These Media Conferences gives you as a manager information that you won’t get from boot lickers!

  4. Colossal waste of time. Rehearsed answers to timid questions and the imbecile Masha Chilemena goes on a rant about football. Maybe this joker-in chief should just stick to airport pressers, at least they are not scripted. How the f.uck does a whole president blame smuggling and panic buying for the high cost of mealie-meal? Who the f.cuk is panic buying at those costs?? What a m0r0n.

    • The northern part of the country gets lots of rain and lots of fertiliser. Where’s the grain from there to mitigate the poor harvest from the region that was hit by drought?

  5. This is a step in the right direction.
    He has put Akainde (HH) and the Zambian Witch Doctor propaganda to shame!

  6. Why was kambwili not there to ask
    All his questions? He likes asking
    All the time so this was his chance to clarify all his doubts.

  7. That Haguta fella is a very interesting and articulate one, I enjoyed what he said to Lungu about healthy relationships with the media!! As for Lungu, I did not enjoy the way he spoke. He does not sound statesman and educated and he can’t articulate properly. I fell asleep while listening to his boring voice and emptiness.
    The journalists sounded more educated than the “lawyer” president and maybe if he does more of these sessions, he will get better at it. He has been rather too shy to talk to his people and as a result, he has not developed the art of public speaking!!

  8. Dudelove: wash your mouth. Learn to respect our President.
    you were praying to get answers direct from our President (Edgar Chagwa Lungu),he gives them to you on a silver platter. Since you could not think on your own and you still talk rubbish. Change your mindset and begin to appreciate for the peaceful Press Conference.
    Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu we appreciate for the answers you have given us,you answered with sincerity.
    we thank you.

    • Oh please just p!ss off mune. These !d!ots have stolen too much from Zambians for me to waste respect on them.

  9. politics of today are so boring, you just have to create a problematic situation in private then invite people as you pretend to solve it in public.

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