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The Bemba Royal Establishment refutes Chief Mukuni’s story, No Names have been floated for Presidential candidate for 2021

Headlines The Bemba Royal Establishment refutes Chief Mukuni's story, No Names have been...

Chief Mukuni

The Bemba Royal Establishment has refuted a story in one of the private tabloid that is alleging that the Establishment has floated names of persons to stand as presidential candidates in the 2021 general elections.

And the establishment has also denied allegations by Chief Mukuni of the Toka Leya people of Southern Province that Bemba Chiefs and Chitimukulu had a meeting with President Edgar Lungu where the Chiefs submitted names of their preferred candidates.

Speaking on behalf of the Establishment, Chief Luchembe of Mpika district said the story is fake and should be dismissed with the contempt it deserves.

Chief Luchembe explained that no one from the Bemba Royal Establishment including Paramount Chitimukulu has held meeting with President Lungu to discuss issues concerning succession.

He said it is unfortunate that Chief Mukuni who is supposed to be the custodian of tradition could start issuing such malicious statement.

He said the Bemba’s are a peaceful group adding that the Chitimukulu is known to be free thinker who is admired by Zambians.

Chief Luchembe who was flanked by Chitimukulu and other Bemba Chiefs said this in Mungwi district during the Ilamfya Council for the Bemba Royal Establishment during the week.

He alleges that Chief Mukuni might be used by some people who are jealousy of the Bembas because of the support they have in the country.

Chief Luchembe has since advised Chief Mukuni to come out in the open if he has anything against the Bembas.

Chief Mukuni is quoted to have issued a statement in the Mast Newspapers last week with the headline “Edgar intends not to stand in 2021 reveals Mukuni, and banner headline “Lungu Opt Out’.


    • Chief’ee Mukuni to come out in the open if he has anything against the Bembas?

      Is he not a coward? Of course he has one or two issues against our people. His political involvement and behavior worries many and stems from our rejection of h². How can the entire Mukuni start spreading falsehood because the people of Zambian have rejected his son 6 times including 2021 results?
      Like Mmembe, let chief’ee Mukuni just join active politics so we can treat him as one. A politician.

    • Of course Mr Kanyata Sosala will deny this. The Chitimukulu is mesmerized by the achievements or lack thereof of Edgar “no vision” Lungu.

    • Thorn in the Flesh People are tired of Bemba Hegemony. You people are intolerant bullies who thrive on maligning others for your own selfish gains. Mukuni is a citizen of this country and as a representative of the Toka Leya, he has the God given right to speak on behalf of his people.

      It seems you get off on counting the number of times Hakainde Hichilema has not ‘won’ one of your corrupt elections. Your Pathetic Party has turned Zambia into a failed nation. You band of hungry thieves are stealing anything you can get your hairy palms on.

      Are you not embarrassed that every time one your own is entrusted with the presidency, they became a legendary thief?

      You would rather the country Burns, than let someone else govern our country.


    • Gosh! Listen to your lamentations. Equal in the eyes of God.
      That’s hard and subjective!
      Exactly the intention of the chief’ee in this instance. A crude divisive statement.
      As we debate this issue, a lot can be drawn from your tribal nauseating lamentations here.
      Piece of advise.
      Please please please first off, learn to coexist. Learn to repect other tribes. Do we Bembas send a chilling supremacy wave down your spines? Chill baby. I didn’t know that that’s how you regard us. But that’s beside the point. Your chief is divisive so are your comments. I put it to you that PF has more Tongas; UPNDEAD has less of other tribes. Why? Simple PF is more welcoming, universal and coexistent than your party. I am sure you will agree with me that you didn’t…

    • …choose to be born Tonga. The same can be said about us and many other Zambians. The world is not fair now, is it? had it been, Sakwiba was gonna to be president of UPNDEAD as UPND.
      Your tribal inferior complex leaves much to be desired.
      Niggaz like you don’t understand the slogan One Zambia One Nation because the filthy in your brains is too much. The intermarriages KK promoted should show you that Zambia is beyond that.
      It’s not about you being Tonga rather about you convincing others to join you and compete with you intellectually not tribally for positions in your party. Move on!

    • In my opinion , I think the time to separate Zambia into a federation has come.Let each province or region manage it,s own economy. Why do the Northerner and Easterners think that they are the the only anointed ones to be Presidents?
      The Bemba establishment must be ashamed of it’s self for keeping quiet at the worsening Political and economic situation in Zambia,! You would expect them to raise their voices against the corruption that has engulfed the nation, the load shedding due to poor planning of pf, the poor distribution of farming inputs, the suppression of freedom of association etc. History will judge your establishment for keeping quiet when your voice is needed at this crucial time.

    • This ugly chief is so determined to impose his Tonga subject as president of zambia. A man we can’t even pronounce his name, instead people call it by initials

    • Sucking up a lot of oxygen in debating what leads to nothing! Every one desires to be entrusted with power yet when it so happens then surfaces those that demand exclusive trust with it!

      Viva Barotseland! Regional autonomy in governance is a must the tribal consciousness has rooted deeper let all be patriotic to regionalism for it’s every one’s true birth right! I am done hoping for some unifying miracle!

  1. Just like their Paramount Chief, most Bemba are freethinkers who can’t be swayed by tribal politics. The Bemba support what makes sense to them. Emmanuel Kasonde witnessed that, it also took time for the Bemba to support Sata. In Southern Province you’re cursed if you don’t support Hichilema. Chief Mukuni must slow down, he’ll have difficulties should Hichilema win elections

    • Fortunately triple h’s behaviour is known, with his upcoming lunatic vice president mukuni who can’t be compared to Bemba chiefs. Triple h will not win in 2021, mark my words.

  2. Tongas are a very very very big problem…full of pride,selfish,Infact a danger to our peace..This stupid chief from southern province lacks wisdom,and has no understand of his careless talk will lead to,He is the only chief in Zambia that behaves like that and these people are not in power? What more if in power? The chief from southern is a disgrace and a disaster This is why i cant vote for upnd..The reasoning is that of Arabs.

    • Bemba’s are very big problem. Stealing is in your blood. You mistake crookedness for intelligence. You just hate Tonga’s because we are tired of being ruled by thieves.

      Bemba’s hate every other tribe in Zambia, especially those that are proud of their languages and cultures. See the hatred for Tonga’s and Lozis. You want to control and bully everyone in the country. Why should the presidency only be shared amongst two tribes in Zambia? are you the only ones who think or have Ideas?

      Whether Tonga, Lozi, Bemba,Luvale, ngoni, Chewa, Namwanga, kaonde every single citizens has the right to aspire to the highest office.

      You are shameful tribalists. Just look the cabinet and PS appointments. Abena Emukwai fullu fullu.

      One day you will be left to rule yourselves because the…

    • @3.1 The Ghost.. STEALING IN ZAMBIA IS FROM ALL ETHNIC GROUPS! If Bembas have outdone others it is a question of perception because they are in the majority as a population! Before Lungu became the President of PF and then Zambia, some of you directed your missiles at Bembas who themselves had already resolved that believed they did not want their party to be labelled a “Bemba party”. They scuttled GBM, Kambwili, Mulenga Sata, Miles Sampa, Christine Kaseba from the PF top leadership. Lungu took over the party, the hatred shifted to Easterners with some of you attempting to drive a wedge between Easterners and Bembas. It hasn’t worked because Bembas are motivated differently, today as we speak some of Lungu’s opponents are those Bembas who were instrumental in making him President!

    • CHIEF MUKUNI MADE A VERY BIG MISTAKE BY DRAGGING ANOTHER (BEMBA) ROYAL ESTABLISHMENT IN OPEN PARTY (PF) POLITICS, AS PF IS EQUIVALENT TO BEMBA ROYAL ESTABLISHMENT! Whatever he could have known, rightly or wrongly should have been said by any other person but NOT HIM, WHO IS ALSO A CHIEF!! Ama LEVELS BANE NA PROTOCOL!! The Bemba Chiefs have been very polite in answering him the way they have done!

    • @3.1 The Ghost of Patrice Lumumba
      It’s people like you K² refered to as stup1d 1d1ot.
      Who is the head of the executive?
      Is he Bemba?
      Who is the Vice president of Zambia?
      Is she Bemba.
      Who was the President of Zambia in 2001 to 2008?
      Was he Bemba?
      Whowas the president of Zambia in 2008 to 2011?
      Was he Bemba?
      Nigga, why are you obsessed with Bembas ai?
      Isn’t h² a thief who stole from the mines and a position from Saki?
      Isn’t A.K.Mazoka a thief who stole cattle by way of exchanging from a transiting train destined for DRC? Jealousy will kill you.

    • I dont know why Tongas always say Zambia is always ruled by Bembas. You Levy, you had RB now you have EL. Are these Bembas? This doesnt make sense to me especialy that Iam not Bemba

  3. Why are we creating other problems, When we still have multitude unsolved? I.e load-shedding and…..
    Tribalism just brings destruction.

  4. This chap has nothing to loose he’s dead already. Living by regular blood transfusion to sustain his health. Been HIV positive for years. He would not give a rats ass if a war were to start over this tribal bulls#it. Being used by his small god H2. As a member of the Sun hotels board where he stacks in millions you would think he reasons better but…………….

  5. Someone needs to sit down Chief Mukuni and tell him to tone down. We can, to some extent, tolerate tribalism from politicians but not from a traditional chief because they represent their tribes. Politics should not divide us among tribal lines. If Chief Mukuni wants to be more of a politician than a traditional ruler, let him abdicate his throne. He is an embarrassment

  6. Beleive me bembas are the number one tribalists and corrupt in this country, I can name a few, Chitotela the minister of monkeys he has made it clear that he hates the people of Barotseland

  7. Bemba Royal Establishment? BRE? Since when? People, try to be original not ku kopela ba zanu. What happened to the Shilubemba Traditional Council?

  8. Never seen such an u.gly chiieftainness in my whole life until I reach heaven. The falling skin, the bulging red eyes, Goshhh is that what happens when one sleeps at the graveyard?
    And what’s the big deal if anyone suggests that Lungu is not the right candidate for PF in 2021? If you want to be President it’s expensive to form your own party, if you can manage it is much smarter and much cheaper to do so from inside an existing party especially the one in power, and democratically replace the democratic incumbent.

  9. …that is how parties that stay long in power do it, by renewing themselves and their leadership. You wonder why Trible UPND will never be in power? Apart from the tribalism, there is a political dinosaur in power since 2006, no convention therefore no renewal. Now they even have the challenge of running mate, forget Chimbwili, he wants to be the President of both NDC and Trible UPND, won’t accept anything less, after all he nearly replaced ba Sata in 2015.

  10. Can we have someone pin the insulting guys on this blog and bring them to book. There is no room for insults in our great nation. We need someone to police this so called freedom of speech.

  11. There we go again fighting and insulting each other while poverty, corruption, unemployment and other problems affecting all stare at us. Why do we shift our focus and energies to things that won’t make us progress nor bring development. Are there zambians who are more zambian than the others?. I look forward to Zambia that will vote based on integrity and capability instead of tribal lines. I look forward to a Zambia in which a relative will stand up to a fellow relative and rebuke them for wrong doing rather than blindly support the wrong because he or she is family. If we fail to coexist now how will our children be in their time won’t they be worse than us because they are learning and observing seeing what we are doing our negative actions are slowly corrupting their innocence?…

    • Continued:
      Let’s all debate on issues that are important and beneficial to all. We need to resist the spirit of division in Zambia. We came together to form a nation called Zambia why should our political inclinations be the reason we are being divided? How many people are going to kill, hurt or injure because they do not subscribe to values and beliefs. Zambians are good at welcoming foreigners into our country running away from war torn countries but very bad at coexisting with their fellow zambians due to politics and this must change. Be mindful of what we are doing because Zambia will be there long after we are dead and this is a chance for us living today to do something better for those who will live in it tomorrow.

  12. Chief Mukuni’s hatred for bembas reminds me of the Mwanawasa Presidency where anyone with a Bemba name was classed as a thief and subjected to persecution by the task force. Task Force Funds to investigate President Chiluba and other notable northerners were arranged from foreign governments by a Tonga Finance minister. What worries me is that some bembas have already forgotten the humiliation they suffered at the hands of the late Mundia Sikatana and the likes of Chief Mukuni. Simply put anyone protecting bembas or working with them like RB or now ECL will be targeted by Chief Mukuni and his subjects. Bembas think again before handing a single vote to HH; he will ruin your legacy.

  13. [email protected]: BRE – Bemba Royal Establishments. These are letters from the alphabet and NO tribe in Zambia can claim ownership of the alphabet. Anyama, if you use the letter ‘a’ to spell your name, no one should use that letter? If you buy a Toyota others should refrain from buying one?
    Tribal logic indeed.

  14. Mwemfumu lekeni ukulwishanya pamulandu Baba politician. Can we be celebrating independence day if our forefathers were fighting the way you are doing sure?

  15. Bembas be warned, see the way these imbeciles are insulting you. Don’t make that mistake to vote for those we can’t pronounce their names properly. They have labelled you thieves from time in memorial. I feel sorry for people like Anthony Bwalya who has been suffering from amnesia. Lwenu.

    • And what did lungu say about the bembas himself if I may ask? I sense misplaced hatred. Most of you PF sympathizers especially Sharon have been alluding to UPND never allowing a lozi fella to be president of the party right. What happened to Godfrey miyanda when Cliston tembo stole his position in the party they formed together? Who was the legitimate president of MMD before Chiluba stole it away? Finally what did kaunda do to nkumbula in the power struggle?

  16. We all know bembas are a mighty and powerful nation and influencial.
    all this about the Bemba is largely because of jealous. Bembas will never go around telling everyone they are a great nation history speaks louder about them.
    I ve lived with these people very good people, nice people to be around with.

  17. Chief Mukuni is brave enough to call a spade a spade.
    The other chiefs are cowards. They fail to tell off politicians for not doing certain things right.Especially issues to do with the Zambian economy.

    • Kapata,if telling lies is bravery to you, then both you and that peddler of lies are morons with sewer water were the brain was supposed to be!

  18. @Katana: My friend, the provinces with perennial water sources will survive. It’s not copper, gold or silver that matter, but water! Let’s embrace the ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ motto.

  19. It’s very strange that anyone would label Bembas tribal even when it’s very clear that they have among them the largest number of opposition leaders whom quite ironically they cannot as a tribe render that much support to. Bembas are diverse and attacking them recklessly may just cost some of their chances for presidency. Where’re the opposition leaders from north Western province?

  20. Chiefs should not be party of politics but counselors to the politicians, because these political players come from their Chiefdoms. They should lead by example leading a way to national development and also educate their subjects from their respective chiefdoms to promote and sensitize on the dresscode, hard work, and contributing to national development. They should work with the government of the day.

  21. 1.9 Bongo Bongo, wandepula. I guess your fantasy that “A man we can’t even pronounce his name, instead people call it by initials” will be the campaign song for PF in 2021. Going down memory lane, these have been campaign songs;
    2006 – HH sold the mines
    2008 – HH doesn’t smile
    2011 – HH is a free Manson
    2016 – HH is a tribalist, he also saves/invests in offshore accounts
    2021 – We can’t even pronounce his name

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