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PF condemns the attacks on Sean Tembo

General News PF condemns the attacks on Sean Tembo

PF Media Director Sunday Chanda
PF Media Director Sunday Chanda

The ruling Patriotic condemned the attacks on Sean Tembo, Leader of the Patriots for Economic Progress.

Party Media Director Sunday Chanda says Mr. Tembo is a stakeholder in the affairs of this country and at 55 years of age, Zambia can and must tolerate divergent views including decisions taken by individuals in pursuit of their democratic participation.

“We all have a duty to guard jealously the democracy we have and commit ourselves to tolerance and the maturity to accept that we will not always agree but even under those circumstances, we must restrain ourselves from becoming personally disagreeable and violent”, he said.

Mr Chanda has called on members of the public with any information regarding Mr. Tembo’s assailants to cooperate with the Zambia Police.

He said the culprits must be brought to justice.

And All Peoples Congress Leader Nason Mson says the barbaric attack on Mr Tembo and his members is uncivilised and people behind it have no further business being in government.

Mr Msoni said no normal-right-thinking human being can do such things to another human being for merely expressing his opinion in a democratic society.

“We think that such criminal behaviour further strengthens the legitimate argument for regime change in Zambia and to bring all the perpetrators of such criminal violence to book”, he said.

Mr Msoni said his party will hold the PF leaders responsible for the criminal conduct of their members.

“Clearly, the perpetrators are sponsored and bankrolled by senior leaders of the PF who take pleasure with glee to see criminals inflicting maximum harm on a defenceless human being and drenched in his own blood. Shame”, he added.

Patriots for Economic Progress Leader Sean Tembo was yeaterday attacked by people he has termed as aggravated robbers along Cairo Road while they were undertaking their 13th peaceful protest against the $42 million fire tender which had full permission from the police.

The incident occured between National Milling and Farmers House where the attackers arrived on the scene in about three Toyota Corollas and were clad in black t-shirts and blue jeans, and a few of them had applied white powder on their faces, ostensibly as a disguise.

Mr Tembo said the attackers were about 12 in number and carried an assortment of weapons ranging from pistols to machetes and assulted PeP members who ran in all directions.

The protest followed the Party’s victory against the Zambia Police Service in the Lusaka High Court where the Court ruled that the Police had violated the Constitution and abused their powers in their previous attempts to stop the fire tender protests.

The Court also awarded the Patriots for Economic Progress a sum of K50,000 in damages plus costs of suit.



    • This smells like UPNDEAD bandits.

      So Sean next time wear a camera or something. So surely those aggravated robbers where inevitably masked, yes?
      They could be real robbers or some civil society or politically exposed persons from your own party or upndead or PF, they could be anyone.
      Next time allow police to accompany you on your 14th peaceful protest on those wheelbarrows. Hey sean, also make sure that you don’t do lone protests too. This politically exposed Zambia is extremely dangerous.
      Yaba! Sorry ba sean mwe.
      It feels sad.

    • PF bandits just trying to distract Zambians from UPND momentum….causing all these unnecessary confusion…Sean Tembo is a suspect also….i might be wrong but smell a rotten rat….now PF bandits quickly condemning the attack…donchi kubeba

    • Dont be surprised if Sean Tembo is actually working with Bandit President Lungu for some brown envelope…never trust a Politician…we need a different party dominating the news now not PF bandit party

    • PF Bandits everywhere, ZP can’t investgate anything because of corruption. ZP have the been paid today? Government employees haven’t been paid so how can we investgate ? Bandits in PF how much is fuel today? How much is meali meal today? Has load shedding Finisised? Zambians learn a lesson now. We told you about those Bandits.

  2. Lungu and kapoyongo are fully aware of these brutal attacks by PF caders.

    All opposition should join and condemn PF for these attacks.

    CK and HH , your silence is very loud.

    You will be next.

  3. The media statement by Sunday Chanda is timely and welcome; This is refreshing and encouraging to see the rolling party coming to join the nation in condemning such a thuggery and criminal act.

    It will be hoped that the party continues on this trajectory till and beyond the 2021 elections otherwise we are set for serious chaos in the few months heading into the elections.

  4. We all have a duty to guard jealously the democracy we have and commit ourselves to tolerance and the maturity to accept that we will not always agree but even under those circumstances, we must restrain ourselves from becoming personally disagreeable and violent..

  5. These f00ls shall soon graduate to capital offences believing they shall be protected, somehow i feel sorry for them a case of incompetence, they will soon regret coming to power when they should have been celebrating this once in a lifetime opportunity

    • The crop of politicians we have in Zambia is a shame not to be proud of they are a let down.
      I just wonder why they keep on fighting amongst themselves why not learn from Botswana and South Africa where harmony prevails you don’t hear of political violence though they have insurmountable problems of poverty but they still holder together.

  6. Make me understand this, Chilufya Tayali is beaten by upnd cadres in full view of everyone; The same cadres manhandle the speaker of Parliament at a funeral and there’s silence from such institutions. Are certain people more special than others to deserve a public outcry??? I am not supporting violence but why are these public outcries selective?? Is democracy good only for certain people and not others???

  7. Just issuing statements to condemn is a mockery to our intelligence. If we had a president in this country violence would have ended a long time ago. It would just take 30 minutes for a serious president like Paul Kagame of Rwanda or John Magufuli of Tanzania to end violence.

    • Lungu and pf need the violence and the fear it brings to the common man in the street.

      Without violence , use of GRZ resources and intimidation lungu can not win anything……

  8. Sunday Chanda should me made information minister in 2021, he is the best media director in africa and can do a good job in Cabinet.

    • No! We need to start evaluating our leaders in this nation. Let them hold a position of office first, like at ward or councilor level; like normal democracies do. If they do good for the people and the community, then we can choose them for a higher office like MP. We ended up with PF and their thugs, plus UPND and their thugs too because we did not vet the candidates. No candidate should be into the august house without one year of debates on radio and television for all Zambians to see starting from now. Even if they are related to us. We have crooks in our own families that should never lead Zambia any any capacity.

  9. Patriotic zambian so you like all talk and no action that’s all your party does. Our people need to be taught how not to fall for empty and sweet talk, whenever someone says something you will hear some ignorant chap elevating the person just because of a mere speech instead of abilities or examining if the person is capable. Anyone can say anything that doesn’t mean they should be president or chairman

  10. I seriously do not think these were PF cadres. This sounds like an opposition party rouse. PF cadres are bold charlatans, they would have attacked in full PF regalia singing their weird dununa reverse. This sounds like UPND afraid of another party gaining political traction. Funny this is happening after the gay couple was sentenced to 15 years. Think about it that alone gives PF mileage because now Zambians and Africans start viewing UPND as supporting a western demonic gay agenda.

  11. Our land has gone to the thugs…pf are destroying our country now these thugs fear no one…but time is coming no tyrants lives for ever…

  12. It’s not enough just to condemn the attack. These thugs are already known by the party since they can’t act on their own without approval from someone in the party. They should be identified and disciplined by the party as an example to others.

  13. Don’t tell me all those business houses in Cairo road have no CCTV cameras, it’s one phenomenon that security agencies in America and Europe have found to be useful in this modern era.

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