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Zambians should not harbour any positive expectations from the Monday Cabinet Meeting



File:President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (left) chairs the 17th Cabinet meeting at State House in Lusaka on Monday, October 1,2018. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2018

By: Anthony Bwalya – UPND Member

On Monday, 2 December 2019, it is rumoured that a Cabinet meeting will take place at State House where it is expected that some key decisions around the future of this country will be made. But Zambians are warned against harbouring any positive expectations around this routine gathering because the purpose of it will NOT be to save or serve the country – it will be about perpetuating the long-standing appetite of the Patriotic Front (PF) to pursue acts of criminal terrorism against our country and our people so that the PF can remain in power post 2021.

I will demonstrate why and how.

But let us be very clear from the start, this is no longer a partisan issue. Our country and our collective national interest and values are under eminent attack by a party in government that has gone rogue.

The Patriotic Front (PF) have evolved into a terrorist organization, actively employing and deploying all tools of terrorism for the furtherance and pursuit of their political interests.

Terrorism is the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in pursuit of political aims.

And by every standard definition, an organization that engages in the planning, preparing, assisting, fostering and execution of a terrorist act is a terrorist organization, and by default those who actively associate and support such an organization are terrorists.

Now, the PF reign of terror against an independent state – Zambia and it’s people exists across Two (2) levels. There exists under and by the PF regime and it’s operatives Criminal Terrorism. This is because the PF’s political establishment is known to have, and continues, to actively promote, aid and shield crime and the criminality that underpins it, for profit of the PF as an institution, as well as for those government officials and private citizens associated with the PF.

From the latest Financial Intelligence Centre report, we know that the PF have been receiving tens of millions of Kwachas (and dollars) in exchange for the irregular award of public contracts. It is the PF that received K10 million in exchange for public contracts. We also know that close to K5 billion was taken in pure corruption by government officials aligned to the PF, working with private profit seeking actors.

We also know about how $42 million of public money was fraudulently applied to the procurement of Fire Tenders, a transaction that has almost resulted in the hacking to death of an opposition political party leader.

The failure by the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources to account for close to $100 million in Mukula revenue involving China, is a not a plot by a single individual to divert state revenue away from the public, but a carefully choreographed scheme at party level to a use public offices to divert resources towards the party in power and it’s operatives – both in government, as well as those in private business circles.

It is no wonder accountability involving state resources is thin under and the PF.

The second level of terrorist agenda being driven by the PF is Political Terrorism. This is where the PF and it’s militant membership are peddling the active use of planned violence and intimidation to not only scar their opponents physically but also where the PF seem necessary, take the lives of their political opponents.

There exists a well documented catalogue of criminal violence perpetrated by PF operatives against members of the opposition political parties and it’s leadership, with no successful prosecution of identified offenders ever recorded.

And because of the functional institutional monopoly enjoyed by the PF, they have actively sort to undermine critical governance institutions such as the Anti Corruption Commission, the Financial Intelligence Center, the Judiciary, the Police; with documented reports of meddling, bribery and extortion all being employed to ensure that these institutions only serve the quest for the PF to remain in power.

Zambia has reached a tipping point, economically, socially and politically; and we cannot and we cannot wait any longer as a matter of granting a PF political organization that has clearly gone rogue and is on a warpath with not only itself, but our country and it’s people.

Citizens must be prepared to defend the integrity of our nationahood and refuse to let the blood and sweat of our foreparents flow in vain.

The author is a member of the Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) in Zambia 


  1. This melodrama and rubbish shouldn’t come from someone aspiring to hold public office. This is the kind of hate speech that set Rwanda on fire. Upnd is a danger to our peace and democracy.

  2. This Anthony idoit, if you have concrete information that will come out of Monday’s cabinet meeting, tell us instead of this creepy crap as if you are a cockroach.

    PF has proved its incompetence but Trible UPND is not better either, they are just waiting to take over the corruption for their benefit too.

    • @ junior
      What is left “to take ower”?
      Repayment of bonds, secret Chinese loans, retirement benefits, arbitration awards for illegal expropriations, VAT returns, previous electricity imports, outstanding salaries……?

  3. A president in control and with a brain would have used that cabinet meeting to fire his controller kaizer lungu oops I meant Zulu! Ah am confused are they not one and the same thing ?

  4. This Anthony id.oit, if you have concrete information that will come out of Monday’s ca.binet meeting, tell us instead of this cre.epy cr.ap as if you are a coc.kroach.

    PF has proved its inco.mpeten.ce but Trible UPND is not better either, they are just waiting to take over the corrup.tion for their benefit too.

  5. But let us be very clear from the start, this is no longer a partisan issue. Our country and our collective national interest and values are under eminent attack by a party in government that has gone rogue.”

    Zambians are smart enough to make their own mental decision. Why is the author trying to make a narrative for us. We shall judge for ourselves. We have made poor decisions in the past by running to the MMD and PF for help. Only citizens can build Zambia not political parties.

    • The last time you were left to judge for yourselves a m0r0n called Lungu was voted in twice, the second time based on a song by an !mbecile called JK.

  6. Any one harbouring any positive expectations from this Cosa Nostra meeting chaired by their useless Chagwa de Capo dei Capi must be mad in the head. I mean, Lungu is a visionless full cycle *****, all you need to do is just look at his subservient postures in public to know that Zambians installed a loser as president. I even wonder what it is they discuss in their meetings. The chaps is also amazing in that nearly half of all the time every month he is on completely useless foreign trips. One day that jet plane of yours is going to crash, basopu, konji u inyelele mwa siziba sahao sa lipeba onaseo.

  7. It’s borrowing more money they will discuss , what else can a gathering of clueless violent thieves talk about ?

    The clowns lead by lungu long fingers spent all borrowed monies on roads hoping foreigners will come and provide jobs only to find no foreigners are providing jobs for the people……

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