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Speaker of the National Assembly suspends Garry Nkombo

Headlines Speaker of the National Assembly suspends Garry Nkombo

UPND Elections Chairperson Garry Nkombo
UPND Elections Chairperson Garry Nkombo

Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini has suspended Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo for ten days for disrespectful conduct towards first deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Catherine Namugala on Thursday September 19, 2019

Delivering his ruling, Dr. Matibini stated that he declined the recommendations of the committee to formally warn Mr. Nkombo bearing in mind the precedent set in the Chilangwa case where Geofrey Lungwangwa complained that he had disrespected a presiding officer.

Dr Matibini further said the committee recommendations do not set precedence saying the committee should have referred to the speakers ruling in the Chilangwa case because he declined their proposal and suspended him for seven days.

He said Mr. Nkombo openly disregarded the first deputy speaker’s guidance on his request to be reinstated on the list of members to debate and directly engaged her on the floor of the house.

Dr. Matibini adds that the opposition UPND MP further decided to disregard Ms. Namugala’s order to leave the house by going around the house instead of using the nearest exit point.

The Speaker said he will not tolerate gross indiscipline and misconduct from any member saying the decorum of the house must always be protected and preserved.

He told Mr. Nkombo that ordinarily his conduct would have attracted a more severe punishment, but he was lenient because he expressed remorse for his conduct.

Dr. Matibini informed Mr. Nkombo that during the suspension period he will not be paid his salary or allowance, will not have access to precincts of the National Assembly Motel adding that he should not conduct any business as a member of parliament.

The ruling came after a letter of complaint from government Chief Whip Brian Mundubile over the disrespectful conduct by Mr. Nkombo on the floor of the house.

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    • Does freedom of expression include bad behavior?? Speaker is head of Legislature and thus will discipline the lawmakers.

    • Quote :will not have access to precincts of the National Assembly Motel adding that he should not conduct any business as a member of parliament”

      The last part of this punishment has taken me back to NDF and how some supposedly “patriotic citizens” cried foul, that they had been denied representation because of non participation by their MPs., how I wish those “patriotic citizens” can come back and cry foul to the almighty speaker, because when an is told not conduct any business as an MP, will that not lead to non representation.

    • Nkombo and the upndeads are puffing on lye.
      Typical of the lawlessness hovering around the core of the upndead regime. These people are bitter and their bitterness often misconstrue evil behavior for freedom.
      Quacks often get outa control. The misbehavior of Nkombo in parliament is appaling lately reminiscent of lack of leadership in the deads camp. One wonders if they are puffing alot of weed. These nincompoops can’t form Government.
      From document forgery to disrespecting the Parley leadership.
      Thanks for putting this fellow to check.

    • This is all an evil scheme by PF to push through the evil bill 10. Thorn in the Flesh we know you are a PF cadre paid to spread your tribalist hatred. From the time I started following your comments, I have never read you post any advise or ideas of how we can unite our country and develop it.

      Pa ma fi have failed!!!

    • Thorn….

      “….These people are bitter and their bitterness ….”

      Hehehehe thorn , bitter for what ???

      We are laughing and enjoying how you are destroying the country ….

      Hehehehehe……. it is amusing seeing lungu and hisPF rats palapataring like fish out of wata ….

    • Solution for Zambia problems lies in electing strong leader at helm of affairs. Dr. Fred M’membe is the best aspirant to nip the corrupts and their capitalistic cronies in the jail bud

    • @1.7 and 1.8

      The Ghost of Patrice Lumumba and Spaka.

      Gimme anything but upndead damn it, anything but the deads.

      I have never been a UPNDEAD surrogate or supporter or sympathizer or what have you since SAKI was infamously dribbled on a tribal card.

      I know that with the passage of time, the deads as we know them will vanish in thin air.
      Oooh! God knows I don’t like tribalists.
      To test the waters I must go the deads stronghold SP in my tribe, be able to stand for a political position and emerge vistorious as an MP to make me change my mind.

  1. This wont dent Gary Nkombo in any way.He is an elected UPND member of parliament who can win the Mazabuka Central seat with his eyes closed.
    On the other hand Matibini and Namugala are mare appointees or nominees.They don’t have any political standing among the Zambian electorates.

    • Namugala was Mafinga mp twice, if I am not mistaken. She doesn’t need to be compared with Gary, in fact she stepped up from mere mp, to ministerial position in MND to deputy speaker. Gary?? Perpetual bantustan mp from 2006. 2021?? Still bantustan mp….

    • Haha, listen to real debates
      EFF leader Julius Malema has launched a scathing attack on President Cyril Ramaphosa, asking what former president Nelson Mandela saw in him “that we don’t see”.
      In a hard-hitting speech in parliament during the debate on Ramaphosa’s state of the nation address (Sona) last week, Malema said there was nothing to debate as the president had presented no new ideas on tackling socioeconomic problems.

    • Document forgery and illicit behavior in the organ of Government can only be supported by low lives.

      A lawmaker is supposed to observe discipline for God’s sakes.
      He is supposed to be the custodian of the rule of law, standards, guidelines and procedures.
      He is a lawmaker for God’s sake.

  2. They are scared of my brother. He is fearless and made them shake. This is the calibre of debate required from members of the house not those dull pf cadres who fail to articulate a simple sentence on behalf of their constituents. We know of many of them who have never said a single word in parliament since 2011. Garry is shaking the status quo and they are now scared. We thank you Garry. My whlte wlfe was shocked to watch video of a pf member on the floor of the house who was asked about the hunger situation and failed to answer. The video has been circulating. Very sad. And you wonder why I went for a European woman

  3. Process of making informed decision,…,see, judge,….,I see some illiterate people from Facebook have come here with there uneducated guesses and are saying there is no freedom of expression in Zambia,….The man misbehaved. ( l watch parliament tv almost all the time at work) I’m surprised it isn’t for a month or 2

    • having TV in your office and having time to watch it is usually a preserve of
      1.Political appointees
      2. Military Commanders
      3. Police and prisons officials
      4, Very senior civil servants

      All the above mean you are close to the ruling party. and everything that comes with it

  4. This is a well calculated PF scheme to massage the numbers in Parliament and sneak in Bill 10!
    This is not a Garry Nkombo or UPND matter! The contents of Bill 10 are Grenades which if passed will hurt the ordinary Zambian. Bill 10 success will be the beginning of Constitutional PF Dictatorship in Zambia and the death of the Kwacha because of the clause that removes Bank of Zambia and Parliament oversight on debt contraction. PF will have the freedom to borrow as they wish and print as much kwacha as they wish! We need the discernment and wisdom to be able to look through these evil PF schemes!

    • Typical upnd scaremongering. A tonga or lozi would believe such [email protected] religiously without even reading bill 10. That’s why upnd are failing to contribute anything in parliament because when they convene, they plan only how to disrupt due processes rather than analyse what’s on the table. This party is a curse to our democracy.

    • With or without bill no 10. The country is already hurting and has gone down in all aspects. I am sure my 2 cadre friends thorn and citizen agree on this one because probably they are also sitting in the dark and typing. Ha ha.

    • Zambian citizen…..

      ……and a bemba would support anything as long as it involves looting and licking the boots of easterners … .

  5. Ati custodian…..

    These are the speakers who allow assults and beating of Mps on parliament grounds like how CK was beaten with no action taken….Ati custodian of displine ?

  6. This Matibini is useless, trying to appear tough when he cannot even discipline a mere PF cadre, anyway that position is not going to last long, we are going to take care of him once he leaves. He is also going to cry foul, PF have personalized our institutions like it’s there, why act so bad towards a fellow citizen, you ugly face

  7. Whether he is in the house or not, how does it help any ordinary Zambian who has continued suffering from the current economic malaise?

  8. Décorum in debating, in the house in conduct towards other MPs no matter how infuriated you are is cardinal. I can hope Garry takes these ten days to reflect on his conduct and question what legacy he wishes his children to follow should one of them follow his path. Indeed as a qualified secondary school teacher he understands the concept of self discipline.

  9. Opposition MPs who have been the voice for the oppressed voiceless, remain vigilant and avoid playing into the hands of chaps who don’t mean well for this country! They are only concerned about their own political survival especially with the mess they have put Zambia into! They scheme is clear. They will try all tricks in the book to provoke you and cause you to fumble and get suspended to create opportunities for themselves! Don’t fall into their dirty trap!

  10. Zambia is in a hurry to development and that the current government is trying by all means to make it happened, So far so good that the rains have come it is our time to focus on planting maize at the farms, no wasting time on social media let us work. God has given us land, air, energy, and free rains.

  11. Bad disrespectful behavior should not be defended. I watched the video of the concerned incident, it’s clear it happened because it was a woman presiding and not Mr Matibini. It should have been a month suspension and not 10 days.

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