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Chieftainess Chiawa opposes mining in Lower Zambezi

General News Chieftainess Chiawa opposes mining in Lower Zambezi

Chieftainess Chiawa with Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo (kneeling)

Chieftainess Chiawa of the Goba people in Kafue district says she is opposed to the proposed construction of the Kangaluwi Copper Mine in the Lower Zambezi.

Chieftainess Chiawa in whose area the proposed mine is to be situated said allowing mining in the Lower Zambezi will disrupt wildlife in the area.

She said the Lower Zambezi is globally renowned to its vast and untamed wildlife and tempering with its existence will take away the beauty of the area.

Chieftainess Chiawa said she would rather have sustainable tourism in the Lower Zambezi than encouraging mining which she says can cause a lot of damage to the area.

“Mining here makes me scared. What will happen to all those animals when mining starts with all its noise? I am really scared,” Chieftainess Chiawa said.

She was speaking over the weekend in an interview with Journalists when Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo paid a courtesy call on her before holding an interactive session with tour operators and other stakeholders in the Lower Zambia.

Chieftainess Chiawa added, “you cannot have both, it’s either you have tourism and no mining or mining and no tourism. “

She said the greatest attraction of the Lower Zambezi is wildlife which she feared would scamper if mining is allowed.

And Mr Lusambo has assured tour operators in the Lower Zambezi that government will continue supporting sustainable tourism in the country.

Chieftainess Chiawa


    • Numbala one bootlicker mambala then you wonder why Africans don’t progress!
      A thug for a minister you make this character a policy maker?
      What do you expect he is a VIP – Vipuba Ivi Pano!

  1. I served with her on the Mwanakatwe Constitution Review Commission and was an ardent supporter of entrenchment of sustainable environmental management in the constitution.

    I would have been shocked if were to support mining in her chiefdom which is predominantly one the few remaining sensitive ecological sanctuaries of Zambia.

    Bravo Your Royal Highness. Keep it up! Hopefully your subjects will not be swayed by few pieces of silver…

  2. Emeralds have been mined in Chief Nkana since 1971 but there’s still a gravel road and the Chief lives in a dilapidated palace. You can’t trust Govt, I’m sure you still remember the diesel from grass fraud in John Smith swindled us emeralds. Please don’t change your stance my Royal Highness. We’re dealing with cold-blooded crooks

  3. You know something there in Kalaba’s statement on the mining in the Lower Zambezi made curious listening. That weighing between the ZEMA report and the “people” and “stakeholders” would be interesting to delve into. It might even turn out bamene bakana manje were part of the “people” and “stakeholders” at the time. Awe shuwa. Pa Zed cabe ni dununa reverse all the way.


    To me, Leadership is not about the next election but the next generation.

    With some debate, some writers have attributed the British Statesman Winston Churchill to the following words: “What is the use of living, if it be not to strive for noble causes and to make this muddled world a better place for those who will live in it after we are gone?”

    It occurred to me that the task for each one of us is to find a cause – not for self gratification or glory – but for national good, even after we are gone. It is this realization that has formented my belief in what I said on 18th September 2015 that:

    “At the stroke of midnight on 24th October, 2064, Zambia should awaken to one undeniable truth and reality: that ours was a generation of…

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