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Why I think HH is dancing the PF Dununa Reverse on Homosexuality

ColumnsWhy I think HH is dancing the PF Dununa Reverse on Homosexuality

If you thought the homosexualization of HH and UPND is a done deal, think twice. The PF has found a rare window of opportunity to distract us from the economic woes and corruption that characterize the Lungu regime—simply link HH and UPND to the sexual rights movement. (Dis)hon. Tutwa Ngulube’s recent screed that Africa Liberal Network (ALN) advocates “rights of homosexuals, Satanism, gays and lesbians both in Zambia and globally,” and Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba’s recent article, “Rights to Abortion and Gay Rights threaten to overshadow Biggest Population Conference in Africa” are part of this dreadful agenda.

I hardly pay attention to Tutwa’s childlike arguments—he is simply unteachable, and a shameless PF cadre who parades his witlessness before his god, President Lungu. As for ambassador Mwamba, he needs well-versed ghost writers on African reproductive rights. The July 11, 2003 “Protocol to the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa” of the African Union endorses abortion rights. Sadly, Mwamba audaciously stalked the U.S Right and Trump worshipers’ talking points—thus associating “abortion rights and; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQ) rights.” I have many reasons to believe Mwamba is simply a pseudo author—his uninformed argument on Comprehensive Sexuality Education, LGBTQI, and abortion rights is made in the USA.

Unfortunately, the PF agenda of homosexualizing the 2021 elections is dangerous to sexual and gender minorities. By pairing LGBTQI persons with Satanists, for example, politicians are imprudently inciting violence against fellow Zambians. Is it not time that we debated real issues the nation faces? Gays or no gays, our nation is bleeding from visionless leadership. Besides, the relationship between homosexuality, poverty and corruption does not exists save in our “self-righteous” psyche. In our holiness, gays are to blame for blackouts, starvation, corruption, violence and lawlessness!

It is immoral and unchristian for politicians to play politics with human life. It is not Lungu or HH who will die from this hateful and toxic environment, but ordinary citizens. 2021 will come and go, but the seeds of hatred will remain in people’s hearts. Gay persons are humans and there is no gay blood or straight blood–but human blood. Of course, we rob gays of their humanity to justify their annihilation.

PF knows that the lie told hundred times becomes the truth–and so it will sing this homosexual hymn until election day. HH’s uniformed strategy is denying this link. Unmistakably, this strategy is inapt. To argue that HH is a Christian, and like my friend Kennedy Kazeza (potential 2021 UPND Parliamentary candidate) is a Seventh Day Adventist, thus he does not support gay rights only exaggerates PF attacks. PF knows that HH is highly susceptible on this issue. Sadly, neither HH nor his supporters have a conclusive response. In fact, the more HH distances himself from the gay community, the more the PF will bring new false accusations. The goal; to keep this issue alive in the electorate mind.

HH’s strategic rejoinder should be simple. Unlike Lungu, HH should argue, he will be the president of all Zambians. He must enlighten ordinary Zambians on the meaning of LGBTI—stalwartly focusing on T and I. “T” stands for Transgender–people like South African Caster Semenya, while “I”, stands for Intersex–persons born with both genitals (male and female). Propitiously, medical records exist to the same and many Zambians know of these cases. So HH should challenge the PF as to whether intersex and transgender persons deserve state protection.

The High Court of our Christian Nation under president, bishop and God fearing Edgar C. Lungu has ruled on this matter, something both Tutwa and Mwamba are either awfully ignorant of, or afraid to say aloud. On November 8, 2017, High Court Judge Betty Majula Mung’omba’s ruled in favor of intersex Hellen Sindaba to change his name to Rick Sindaba Nkuba and ordered the Registrar General of Births and Deaths and the Examination Council of Zambia to change birth records and certificates to reflect his new name. That Lungu’s government did not appeal the ruling explicitly confirm the fact that intersex persons are protected under the law of Zambia.

The UPND has employed the argument about the United Nations’ support for gay rights in its attempts to justify its association with the Africa Liberal Network. But the most convincing position, I think, is using cases of Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, Mozambique, Angola, and the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights positions and court rulings in Africa on LGBTI rights issues.

“One Zambia, One Nation” is an ideal that we must all treasure. Sexual orientation or gender identity does not qualify or disqualify one from being Zambian—rather we are all Zambians made in the image of God.

I await your insults.

Rev. Kapya Kaoma


  1. We are faced with numerous problems such 15 to 18 hrs load shedding, unemployment, cadre violence and extortion in markets and bus stations, unsustainable debt, hunger, institutionalised corruption etc. Why then should we be so preoccupied with homosexuality? Voetsek!! Shaa!!

    • As if being tribal is not enough.
      This masquerade must hang the preacher’s collar. Some clergy in the West have been found wanting sodomizing and pedophiling. We care not surprised with Kapya. Kapya, how many dudes have your wired, so far?

      Anyways it is written.

      But in Zambia, it’s political suiside for a political entity to associate with gays and ALN in the open and be proud of it. Even when you hide this topic of gays and lesbians is not only alien to us but taboo.
      When other countries transform to gayism Zambia will remain heterosexual.
      Like the ka comment above, lets suspend this gay talk for now.
      I thank you.

    • Hypocrite Rev Kapya Kaoma you seem to be living a very miserable and stinking life…..aren’t you surprised that you the only Makaka still talking about homosexuality…what is wrong with you Pompwe iwe….no wonder we don’t develop because if useless moroooons like you….get a real Job stop writing nonsensical articles on Lusaka Times….People are talking about the rains and 15 hrs load shedding and you still talking about your makaka nonsense..go find someone to screeeew your behind if that will make you feel good

    • We are very petty and somewhat dull in Zambia, why are we focussing our energy on guy people when corruption is becoming the core currency in every government deal? Let us use the same energy to fight corruption.

      The economy is going down and we are busy discussing gay people.

      Mothers are sleeping in schools to enrol children for grade 1 and our leaders are talking about gay people.

      People are going for days without electricity and the focus is on gay people

      Oh, by the way, the Kwacha is at 1USD=K14.1…. We dont care about this because we are christians and we dont want gay people.

      I personally would not mind having a gay president who will improve the economy than having a lazy visionless christian president.

    • “Corruption” tag on the President is a myth! The most corrupt person, in my view is the BOY. Now that we know he is a supporter of sex HAGAINST the Horder of Nature he has confirmed what we all have known about one Satanist boy.

  2. Self appointed “reverend” (LOL), you are thinking that way because you are shameless Christian hypocritical parasite.
    By the way, this is not insult, actually calling you “christian hypocritical parasite” sums-up your “moral achievements”.

  3. As soon as the Anglicans in the West realized there was a flaw in the way they had been treating LGBTQs the African adopters of Christianity cried foul and threatened to secede. As soon as the British Law changed to recognize minority rights, the African Political adopters cried foul and slammed their doors shut on that ideology while keeping their begging bowls visibly available for collections. We adopt, and own, without understanding. When we are called to account, we become dogmatic. That is the African adopter for you.

    • Can you shut down the begging mentality.
      You were created in the same image as chocholis, buga, nsamwa, umulungwana and what have you.
      Stop tying the so called aid or donation or the bowl to homosexuality and the likes.
      In the first place you should stop this donation thing.
      I hate donations! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrh.
      You sound like ” sleep with your fellow man, I will give you a Mercedes”.
      Some stup1d white niggaz made our gals have s3x with dogs. The lunacy starts from you dipping where you ain’t suppose to. Then when you are fed with man, you will start advocating for s3x dolls in the name of rights. Umungulu wekaweka.

  4. Kapya what sort of a Priest are you?
    You are supporting anal operations at the expense of pleasing your financiers.
    Ifyakunuma uko kwine ku UPND. Dog culture Uko. Animal analysis uko.

    Unfortunately for these thieving P.F Goons, such arguments are INEPT as they WON’T SOLVE loadshedding, hunger, despair, Ancient Fire engines scandal, [email protected] Wayaya -ex advisor Money laundering scandal, Black Lechwe issue, 2turdy [email protected], & a DAILY contracting economy, to mention a few hideous facts about P.F & [email protected]’z failure to Govern. P.F NI K.UNY4 BEBELE 2021.

  6. The best form of defense is aggression! Bwana HH, when PF accuses you of anything, don’t start explaining yourself to them. You don’t owe them any explanation! Why waste your precious time explaining yourself? By now, you should be sure of yourself and realize how dirty Zambian Politics is! You are surely economically intelligent but politically incompetent going by the strategic blunders you made like the appointments of Pilgrim and Grain Bag, let alone not holding intraparty elections to get the right team to help you! We know that PF thinks Zambians are $tupid and that they will believe every lie they say about you. PF will not give up power without a fight! Call for a Convention now! You need team approach to unseat PF! Good luck Zambians as you choose your misleaders in 2021!

  7. Each time the PF rats bring on gay rights ,

    the upnd should publish a list of comparisons of prices of basics of what PF found and what it is today including the debt…..

    Simple , job done,

    People will be more interested to see those price differences than talk about homos….

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  9. It is now funny and heartbreaking to see Men of God who should be at the centre of Peace Preaching and making known Truths to People being used in such a manner!

    Despite Gayism, Lesbianism, Trangender, Bisexual, Intersex etc being part of the Human Rights one thing we should not forget is that our country Zambia is a CHRISTIAN NATION hence we should not allow something not of God to be imposed on our Land all in the name of Human Rights.

    Whatever platforms we are given to adress people and the Nation lets use them wisely and Lets preach Peace and work together to build a better Zambia!

  10. it is very shameful for one to support gay and from the look of things the writer of this article is gay.Honestly with 5 senses you even write this useless article, I cant even finish reading cos it is a share waste of time.Go through your bible read it again and again,hear what it says on gay and homosexuality baba isoni ebuntu bantu.

  11. They can have more than what you have but still get intimidated and troubled whenever they see you.

    They’ll be angry at you for no reason, hate you for no reason, controversial and INSECURE for no reason..”Frustrated people”

    Trust me these are bitter and miserable unhealthy people…

    They’ll ever look unpleased with you and they will never appreciate or celebrate you no matter what.. The reason is simple.. say no to gayism….

    What eats them up is how you are just at peace and admirably More Happy than them even in your “little”

    Your peace and Happiness torments their demons so Don’t mind them .. Stay focused and Keep on glowing .. Some people just have ISSUES

  12. Zambia is a joke of a Christian nation with bars at every corner. Loud music you can’t even sleep, corruption high, immorality high. Stop pretending you’re Christians also consider what jesus would do, he surely won’t be there trying to act super righteous because the truth is everyone is a sinner so let’s not have these sinner politicians divide us. It takes a gay person to know one so if pf claim one is gay they must be very gay themselves to know so much about it.

  13. He must enlighten ordinary Zambians on the meaning of LGBTI—stalwartly focusing on T and I.

    Intersex people should not be included in the LGBTQZ, they have a biological claim that is and can be substantiated. They other clowns just yap, like this REV that wrote this nonsensical article. No one was talking about this topic, absolutely no one. He just had to bring it back to the foray.

  14. LGBTQI…what’s that? Sounds like rocket science to an average Zambian. If one is not a Q they may probably be a T, check the log in your eye, lol

  15. the fact that the so called Rev nanikane is hiding in the name of LGBTQ are humans too, lives little to be desired. he wants to argue on parallel points contrary to what the bible says, he is failing to point out that according to scripture marriage is between husband and wife not husband and husband, he is failing to outline the fact that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of such acts of men sleeping with fellow men, its a shame to have money loving Rev supporting immoral acts as if they will live forever. should I insult this man? I think not, I will only be giving him what he wants.

    I’m breaker

  16. the fact that the so called Rev nanikane is hiding in the name of [email protected] are humans too, lives little to be desired. he wants to argue on parallel points contrary to what the bible says, he is failing to point out that according to scripture marriage is between husband and wife not husband and husband, he is failing to outline the fact that God destroyed Sodommm and Gomorrahhh because of such acts of men sleepiiing with fellow men, its a shame to have money lovinng Rev supporting immmmoral acts attempting to justify ungggodly behavior as if the Rev will live forever. should I inssult this man? I think not, I will only be giving him what he wants, deep inside he knows how fooooolish he sounds

    I’m breaker, I’m transcendent and I approve this message

  17. The Only way for UPND to rest this case, is to disassociate with African Liberal Network. Homosexuality is taboo in African culture and against the tenets of Christianity. The Reverend so called, an hypocrite is leading people to worshiping of DEMONS and SATANISM through GAY

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