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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Chilubi PF MP Rosario Fundanga has died.

Headlines Chilubi PF MP Rosario Fundanga has died.

Chilubi and Kasama Members of Parliament Rosaria Fundanga and Kelvin Sampa
Chilubi and Kasama Members of Parliament Rosaria Fundanga and Kelvin Sampa

Chilubi Patriotic Front Member of Parliament Rosario Fundanga has died.

Mrs Fundanga died today and becomes the second female Member of Parliament to die this year after Patricia Mwashingwere of the UPND in Katuba Constituency.

Speaker of the national Assembly Patrick Matibini announced the death of Mrs Fundanga in Parliament this afternoon.

Mrs Fundanga, a development Expert was elected Member of Parliament on the Patriotic Front Ticket in the 2016 General elections.

Dr Matibini said other details concerning her death will be communicated in due course and Vice President Inonge Wina will move a motion to place on record the house’s condolences on the death of the MP.

And PF Media Director Antonio Mwanza posted on facebook that Mrs Fundanga collapsed at home this morning.


    • Absolutely sad news. A voice of reason, tolerance and moderation on the PF backbench has been permanently silenced. The unacceptable faces remain to cause more trouble, division and embarrassment.

    • PF through Antonio Mwanza shares that the MP collapsed in her home and could be as a result of something to do with the heart and BP aka “silent killer.” This is all about failure in health services for some diseases only require regular monitoring/screening and knowledge provided by health professionals on how to self manage as an out patient. She may not have been loud mouthed in parliament but among the few educated well grounded parliamentarian a loss that has robbed the caliber and enlightened level of representatives needed in the modern day Zambian parliament. MHSRIP.

    • Useless comment…Keep on dreaming unless the constituency is in UPND area…Other provinces will vote according to what you have taught them…MHSRIP

    • Fundanga’s body is still warm and you are already talking about about grabbing her seat. Be human and send condolences before waffling

  1. Very sad indeed!!May her soul rest in peace!!
    Now lets see if UPND/NDC pact can defeat PF in Chilubi-Northern province during a by election.If not,then let them shut it and stop making noise about 2021 general elections.Recall,UPND has never won in such areas since 1998 when it was formed.Before Mr Sata won in 2011,his PF grabbed a seat from MMD in Mpulungu,Kasama central,etc during by elections.At that time,Northern was MMD’s stronghold.Therefore,it’s high time UPND/NDC,DC,whatever parties in opposition started grabbing seats from PF to signal the wind of change,Failure to achieve that then our opposition parties will kiss the dust even in 2021 because elections are not won by talking too much via the media or by dreaming in Lusaka but by winning these kind of by elections which lead…

  2. She’s my auntie from Luapula. Cabipa saana! I am sad. Please good Lord preserve Luapula people. We are a heart beat of this nation. I look forward to seeing you again as stated forth in the Bible book of John 5:28.

    • Seeing her again? Are you out of your mind. You will never see your auntie again. If you did not have time for her while she was alive, then you are useless. When we die as human beings that is that, there is no 2 ways about this. You should have been there for her while she was alive. Mind you there is no place like heaven or hell. Truth be told, that is just the way it is

      It is for this reason we should love one another while we are alive. Take it or leave it fact is it is the truth

    • Iwe ka lukanga ulishani? Have you found a wlfe yet? Abasungu fulu stop dreaming about mavuto who you left in Zambia and are sending euros to. Someone else is riding her

    • @Lukanga Kafusha Justice
      Ba Lukanga Kafusha read the Bible. I believe in resurrection. I will die and I will be resurrected along with my auntie, and will see each other again. All our beloved who have died will come back to life! What beautiful hope!

  3. And you can’t mention if Madam had any relationship with the former finance minister? Ba reporter…! Why race against your readers’ curiosities?

    • How much stolen money has she left behind? PF corrupt members. RIP madam and may God shine a light on your loved ones left behind

  4. Condolences to the Fundanga family. May God Himself, the Alpha and Omega of life console you all during this trying moment. May Her Soul Rest In Peace

  5. There is life after death.When Jesus comes,the dead in Christ will raise first.Right now the soul has returned to the owner and the body will go to dust.

    • There will be a by-election to test popularity of UPND against PF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Other parties stay away to avoid wasting of your resources…………………………..

  6. A death of someone should be respected by everyone. Have you ever blamed the Government or its opposition for any death of your loved one? Do not politicize this. Our heartful condolences to her Family, Friends and Followers. MHSRIEP.

  7. Nostradamus, Are you normal? no person should wish death upon someone no matter the circumstances beyond their mistries.
    Death is painful. You should reverse your words, who do you think you are to say that, are you God?.change your thinking and ask God to forgive you am certain that its not political but personal. Above everything, may her soul rest internal peace.

  8. Kubeja Badala Bru I want to tell you the truth how many people died through PF cadres? But just because she was a mp then she is special than any one ? No way ,it’s luck she died before we start arresting them.too bad she has with our money left for family

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