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Chingola residents alarmed at the over 100% increase in property rates

General News Chingola residents alarmed at the over 100% increase in property rates

Chingola town centre

Dear Editor,

Chingola residents have been notified that property rates are going to go up by over 100% effective 1st January, 2020. This is from our council that for years has not carried out any essential basic services like refuse disposal or providing clean water.How does the council justify these hikes when they don’t do anything for the town? All they do is collected rates. Many people are unemployed and even those employed are complaining that they can not afford these prices.

The council has said any objection should be accompanied by the latest surveyors evaluation of the property before 5th December. Mwe Bantu you need thousands of kwacha to engage a surveyor and nobody can afford that. This is very unfair. We appeal to the authorities to be considerate of the peoples plight.

By Chingola resident

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  1. Meanwhile electricity is also going to go up by 200%. Where does PF expect people to get money from? They are busy stealing and borrowing heavily and the citizens have to bear the burden!! Abash PF..we’ve had enough. Our football results reflect the state of our nations too. It’s time PF is shown a red card.They have failed to lead Zambia.

    • John , you started very well and then just messed up on the football results…awe lets be fair here,in as much as PF has failed this country lets not involve them on the failure by the so called pathetic zambia national team to qualify ku africon. Those boys are a useless bunch!

    • Football is the barometer for the resilience and hope of a nation. Those boys go back to their load shedded homes, their relatives are begging for money for BP medication because UTH doesn’t have…In conclusion they are too stressed as shown on the pitch. No motivation,no hope for tomorrow

    • These 1diots are trying to bring the same oppressive system that’s in the Western world. Collecting hefty property taxes and then misusing the funds. The economy in Zambia sucks. Many people have no jobs. How the heck do you expect them to raise money to pay for property taxes? Resist these bandits. Protest in the streets, as this money will just go into a few corrupt people’s large pockets. Zambia, currently being led by the most corrupt president in Africa, Lungu, is full of corrupt people using their public offices to enrich themselves. They cannot be trusted. So resist these bandits.

  2. Cry my beloved City Chingola. Anyway PF are fond of hiking everything, just look at the cost of living for an ordinary Zambia. It has quadrupled and people are suffering. That PF-run council is full of nonsense.

    • What do you expect from an indebted govt, they will milk you for all your money which they actually don’t pay in salaries, the ka useless president we lives on his own planet where everything is ok in his ka small dull brain… boot these thieving mother f*ckers out

  3. Bring down these old buildings and erect modern eco-friendly glass structures, Chingola city father’s take a walk and see what is happening in ngombe compound, Lusaka or we wait until your generation phases out.Seems you have eyes but can not see.

  4. Why are Chingola residents moaning???????????
    Te imwe’ who voted overwhelmingly for “PUTR!D F00LZ” aka P.F?
    You reap what you sow, so get on with it, mukose’, & take that green Chitenge with Corrupt incompetent [email protected]’z face, tie it pamusana bobe’ you Chingola residents, & sunsha musana mpaka ukontauke, whilst shouting DUNUNA, for you endorsed [email protected] twice NOT once!

    • Chingola people must not complain. People tried to reason with them that Lungu is a blind guide but they they went ahead and voted for him. As you make a bed, so you must lie.

  5. @6, great reminder
    and well put,…shallow easily duped people.
    very timely msg. I hope their eyes are now open enough for them to think long and hard when they are in the voting booth

  6. You are all responsible for this as zambians because you know what the PF is about, you yet a bribe from the PF & you all think the sun shines out of the PF A$$.
    Thank you ECL and PF for making us beggers again
    The rest of you who voted for PF put up or shut up

  7. Changing of Government will not be the best solution, first go to your personal future plan what have you done for your family? which will be remembered when you’re gone, live a legacy! and what have achieved that will be emulated by many, remember that government is you and needs you to work hard to put the food on your table. No one can come and put food on your table unless you work hard and look for it.

  8. Chingola lawmakers are a complete bunch of fools. People are tired of complaining, yet nothing gets done. Mulonga, Zesco, council are all run by incompetents. Dirty water, noisy bars in the township, dirty hospital, totally confused town center, the list goes on. The town center has been overtaken by kaponyas and the council want the motorist to pay parking levy when there is no where to park, only taxis and mini buses. AVIC have completed renovating the bus station, foolishly situated in town center, but operators dont want to relocate back. Meanwhile council sits idle looking by.

  9. Comment:It is crazy to think there has been a 100% improvement in Chingola over the last five years.If anything there has been a deterioration in services.Maybe it is fundraising to pay Avic for the roads!

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