Following the successful release of his debut album, “Songs of Love, Hope and Deliverance“. Ariel aims to end the year strong by collaborating with German Ragamuffin Chin Chillah.
Having shared stages since 2014 and appreciated each other’s arts, this song is the first official collaboration of the German raggamuffin and the Zambian soul singer. The outcome is an uplifting zouk and reggae flavored summer anthem dedicated to all the special people who made us who we are today and who we are yet to become.
Production: Chawana
Additional sounds: Daize
Post production: Shinko Beats

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  1. I hope it has real Zambian music. Go to youtube and see what once upon a time was Zambian music. Not the garbage we are seeing now!


  2. Move with time for God’s sake. You are full of negativity. Music all over the world has evolved but you want to stay and force prople yo listen to kalindula. No wonder you are a pf cadre….dunderhead !!



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