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Friday, February 21, 2020

Nevers Mumba Challenges MMD MPs not willing to work with him to resign

Headlines Nevers Mumba Challenges MMD MPs not willing to work with him to...

MMD President Nevers Mumba at a Press Briefing
MMD President Nevers Mumba at a Press Briefing

MMD President Nevers Mumba has challenged Members of Parliament that are not willing to work with him to resign following a High Court judgment that declared him President of the former ruling party.

Dr. Mumba, however, said that he is willing to work and support MPs including supporters of the losing President Felix Mutati.

He said he will not force anyone to stay in the party if they are not willing to work with him and the party will be willing to go for bye-elections.

Dr. Mumba said divided loyalty is detrimental to the development of the organization hence the need for unity among members.

And Dr. Mumba said he has received overwhelming support from across the country after the ruling by the High Court.

He said leaders and members alike have shown willingness to work with him in rebuilding the party that has suffered a huge setback in the last three years there were legal battles.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mumba has asked Zambians to give the MMD another chance to rule.

He said with the vast experience in governance, the MMD is the only party that has the capacity to resuscitate the economy.

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    • What is this chap talking about. Apa penefye two days after ka judgement mwatampa no kubosa. Take it easy. The party you are clinging to is a finished party with no future.

    • MMD is very strong party, but Mumba can’t make a good president to take over all the mess PF has created.
      HH can fix up things

    • This son of God is divisive. What is going on with nevers?
      Okay yeah! You want MMD MPs to work with you yeah? You want to control them like puppets.
      Your antagonistic behavior is bad and when you say those who do not want to work with you should resign, you’re in effect saying you have not received overwhelming support from across the country following the ruling.
      Calm down nevers, calm down.

    • Dr Mumba,despite being a politician you are a man of the pulpit so I expect a reconciliatory tone from you. Dont start issuing ultimatums. You are starting on a very wrong foot and it will be very difficult to draw support across the country. As a leader I expect you to be accommodating and even reach out to those perceived ant- Mumba clique because politics is a game of numbers. Ignore my advise on your own peril.

  1. There will be no by-elections. From the word go those mps are loyal to RB, Felix and Rafa. Just like the 25 mps that defied Sata, or the upnd mps who went to NDF, they just won’t be adopted. It’s not that easy be Nevers. Put the house in order first.

    • He is trying so hard to be a leader.
      I take it that leadership at church and in church matters is different from political leadership. That’s why nevers always fails to tick.
      The tone in his voice is that of political failure.

  2. Awe, you already had your chance and your predecessors gave you a blue book on misrule. Join UNIP in the archives please. Meantime, I am looking forward to a pleasant surprise that could possibly replace both PF and UPND mwe.

  3. I think people must know when they’re down and out! The chips are so down for Zambia today and to elect a Chinsalian political charlatan would be suicidal. If Muchingans want this fool for leader, he can be elected as the Chief Pygmy of kwa naBwalya, Zambians are sick and tired of these Central Africans looting coffers and contracting unsustainable loans meant only to enrich themselves and build only their part of the country while we all share the burden. Twacula pafula.

  4. I can only support mmd if ba magande and situmbeko musokotwane come back for then I will be assured of the economy picking up again.

  5. The problem is that MPs don’t want you to be living of the money they contribute to the Party. As long as you do that there’ll always be problems. How I wish Michael Kaingu didn’t go into retirement because he was going to sort you out physically. Do you remember what he almost did to you during that by-election in Mwandi when you squandered all the campaign money?

  6. To resign? Why? So that there are more costly by-elections and more bloodshed? No, we are tired of that crap let the country rest it has endured enough hardships. Zambia needs to recover now and not have more by-elections. If they don’t want to work with you let them be don’t impose this on the people of Zambia because you want to gain.

  7. Nevers Mumba’s dictatorial leadership style caused the past MMD leaders (eg. Chituwo, Lungwangwa, Musokotwane etc) to migrate to UPND. The past General Election resulted in loss of MPs. Who is Mumba leading in this country? Besides, this is a directionless politician who has been conniving with HH to disrupt the PF Governance system. He was prominent in his association with the ANTI-AFRICAN Brenthurst Foundation in South Africa. Let Mumba phone Mussi Maimane and ask for an update on the prevailing political climate in South Africa.

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