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PF will win 2021 elections due to massive development-Kafwaya

Headlines PF will win 2021 elections due to massive development-Kafwaya

Transport and Communications Minister Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya says bus drivers play a critical role to the promotion of sustainable public transport system.
Transport and Communications Minister Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya

Lunte Member of Parliament Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya has expressed confidence that the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) will return power in 2021 due to the massive development which has been done in all parts of the country.

Hon Kafwaya said the PF has also demonstrated that it is a democratic party apart from other factors that make it a viable party to remain in power.

Speaking Sunday evening when he featured on Pan African Radio’s News Feedback Programme, Hon Kafwaya bemoaned the politics surrounding certain developmental priorities.

“PF has not failed to support Zambians on things that matter to them. That’s why in PF we have structured a leadership which promotes continuity as it is a party to trust,” Hon Kafwaya said.

Hon Kafwaya, who is also Transport and Communications Minister, said the PF’s developmental objectives are not just hearsays but is documented in the party manifesto.

He castigated the UPNF for lacking internal democracy citing their alleged ferrying of carders to attend their recent Copperbelt rally adding that faking rallies does not guarantee election victory.

He said the PF has the mandate to deliver development to all parts of the country regardless of the region hence the need to trust the developmental system which does not discriminate or chooses who to deliver development to.

He maintained that the PF is not panicking about winning the 2021 elections because it has delivered development to the people of Zambian.

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  1. PF can only win by rigging and they know it.Takwaba mwebantu surely a government that is characterized by scandal after scandal from the time they took over power. Poverty levels have skyrocketed. All the wrongs that have been committed by this government are properly recorded. Someone will be made to account when the time is right

    • If you don’t believe, wait for Milenge results. You can take the whole upnd party to sit in every polling station there and wait for the counting. ECZ allows this. Then you can tell us how the rigging is done….

  2. The only way these PF thugs will retain power is through rigging. No sensible Zambian will vote for them unless he participated in looting national coffers. Remember fire tenders, mukula saga, 48 mushroom houses, Zesco power blacks and lawlessness plus many more too numerous to mention. If these are indicators of good government then democracy is for f00ls. Mulungushi textile is a white elephant and the town looks like a war zone. What a shame!

    • “Prof. No HINSONI will rig the election on his University Letterhead ballot paper to the UN,” UPND INCOMPOS Group 4s.

  3. Hahahaha. If you are referring to the roads that are already wearing out then good luck. Almost 9 years of rule and nothing to show for it except more problems and misery for the peop

  4. What is this guy talking about is he living in dream land which development is he talking about the kwacha is down things are expensive the other day I was watching the pictures of the university of Zambia it is in a very bad state this is a big shame to PF how can you fail to renovate an important institution like this one.

  5. It’s like you dream you are in USA with Trump and you think you will go and see him live coz of your dream.people doesn’t want to show up that they won’t vote for you coz they know how cruel PF you are, you will stop support to them.busy with lies and giving food towards the end of your term you think people will vote for you never.its like you giving more food to your cow today to get fat while tomorrow you are taking to butcher. Roads development how many Zambians are driving cheap Japan cars in those roads you call development?


    PF has been very impressive in it’s Party demeanour and performance. We have had the best coordinating President of all times who has risen above all Opposition mediocrity.

    PF has had it’s pulse on the hand of the nation. They have wrestled against the demand of inhuman Western institutions like IMF which demanded punishing austerity be imposed on poor citizens. It was the reluctance to do so that people had petrol and commodity prices held down. We just have to suck up to the current slow down. Every Zambian must walk together with the govt in facing up to demands of global economic changes.

    • By the way, this is the best time for Entrepreneurial efforts. When is the next time for new millionaires to be born? Yep, studies have shown the best time is during an economic downturn.

      New business ideas to meet new conditions are best tested out now. Study what people need and fill that gap. Low prices/gains products, services net you best returns if you nail the business idea and figure out demand, opportunity in the market.

      Get doing Zambia. New millionaires crested in this time.

    • New millionaires created in this time……and crested with honourable medals!

  7. For people to stand up and speak like this means their bellies are full. Shame on all of you especially your uncaring leader. Shame

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