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Sinjela walks to freedom after 327 days in prison

General News Sinjela walks to freedom after 327 days in prison

Rainbow Newspaper Editor Derrick Sinjela has been released from prison after 327 days in detention.

Sinjela was sentenced to 18 months in prison for contempt of court last December.

To celebrate his 63rd birthday, President Edgar Lungu pardoned Sinjela and three other convicts yesterday.

Sinjela’s family who had been waiting around Chimbokaila Correctional Facility in Lusaka since Tuesday morning only saw him walk free around 17:30 Hours.

Sinjela appeared from behind the massive green prison gate clad a red MISA t-shirt spotting a thick black and grey beard.

Upon release, Sinjela was quickly whisked away in a waiting vehicle to avoid the waiting cameras at the instigation prison officials who did not want photos to be taken.

Sinjela’s wife was on hand to welcome her husband back to freedom.

Former Mines Minister Maxwell Mwale was released from the same facility on Tuesday also on Presidential pardon.

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    • Don’t take your freedom for granted fellow readers. Today it’s me tomorrow it’s you, be respectful in what you say even if you are critical.

  1. Welcome back Sinjela, I urge you to be strong, we are in a country where Suppression of people views is deemed as a strength by the oppressors, however, God is always on the side of the suppressed, What you went through was but a cloud that has actually opened your doors to leadership, When that time comes which is very soon, please lead by example since you were at the bitter end of the oppressors sword, I welcome you back to this battle which is not yet over.

  2. Mucenjele baba. Please respect the law; stay away from fake news and sensation and rise above this to become one of our best journalists yet! Welcome back!

  3. He needs a lot of support. Most of our journalists survive on a shoestring budget. Some don’t even have salaries. I doubt if at all he left anything for the family and most homes collapse when the breadwinner is away. We must help him start afresh, and he shouldn’t listen to gossip, especially from his sisters

  4. Zambia is in a hurry to development and that the current government is trying by all means to make it happened, So far so good that the rains have come it is our time to focus on planting maize at the farms, no wasting time on social media let us work. God has given us land, air, energy, and free rains.

  5. You should avoid a Zambian jail at all costs it is nasty in there believe me. You are not the same when you come out although to be President of Zambia you have to spend some time inside. HH has already spent time inside so he is ready to rule now.

    • We have been told that some Senior Chief who is good at chemicals used to smuggle him out, so he never slept in his cell.

  6. HH spent his time in there and he is no longer the same man we knew. Before jail he was the right man to be the president. After jail he behaves strangely and cannot be entrusted with the instruments of power. These jails can really change someones personalities/

  7. W`ll come back Mr.Kalemba. now that our God has given you back your freedom try to use it wisely and please have friends who are builders (abakwanta amano) don`t follow blindly, open your eyes and stay focused,change your mind set and appreciate the government of today.stay cool

  8. Bravo Ba President ….able to pardon, NOT hh who failed to forgive his blood brother after a cow when missing hh is a heartless man. Iam telling you the truth.

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