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President Lungu pays courtesy call on traditional leaders in Southern Province

Headlines President Lungu pays courtesy call on traditional leaders in Southern Province

President Edgar Lungu exchange with their Royal Highnesses chiefs Chikankata, Sinazongwe and Mapanza in Choma on Wednesday before taking a flight to meet with Chief Macha,picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/statehouse 20-1-2016.
File:President Edgar Lungu exchange with their Royal Highnesses chiefs Chikankata, Sinazongwe and Mapanza in Choma on Wednesday before taking a flight to meet with Chief Macha,picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/statehouse 20-1-2016.

President Edgar Lungu says he is committed to ensuring that all the 10 provinces in Zambia receive meaningful development.

ZANIS reports that the Head of State said this in Kalomo today, when he paid a courtesy call on Chiefs Chikanta, Sipatunyana, Mweemba, Nyawa, Simwatachela, Mukobela, Sekute and Siachitema.

President Lungu was in the area to commission the 247kilometres Kalomo-Dundumwezi-Ngoma-Itezhi tezhi Road.

The president has told the chiefs that government is keen to building a prosperous country as enshrined in the vision 2030 and the Seventh National Development Plan(7NDP).

He said he is aware that Southern Province has not been spared by the adverse effects of climate change.

President Lungu said the road brings numerous benefits for the communities living within the Kafue River basin.

He said for the farmers, the road has eased access to inputs, and markets for their crops and livestock.

Meanwhile, Chief Sipatunyana, who spoke on behalf of other chiefs, asked the president to speed up the construction of the mothers’ shelters at the various health centres in the district.

Chief Sipatunyana further requested President Lungu to assist the health centres with the provision of gensets in order to ease health operations.

In response, Minister of National Development Planning, Alexander Chiteme, informed the chiefs that government had already procured gensets, which will soon be installed.

Mr Chiteme also assured the chiefs that construction of mothers’ shelters is in the pipeline and that funds are available.

President Lungu was in Southern province to check on developmental projects.

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  1. You see you fuvking PF MPs, your Majesty don’t care about you, even if you DIE, he will not mourn you.
    Bana Fundanga is in mortuary and he is about campaigning. But I will never forget the way he treated Victoria Kalima, he went to Mombasa, maybe alibakene

    • I hope Livingstone MUSEUM hires a good graphic designer to put the following on the MUSEUM CAGE in which they will put UNDER FIVE.
      1. Zambia’s Guinness Book World Record holder for Failed Presidential bids – 6 times.
      2. Privatisation Thief
      3. Money Laundering Thief and Tax Evasion Thief
      4. Paradise Papers’ Revelation of a Panama OffShore Crook
      5. A Tribal Leader who never condemned NAMWALA & South Africa xenophobia
      6. A Presidential Candidate who openly called for another country (South Africa) to topple the Zambian government!
      7. A Presidential candidate who never participated in Independence Celebrations of a country he wanted desperately to rule!
      8. A Presidential Candidate who NEVER participated in Prayers for a country he wanted to trule!
      9. A Presidential Candidate who…

    • 9. A Presidential Candidate who promoted sex against the order of nature
      10. A Three Mansion Holder, one in New Kasama, one in NAMWALA and one in Livingstone MUSEUM.

    • President Lungu u have big heart for country and its people regardless of how they treat you. Always humbling yourself before people who dont care about anyone other than their own. Keep up that heart

    • Development with what money? The BOZ has just all but declared bankruptcy. Everything pocketed by these thieving buffoons.

    • @Sharon
      Did a giant TongaBull 29 incher Todger tear you up beyond repair? Just asking on behalf of everyone else. Hate the game not the player love. Hahahahahaha.

  2. Why buy gensets? Why not solar solutions? Gensets have got operational costs, so they’ve just introduced more expenditure for health centres which they have admitted they do not fund. Do these morons think these things through?

  3. No matter how a non Tonga tries to better the lives of southerners, Chiefs like Mukuni will never see good. Don’t know why Head of State is wasting time South. Come 2021, u will get 15 votes to 550,000 for HH

  4. We expect such nonsense as usual closer to election time . Don’t worry let him build all those things but come election time this time it will be worse. Not a single soul will vote pf in that region. Mark my words

  5. Let him develop the area, after all Southern Province is part of Zambia and the development is needed. People of Southern Province know where their bread is battered… this is not seen as a special favour, it’s what Lungu should have done a long time ago!! Rather late though!!
    There’s a lot of intellectual man power in that area, remember!! Not a lot of brain washed characters there.

  6. Campaigning under the guise of ‘commissioning’. Attend to current serious issues and let district commissioners ‘commission’ the roads


  8. The president visited their chiefs FOR DEVELOPMENT AGENDA but it’s known FACT they will never appreciate.
    In Zambian history ECL is the only President who has visited southern province frequently and lobbying for unity.

  9. Editor, kindly note that Chief Sinazongwe passed away. Why use an old picture? Have respect for the dead and remove this picture and place a current one there is no Chief Sinazongwe at the moment. Kindly research before telling lies!

  10. A good leader He is. This is truly a road to development and will surely work. You have our support Your Excellency.

    This is a meeting of meaningful development and not a political way of attraction for power like someone we know. We wil support such for the development of our country as we say “One Zambia One Nation”

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