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UPND Members attack former National Dialogue Forum Spokesperson, Isaac Mwanza

Headlines UPND Members attack former National Dialogue Forum Spokesperson, Isaac Mwanza

Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) President Andrew Ntewewe has confirmed that United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres who were in the company of UPND Senior leader Sylvia Masebo have attacked former National Dialogue Forum Spokesperson, Isaac Mwanza, at the portico of the Supreme Court Building Wednesday November 20, 2019 around 17:45 hours.

“The incident happened immediately after the Constitutional Court adjourned the hearing of the petition by Chapter One Foundation and Law Association of Zambia challenging the enactment of the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Bill No. 10 of 2019,” said Mr Ntewewe.

The cadres attacked Mr. Mwanza shortly after the country’s Attorney General had finished conferring with him at the staircase of the Supreme Court Building. He was rescued by the Judiciary Security staff who whisked him away using the other alternative gate as the UPND cadres had remained vigil at the usual exit gate. Mr. Mwanza is being medically attended and not in any grave danger.

He said Mr. Mwanza made no acts of provocation to those UPND thugs. If it is crime to confer with the Attorney General, then we don’t know where the UPND wants to take this country to.

This is the second time Mr. Mwanza is being attacked by UPND cadres. A similar incident happened last year after a program on Radio Phoenix.

Mr. Ntewewe called on the UPND leadership to take responsibility for the violence being occasioned to those citizens who disagree with them.

“The UPND must clearly understand that when endangered citizens decide to protect themselves against thuggerism from UPND members, the result can become extremely fatal,” he warned


    • I saw incident at court, was very sad. Only crime he committed was talking to lawyers for the State. Let Court get CCTV footage and arrest those thugs

    • Law abiding citizens must protect themslves from these bloody thirsty cadres. We need to begin carrying firearma against cadres. Voting for UPND scares my nerves

    • Well these are the usual UPND traits: violence, tribalism and insults. Support them and vote for them at your own peril.

    • I am definitely not voting for the upndead.
      Anything else but the dead.
      So the D in that party’s name means:
      1. Desperate.
      2. Destruction.
      3. Dangerous.
      4. Deadly.
      5. Danderheads.
      6. Delusional.
      7. Drugged.
      8. Devious.
      9. Damnation.
      10. Deceit.
      The list is endless. This party is so negative. So dark, doomed, divisive, disgusting, divisive and offensive. I don’t like dubious dealers. So distastefully disastrous distraught club.

    • pf id.ots you have no shame to condemn what happened at the courts yesterday . Not one of you fools came out to condemn Kaiser zulu for assaulting an innocent driver with his blood thirst gangs. Guns were brandished openly in front of innocent school children. Today you want to display a ‘holier than thou’ artitude. Give us a break!

    • I thought he was attacked for allegedly chewing UKaid money YALI got to monitor the elections which UPND lost due to poor elections monitoring? Thank you very much Lusaka Times for clarifying

    • These HH and UPND are all thugs as their desperation mounts. They are ready to kill just for them to go to plot one. Thats why I can not vote for them even at gun point…no no no…I cant.

    • This report has been attributed to Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) President Andrew Ntewewe, therefore I doubt whether this incident took place. He is a known big liar

    • Upnd was once a peaceful party until northerners and easterners begun to flock in, don’t you remember someone called Banda ‘tekere’?

    • Tu UPND u think u already in power. Masebo has no motherly heart. Even way she treats her workers at farm, like they are dogs. She would rather let a mango fall and rot than see her worker eat one. If Masebo had a heart, she would have stopped her cadres

    • @1.6, this is right on the head of the nail. No wonder HAZALUZA HAGAIN! It is a divisive party and a TRIBO HOrganisation for nothing party.

    • This a clear case of witness tampering.
      They are losing that case. Things are not look up.
      I feel for LAZ.

  1. When are Zambians stating to eat Dogs? IMF said Zambia is the poorest country on earth because corruption.. Zambians are suffering because of stupided and dullness. How much is fuel today? Has load shedding Finisised? How much is meali meal today? Ba lungu never gave power to the speaker

    • Why give power to the speaker? Dont speak of things you dont know. Or are you showning us your ignorance? Which statute of the law are you using? Blind followers!

    • Lawlessness started at the top. If those in leadership refuse to abide by court rulings, how do you expect to have a morally upright nation? Zambia is becoming a jungle.

  2. No one must ever be subjected to this kind of tortue. Soon those cadre will attack the lawyers. If people ain’t secure at court, where will they be secure?

  3. The thing is both PF and UPND cadres have the same violent behavior. The same behaviour which political players loathed during MMD with the cadres controlled by Scorpion Kadobi, William Banda etc.It is the same behaviour which was exhibited by UNIP vigilantes with their slogan: “tulekwimya/uleima by air”. The question is,is it the political parties that are violent or its representative of the political culture in Zambia?Truth is both ruling and opposition parties seem to be intolerant to opposing views.For UPND,if they can be this intolerant while in opposition,how about in government? I thought courts where places to seek redress and not to be attacked or harmed.

    • UPND wants to send message that they ve taken over Lsk and now controls who gets to court. Maybe time PF mobilised themslves and get to Court as well.

    • These upnd thugs have misbehaved at the courts several times. I remember the high court judge one time told HH not to come to court with these thugs, but alas, HH went to court with his thugs and they misbehaved again! This tell you that kainde ichilema, loves violence. Remember the thugs that attacked and beat up frank bwalya at SKY radio station in monze, these thugs are actually bodyguards for HH. The called kainde is a pepetrater of violance. U can see it in his devolish eyes.

    • I tell you if upnd came to power there will be terror in the country that will be worse than the xenophobia seen in South Africa

    • Precisely, Gees. It’s scary to imagine upnd in power. They would mobilise hit squads of cadres to attack anyone who disagrees with upnd. No one would be allowed to say anything against hh.

    • Mr GEEZ, tekwesha voting for the animals you are talking about. They have shown us who they are. Lets dununa them again in 2021.

  4. Me that’s why I stopped voting because voting for UPND won’t make any difference. It will be the same hooliganism we are witnessing under PF. My message to UPND: Prove yourselves that you are better than and worth voting for than PF or else you will remain in opposition forever

    • UPND violence is a threat to those who disagree with them. UPND dont fear police but fear intercity. So let intercity go to court and keep order

  5. To hell. Next time bend them over and whip them like little kids. That is what thieving thugs like pf deserve

  6. WTF UPND! They think they’ve already won 2021 general elections and their leader is due for inauguration.
    Where was ZP, they should have been whipped or atleast the culprits should be arrested.

  7. The most noisy LCC Chamber was when Sylvia Tembo Masebo served as councilor and John Chilambwe as Mayor. Sylvia something else, there was total confusion. Bad habits die hard. The UPND is an axis of evil, some of the things that they do in Southern Province qualifies to be genocide. Who will they rule with that attitude? There are many who think their lives won’t be safe under the Hichilema Presidency. No matter how he tries to build his image these are sticking points that will always affect him every election. Those that have defected to UPND before say the Party isn’t very receptive if you don’t come of that region. They’ll only embrace you as long you are a useful idyot

    • Sir, ayatolah khomain, , the truth is what you have spoken. Upnd is the worst mafia opposition party we have in zambia. Can l remind you! The last presidential election compains in mazabuka, a young man was KILLED for recieving a PF shirt from a passing van carrying pf supporters. Can you see how devolish this group is? Kainde and his minions never condermed that killing. It was ok him and his minions. Watch out ladies and gents.

    • Mapatizya formula reloaded.
      Next they will start following you in your homes like bandits.

      Anything else but the deads please.

  8. Zambian citizen, your observation is correct. Example, go to southern province and speak ill against supporter of guy rights KAINDE, and see what will happen to you. BALAKUJAYA. Upnd in nature are not tolarant. Democracy is not in their heads. Animal behaviour is what lies in their heads

  9. I don’t know what is happening but I think this is an indication that people are feeling trapped. Physical settlement of scores are a very bad sign and requires concerted effort by our leaders to help unbundle this tension. We are not heading in a good direction; it is not as if we are in the pre-independence era please!

  10. What’s the punishment for a fool according to the bible? Anyone? Exactly, a rod on the back. Fools have no other remedy.

  11. If HH win general elections believe it,with state machinery a lot of people will be dying.tribal and political ideology of people of southern province started in precolonial Era.
    KK fought with them especially kumbula and followers.Dr Kaunda tried to unite the Nation under one umbrella of One Zambia,One Nation in 1972 but it never yield better outcomes politically.Tribalism,regionalism,hatred etc were planted till recently.
    In 1988 following historical facts,they lobbied to Anglo American to form multiparty democracy.The guys behind were the Wina and Aka families and the Anglo American villains like Mazoka.
    They failed to Unite and come with One formidable leader from their provinces.Their hard work was sold to Chiluba as a bemba orator.let me end here.waiting for insults from UPND…

  12. In many cases history repeats itself.UPND will never change even to be given powers .This is the fact.
    The their political record is very clear.

  13. Vote for UPND at your own peril. It’s the only party that is constant in all violent encounter since the Mapatizya formular.

  14. It’s sad that the cadres’ violence has become a norm in Zambia’s political culture. Historically, the ruling party cadres have had the monopoly of this violence while their counterparts in opposition have been the good guys waiting for their opportunity to form government. Now for the first time we have the cadres from the opposition who are equally as violent as the ruling party! This gives one scary feeling of what the guys would do if they are given the reigns of power

  15. you gave same bad comments for sata b4 he became hos. we want bill 10 removed. this pf problem dropping issues without our concern. dont impose laws on pipo. upnd will rule in 2021. pf pay retirees.

  16. YALI is a terrible organization it should never existed in the first place and personally I don’t like the Ntewewe chap, he’s like a spokesperson for PF very biased fxxl

  17. We have been offering free conselling to the youths in this country not to be used as the tools of violence, think out side the box. Youths our President Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu has been preaching peace, therefore, UPND shown respect the voice of the Head of State. Zambia is a very peaceful country, we should not allow a small group who are frustrated abuse the peace we have being enjoying in our great nation. Youths think big come up with your future plan do not waste and risk your free given life, waste your energy on developmental project which will be appreciated and emulate those who have achieved in life.

  18. UPND’s hunger for for power has become an obsession. Such behaviour shouldn’t be tolerated. Why do they only think violence, tribalism and the like? And when the Government deploys ZP to keep order they think their rights are being oppressed? We should work together as country under the Government to put an end to all this and develop in peace and love.

  19. Approaching the issue from a sober point, i condemn the behavior of cadres but on the other hand,this Ntewewe guy, has he been neutral in the way he has been handling this issue? Is his interest for Zambia or personal? To me, he has cared more about his tummy than the people of Zambia.

  20. The day upnd comes to power, is the day will say bye bye to freedom of speech.
    The party is intolerant to criticism and those who do not support them.

    This is party that does not hold elections and to hold any positions in the party, it is the preserve of their supreme leader to appoint.

    Their leader to them is greatest economist the world ever seen.

    To them, when their leader comes to power , all poverty and the problems the country has will come to an end.
    He is the Messiah.

  21. It doubt the statement from PF Ntewewe. I have liked the condemnation for this behaviour of cadres I’m just wondering why there was deafening silence about Kaizer Zulu and why it was not labelled tribe. These are things that are causing divisions in the country. When it is done by one group, it is tribe another group it is not. This country sure…………………..

  22. Sylvia Masebo is fast becoming, ‘ a Thug in a Chitenge Dress.’

  23. Pf cadres kwena, you believe these lies, no wonder Kaiser and lungu thinks we are fools to be lied to. Can anyone of you provide evidence that guy was assaulted, Masebo just said this never happened and no one saw it except for pf who decided to cook up a story so they can distract us from Kaiser’s criminal behavior. There is no way in the world these lungu police and malondas would not have arrested opposition cadres no way when they killed before. Stop spreading lies pf.

  24. I wonder why alot of zambians are so shallow minded Oh God!! , are you blessed with ubupuba or ubuchushi? you even know the crisis we are in and yet you follow blindly like imbeciles.

  25. If this was the case why don’t we have a police report or statement.Especially that this took at the constitutional court. I not not very sure that this happened, or the story has just been exaggerated.

  26. These cadres are foolish, they should have actually grabbed the constitutional Court judges and pummelled the sell-out fools! Jerry Rawlings in Ghana killed them by firing squad and the courts in Accrah have since then never dispensed stupid verdicts.

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