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President Lungu’s latest comment on the controversial Forest Reserve 27 disappointing-Andyford Banda


President Lungu
President Lungu

The People’s Alliance for Change is disappointed with President Edgar Lungu’s latest comment on the controversial Forest Reserve number 27 which he partly degazetted for residential and commercial purposes.

The President on Saturday expressed concern about the sudden interest in Forest 27 by some people he claimed to have political agendas and challenged the media to investigate what the area is all about.

PAC President Andyford Banda says these levels of inconsistencies on national matters are uncalled for and are detrimental to the development of the nation.

He said the latest statement by the Head of State contradicts his stance on climate change having in his State of the Nation address in September admitted that climate change threatens to derail the country’s economy, and disrupts the rainy season which has already derailed economic outlook.

“We now don’t know whether to believe his stance on climate change or it the usual rhetoric meant to hoodwink Zambians that he cares about the welfare of the country. There is no way a person who claims to be concerned about the effects of climate change on the economy can openly defend construction taking place in the forest reserve”, he added.

Mr. Banda said every Zambian now knows the importance of Forest 27 to the ecological system and urban water supplies in Lusaka hence there is no need for anyone to investigate anything.

He observed that the Chalimbana river is already drying up and water contamination has become rampant in Lusaka due to construction activities in water recharge areas.

Mr Banda said despite some people having settled in the reserve for a long time, allowing more people whether black or white will impact negatively on Zambia which is already grappling with effects of climate change.

He said President Edgar Lungu’s latest statement on this issue having rightly admitted yesterday that forest 27 is important to the ecological system does not befit the Head of state and the People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) therefore demands that he provides leadership other than rubbishing the concerns being raised.

Mr Banda added that the President seems not bothered with the fact that a lot of people who benefited from allocation of land in Forest Reserve 27 are politically exposed persons and that whether the correct process was followed in allocating the land to the PEPS.

He said clearly the President doesn’t see anything wrong with a lot of things just as he doesn’t see anything wrong with Bill 10 and oh yes the fire trucks where the country lost a whopping $42,000,000 in that deal.


  1. He will continue disappointing everyone because he is a disappointment and worse to those that heaped undue praises and ignored forewarning and advice.
    The man is simply not cut out for the job finish and klaa.

    • True, the job of being a president is too big for Lungu and if you have not yet realized that, something somewhere is wrong.But then almost 10 years of declining education under PF has reduced thinking capacity proportionately as well

    • The President should have commented on the 1,000 hectares Privatisation thief land in NAMALA and it would have been okay! Not on Forest reserve land. The little boy will lose HAGAIN.

    • Let’s stop asking for money.from international community if we cant protect our nature. Shy even talk about climate change. We are hypocrites in Zambia ,good in making speeches that dont add up with what we preach.

  2. The SONA speech was written for him it is not the president’s conviction. Let me verify, a forest fenced in Eastern province by presidents daughter and Luangwa lower is under threat minsters with power to reverse starts accusing opposition leader.

  3. Spot on and On the Ball Andyford. The man ECL speaks with a forked tongue and his intentions are dishonourable. This is clearly the worst run in leadership we’ve endured since independence. What a legacy to leave!!

  4. Lungu is a fraudulent heaven crooked lawyer.

    Trees, game parks , wild animals , morals, rule of law mean nothing to him.

    Corruption, bribes and pleasing his gang is what what lungu is all about.

    The game parks where on the table to be sold…..individuals in lungus gang were pushing for the sale of the game parks up until we highlighted this and they stopped. Then they started looting the animals until citizens protested.

    Now all reserve forests are under threat because Lungu thinks his 50m building ban from rivers is enough and can compensate for destroying reserve forests.

  5. Andyford Banda should not be disappointed. Hasn’t he realized that from the time this government took over power scandal after scandal has been the order of the day? This is a government anchored on lawlessness and abuse of power. What they decide should not surprise or disappoint anyone anymore

  6. Thought i was the only one who felt disappointed with his response. As a father figure in the house, there comes a time when you have to consider the interest of the lager group to that of the inner circle. The interest of the inner circle should never be pursued over that o the larger group

  7. Lungu is a disgrace to our country and a shame to humanity. No shame. No logic. Incoherent and utterly $tupid! Wake up zambia and get this minion out.

  8. The best the President should have on the contravency surrounding allocation of plots for various development projects in Forest Reserve No. 27 was to keep quiet on the subject. His comments on the issue is being misinterpreted as people look at it from different angles. Where are the special advisors? They are supposed to be on top of things as different issues arise from time to time.

  9. Ooh Mr president you are so disappointing and every time we rise our hopes to trust you again you break and shatter every single hope in us..
    So heart breaking…

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