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The Calculus On Us$27 Million Per Month Importation Of Power From South Africa Is Not Adding Up

Headlines The Calculus On Us$27 Million Per Month Importation Of Power From South...

Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba
Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba

By Peter Sinkamba

The calculus on the importation of power from ESKOM South Africa, where the Zambian Government is spending US$27million per month, starting this month, is not adding up. Here is why:

Two months ago, ZESCO announced that it was increasing the hours for power rationing due to continued decrease of water levels in the country’s hydro power plants. The firm increased hours for power cut from 6 to 8 hours for all industrial and commercial customers.

According to ZESCO notice, a continued decline in water levels in Kariba Dam resulted in the country experiencing a power deficit of about 700 megawatts from the initial 273 megawatts which was reported in June.

Last week, ZESCO once again notified the public further reduction of power generation at main power stations, namely Kariba, Kafue George and Ithezi thezi. According to ZESCO, the state of affairs has significantly reduced with power deficit to 872 megawatts. Furthermore, Zesco announced longer load shedding periods of more than 15 hours per day.

ZESCO and Government are currently making arrangements to start importing electricity from ESCOM South Africa so as to cushion the power deficit. Finance Minister Dr Bwalya Ngandu told journalists at State House on Thursday last week that Government had met the obligation of importing power from ESKOM. Government says it has since paid for one month for importation of power from ESKOM. The cost is pegged at US$27 million for 300 megawatts per month.

Now, look at this calculus: In June, power deficit was 273 megawatts, and the load shedding hours were 4 hours. In September, power deficit increased to 700 megawatts, and loading shedding hours increased to more than 15 hours per day. When this deal takes off in two days’ time, the power deficit will be reduced from 872 megawatts to 572 megawatts. However, Government says the importation will reduce load shedding by only 2 hours! This mean load shedding will remain at more than 13 hours per day.

The calculus is not adding up here. Check this out:

If 273 = 4

700 = 8

872 = 15

572 =?

Based on ZESCO’s figures published since June this year, as the worst case scenario, the importation of 300 megawatts must reduce load shedding to maximum of 6 hours. In other words, the deal should reduce load shedding from the current more than 15 hours to maximum 6 hour per day.

So, going by ZESCO and Government own pronouncements, and statistics, something fishy is cooking here!


    • Kekekeke Sinkamba alatekunya mudala.
      Imwe why bother numbers for PF. Those suckers don’t know nothing on numbers.
      Some PooF just said Zambia can qualify to Africa cup despite losing 7-1 in one week!! The calculus don’t add up.

    • Every transaction by the PF is laced with huge kickbacks. 90% of most contract valuations goes to kickbacks. Euro bonds have vanished in thin air prompting the IMF to stop lending to our corrupt leaders.

    • Thanks PS. These are some of the questions the alleged ‘honourable’ MPs are supposed to have been raising in parliament.

      Why can’t GRZ spend this money on Chishimba falls for example (Rehabilitation).There is a lot of water in Northern Province.

      In addition, GRZ should invest more in water infrastructure for example, a new power plant in Kabompo and another one in Kalabo or Sesheke as opposed to importation of electricity.

      Why can’t GRZ invest in nuclear energy with uranium at its door steps in Siavonga?

    • Sharon
      Just keep quiet if you are not feeling the blows like we do. Fast as much as you can, pray, bind demons day in day out if you are one of the sponsored failures abroad because the day of reckoning is ever drawing nearer for PF. Your party is well depicted in animal farm, few enjoying at the expense of many but days are numbered. The people that you lied to about employment are coming for You, the people that lost employment or businesses are coming for you, farmers you poorly treated are coming for you, pupils you have failed at universities, parents who lost someone due to lack of medicine are coming too, government workers will be on you too, pensioners whose money you have misused are coming as well. While you have put this misery on them you had the audacity to increase…

    • Allow Zesco to respond to this analysis from Dobo Man.
      He is making mathematical and logical sense.
      I am sure Zesco has an explanation to this. I too head the Nkhuwa guy talk like that.

      I was looking for an opportunity not to allow Zesco to import so that we as a country were made to come out’a comfort zone. A country, full of potential and means, importing power?
      I am amaulesi on this. I am not a happy man energy-wise in this country. The failure requires some chaps to resign on moral grounds.

    • Tell that pf cadre Lusambo ati there is no load shedding in Botswana. Elo, Botswana being a semi desert, was even badly hit with drought but food and electricity prices have not gone up
      Where there is no vision people live in darkness.

  1. It won’t reduce for everybody just critical services and industry. What we are paying SA is actually at a loss to the country because we are buying electricity at 18 cents per KWH and selling to the public at 0.06 cents per KWH. So there’s no incentive in reducing load shedding for everybody it’s just too expensive. If I’m to take a guess they have waited this long to conclude deal in time of onset of rains, I think that they are importing power for a month because the Kariba dam levels would have improved at its end and generation will revert back to levels that make import it unnecessary. Unless Zambia increases tariffs on electricity by at least 200% there will be minimal investment in the sector by the private sector even government. Increased investment will bring costs down in…

    • @2 halsy,NO AMOUNT OF TARIFF INCREAMENT WILL SAVE US FROM ELECTRICITY BLUES AS LONG WE HAVE AN INEPT CORRUPT GOVT.They had already increased tariffs by 75% and assured us of an to loadshedding only to learn lately that Maamba and other Private power producers have not been paid for some time meanwhile consumers pre-pay at high tariffs!! WHERE DID THE MONEY GO? HIGH TARIFFS MEAN MORE MONEY IN PF CADRES’ POCKETS!!..not really progress for Zambians!!

  2. Kekekeke Sinkamba alatekunya mudala.
    Imwe why bother numbers for PF. Those fuukers don’t know nothing on numbers.
    Some PooF just said Zambia can qualify to Africa cup despite losing 7-1 in one week!! The calculus don’t add up.

    • As usual, the thieving mother f*ckers have inflated the prices on this, someone is eating nicely on this deal, I am sure scatter teeth is involved, the ka useless worst president in the world, the chap is not man enough, he is just some [email protected] who is busy stealing at will from the Zambian people… the chap is a tosser

  3. Even Lusaka times has stopped blocking me and deleting my comments. The wind of change is being felt. Don’t worry you Lusaka times minions we will employ you. You are still zambian even though you were biased against us upnd. We will ensure that you change for the better and are independent and fair in your reporting. Good evening zambians

  4. Power Failure (PF) at all levels!
    Please follow Sondashi advice and save face while you can. Failure is written all over your faces! This is what stolen election does! You rush for things you know you can’t manage. Someone can’t even be fired for the many misdemeanors for fear they will spill the beans on what transpired at city airport! Mwa kangiwa! Mwakankarwa! You have lamentably failed! If Zambians give these chaps another mandate, I am out of this miserable country!

  5. Up and Down party will never form govt no matter your usual propaganda on almost all social media platforms. PF still remains the Zambian party of choice in 2021 and beyond.

    • That’s exactly what nyama soya said just before he was forced to stand down and cried like the monkey that peed on him . Kanitundila kikiki you will cry mate

  6. The statement was made at the table not by small guys who understand the whole package. If ZESCCO with all the cream of engineers and accountants can not give top Management accurate information to the govt. There is then much to be desired.

  7. If we are struggling to raise 27million dollars for one month how can we raise for three months?
    Find llong term solution to this problem.

  8. Kagame was able to put up a $23 million solar facility which we are told is benefiting 8,500 houses. Why for starters can we not embark on similar projects instead of wasting money. We need a long term solution to this nonsense or do I suspect that the PF is busy mobilizing money for their campaigns?

  9. Hard work brings more wealth in the family, folding arms and waiting for someone to do it for you brings hunger, poverty, frustrations and shame in the family. Talking will not bring food on your table, as empty buckets makes alot of noise. Stay focus and teach your children and your family how to work hard in life. Successful people are always ahead of time, they believe that time is money. You can think of changing the government or the President today, still if you’re not focused and beliving in yourself you will remain behide as your friends progresses.

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