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Information PS condemns German Ambassador to Zambia

Headlines Information PS condemns German Ambassador to Zambia

Information and Broadcasting Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo speaking at the official opening of the Media Self Regulation Insaka
Information and Broadcasting Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo speaking at the official opening of the Media Self Regulation Insaka

Government has condemned remarks by German Ambassador to Zambia, Ackim Burkart in which the diplomat questioned and commented on some internal affairs and issues bordering on Governance.

Information and Broadcasting Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo says the statement by the German Envoy is meant to incite Zambians to rise against Government.

Mr. Kasolo told Journalists that the statement is also a violation of diplomatic etiquette which requires that diplomats respect the sovereignty of the countries in which they serve.

The Permanent Secretary said Mr. Burkart should have used the right channel to engage Government if he had any issues of concern as opposed to a statement to the media.

Mr. Kasolosaid Government will now engage the German Diplomat over the matter and appropriate action will be taken after the meeting.

He said Government is sometimes taken aback at the tendency by some diplomats of painting Zambia’s issues darker, than their own issues back home.
Mr. Burkart is quoted in some sections of the media suggesting that there could be an uproar in Germany if the Head of State there questioned the judgement of the constitutional Court as was the case in Zambia.

The German diplomat had also commented on private housing projects in the Forest 27 land matters.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kasolo has called on Politicians to desist from politicizing the operations of the Independent Broadcasting Authority – IBA.
He is saddened that Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo attacked IBA Director General Josephine Mapoma over the suspension of the broadcasting Licence of Lutanda radio in Kasama recently.

Mr. Kasolo said the IBA took the right stance to suspend the Licence for going against the IBA Act.
He explained that Lutanda Radio was given a one-month suspension because it was a first offender and that the radio station management can appeal to the Ministry of Information if they are not happy.

Mr. Kasolo said it is sad that Mr. Nkombo went on to attack the IBA Director General without fully understanding the IBA Act.


  1. You are a bunch of thieves. I detect no lies in the Ambassadors statement. Zambia has a criminal, sectional and undemocratic government in power.

    • I hope your conscious Mr. PS is clear. Things are bad and if you don’t see them as we do, you are not worthy to be in Govt.

    • Actually PS this more the reason why they are developed and we remain behind. Its such attitude. So as long as our thinking is this warped, stop aspiring to be a rich country one day. Tiyeni tizinkala so chabe

    • Look at him so Foolish. You are a Permanent secretary (civil servant) and should pass No political statements or being Partisan. It is not your Job, Dora can talk because she is a politician not you Kasolo. Typical signs of corrupted minds. You should step down.

  2. The problem is you think what ever you say people should accept and agree with you, you don’t do the right things that’s why oppositions and other ambassadors blame you.they see things are going in wrong direction then you expect them say government is doing well foolish

  3. you want diplomats to follow rules and etiquette?
    start by doing the same, play by the rules and follow the laid down rules of operations and engagement as far as governance goes. you want them to not say anything when the violations are so visible even pk chishala would have seen
    you need to learn to listen to criticisms and look at the message and not the messenger
    the blatant abuses taking place can make even a mute person speak out
    stop this nonsense of intimidating anyone who criticizes you

  4. Give him another suitable topic to comment on.

    “So….Deutsche Bank is expected to crash soon…..what are your and your govts thoughts on it’s failures?”

  5. Nsoni ziliku kansi?!? Germans do not care what their government does! Everything there functions!
    He should have just shut up! Now we know that they have no shame when people point out the truth!

  6. This chap behaves like he’s the chief government spokesperson. Bwana you are just a civil servant in that ministry. Do not let power get to your head. The German ambassador was stating facts and it’s only due hard PF cadres who can get hurt with the truth. Keep to your lane beans PS

  7. What kind of diplomacy is that where you also first go to the press and make threats before you engage? Is that the right channel? I don’t see any difference here. PF is in its own world, I feel pity for professionals working under PF because it’s an embarrassment

    Folk like B0wman, chi K4!zer, Ch!mpy0ngo, Smiler Sik4zw3, [email protected] aka Kazoro, & indeed Drunk3n [email protected] himself DON’T give me hope Zambia will EVER recover soon under the stewardship of the above named G00n’z.
    Everything the German envoy said is “THE GOSPEL TRUTH”, & reflects exactly whats happening on the ground in this morally inept, corrupt, & bankrupt P.F ruled Zambia!

  9. OFF TOPIC (Did not know where to place this one)
    It is now rain season in Zambia. Did Government put measures in place to have markets and other Public places cleaned the past months so as to avoid the killer disease named Cholera? Will they do it after the outbreak and some people die like in the past??? I am curious

    • The Team ECL11 lost to Zimbabwe 1 – 2 at the Lusaka National Cholera Centre. When you look at how much was spent last time you would wonder why we have failed to pay the Chinese their money

    • We have a reactivate government unfortunately. They will wait until it kicks in, and then start panick cleaning and making new drains, even bringing in soldiers.
      Miles Sampa will of course be piggybacking and taking pictures to show he is working.
      Our government is reactive to nearly everything, and no long term solutions are offered.
      Added to that, it shouldn’t fall only to the government that people fail to pick their trash and dispose of it in a proper place like a trash bin for crying out loud.

  10. That’s the problem with PF! They want to be seen to react to everything thing! Bushe tamwaishiba quiet treatment? These are the people you owe the most money through Eurobonds. You told IMF not long ago to go to hell. How come you are still going back to them? When did telling the TRUTH become a crime in Zambia kanshi? You preach climate change and there you are cutting more trees. Do you really understand the importance of trees?

  11. The PS has lost it. The diplomat was putting things across the way he sees them. It was very constructive critism and the powers beshould have sat down and takes postmoterm. Zambians are more concerned with worse economic situation the country is going through. Political appointees don’t advise those in power properly they are to preserve and protect their jobs. I don’t see how the German ambasafor’s comments were going to incite Zambians to raise against the PF government when it is the Party of choice? These are the same things the President said in Eastern Province where those who are supposed to tell him the truth have been doing the opposite. Bane let us learn to be a listening government not just mere talking through deeds. Nothing truth is coming out among those that have shared…

  12. how can a beggar condemn its buyer? a buyer that has power to control you due to your chronic failures and begging

  13. The president and his spokesman were quiet were quiet on this matter, mainly because it is a non issue. Plus the land taken by Ministers and UPND characters in forest 27 is known to us all. This PS had to yap, some Zambians are funny kikikikiki.

  14. Don’t dilute the illegal land allocation in a once gazzeted land area, no UPND official has a share of land in that area.

  15. Dont be surprised. His job description is doctor of information, all discussions with diplomats should pass through his office so that only the praises come out to the public as “truth”.
    What is most surprising though is that when they were aspiring for power, they thrived and supported fake news and supported anything from diplomats which was in their favour. Just admit that it was inappropriate for EL to comment on the payback ruling.

    By the way I recall a large banner at Manda Hill bridge proclaiming that when PF comes to power there would be no more load shedding, what is the status today?

  16. “Just admit that it was inappropriate for EL to comment on the payback ruling.”
    That is the real issue, not the Ambassador’s comment which is just a consequence.

  17. It is clear that some European Ambassadors accredited to Zambia and some selected States in the SADC Region have a hard bone to chew as they discharge their un-diplomatic missions in Southern and Eastern Africa. For Zambians who judiciously worship the weird wisdom of some white people, take this message as you sip your beers: “WISDOM IS NEVER GENERATED UNDER THE TISSUES OF WHITE-SKINNED HUMANS. WISDOM IS A GOD-GIVEN TALENT GENERATED BY GREY MATTER OF THE BRAIN BY SANE HUMAN SPECIES CALLED HOMO SAPIENS”. Brilliant persons endowed with wisdom whom the World cherish to respect include: Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan and Barack Obama – Men whom some white racists dare NOT to mention.

    • You have spoken the gospel truth. That is also one of the Reasons the Romans and fake Jews of the time didn’t like Jesus. He was a black man pronouncing God’s message of salvation and that scared them. Westerners use cleverness and not wisdom. The faster Africa learns this, the better the continent shall develop, and more will survive heaven bound. Rome was an evil homosexuall place in those days. Zambians need to start reading history to have a chance to defeat the devil and his human representatives.

  18. Our Zambian leaders please! Take heed of what the German envoy is saying. He’s from the most developed economy in Europe. That’s we will forever remain backward. Someone from a very developed country is advising you on important issues but you are castigating him. The German envoy said the truth. Our leaders cannot just accept that they did something wrong and do not want to pay back but want others to pay for their wrongs. Double standards!

  19. Remarks made by German Ambassador to Zambia, Ackim Burkart and those previously expressed by former British High Commissioner to Zambia (+Malawi), are a revelation of evil motives of some Diplomats. This is a wake up call for African States to focus on development of agriculture, sustainable industries, the provision of fine education and health services. Such developmental goals will feed and clothe our peoples, improve their health status, offer good education, create job opportunities and many other human-based services. Hence, Ambassador Ackim Burkart should address his concerns on BREXIT saga and future of Europe in relations to the rest of the world.

  20. Yes condem what he says… But take the millions for aid they give you every year…
    What a banana republic. Brainless I… t.

  21. the Germany envoy has eyes to see and ears to hear what is happening in Zambia, so that the international community can see that whatever HH says about this government to the outside world is nothing but the truth.

  22. Two wrongs do not make a right. Attacking diplomats ‘blow by blow’ can be costly for young democracies like Zambia. Let us suppose that a Western diplomat expresses views critical of host Government activities, opinions, laws and policies in line with the diplomat’s national policy. In this case, there is no need to be defensive but to be brave enough to apologize for offending foreign taxpayers. These foreign taxpayers contribute to the development of poor countries. They deserve to be commended. It is true that development assistance and aid, loans and investments will be cut, reduced or suspended if the country chooses the route of impunity, reckless or irresponsible. The Constitutional Court must be respected by Government officials, including ministers and presidents. Where is the…

    • It is true that development assistance and aid, loans and investments will be cut, reduced or suspended if the country chooses the route of impunity, reckless or irresponsible. The Constitutional Court must be respected by Government officials, including ministers and presidents. Where is the problem kanshi?

  23. My fear with this crop of politicians is that they are looking at the dire scenario in Zimbabwe and imagining we are good to go even if we get to those extents. Bane let us wisen and shape up. Let’s do stuff FOR OURSELVES and do them CORRECTLY. Whether you steal or not when the flush is pulled you are also going to the sewers with all your stolen loot. Leave the Ambassador and all critics out of it.

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