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UPND regrets calls by its Members to Confiscate the Vehicle the Party gave to Chief Chitimukulu

Headlines UPND regrets calls by its Members to Confiscate the Vehicle the Party...

UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka addressing a media briefing today flanked by Mazabuka Central MP Garry Nkombo and Deputy National Secretary Patrick Mucheleka.
UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka addressing a media briefing today flanked by Mazabuka Central MP Garry Nkombo and Deputy National Secretary Patrick Mucheleka.

The UPND says it has noted with concern the audios of some of its youths in Northern Province calling on Mwinelubemba to return the vehicle given to him as a gift by the UPND two years ago.

UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka says the UPND leadership does not support the position being propagated by some of its supporters in Northern Province.

He has called on UPND Members in Northern Province involved in this disrespectful act to stop with immediate effect.

Mr Katuka has directed the general membership of the party to immediately stop sharing such audios saying the UPND is founded on respect for traditional leaders who are creating the beacon of ancestral leadership.

He said the UPND also respects the political opinions of Chitimukulu Kanyanta Sosala as they believe in the idea of freedom of association, freedom of expression and freedom conscience adding that the traditional leader has a right to thought and opinion.

“We do not believe that once we give a gift, we can follow to retrieve it if we differ in opinion with the recipient. Further, when UPND forms the government, we shall ensure that His Royal Highness Chitimukulu is taken care of and given the respect he deserves, he said.

He said the UPND is not like PF who has a habit of scandalizing traditional leaders for their political opinion and will run a government that will uphold the rule of law and respect for all mankind.

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  1. Why did the UPND give the head of that tribally bigoted Lubembastan a car, tuchawa ati muzungu wa Kasai antemwe! He will never vote for you anyway, he only votes for fellow Bembas!

    • As I have always said, chiefs are a curse on african society. I will never forget that it is our chiefs who where busy selling our forefathers as slaves to the arabs and europeans, for the sake of gaining a few trinkets. Chiefs that ruled tyrannically over us. Chiefs that sold our land and mineral wealth to the colonial powers. Even today, chiefs are giving away thousands of hactares of land to foreigners. Chiefs are an outdated, unnecessary drain on our resources. We must get rid of them

    • Journeyman: I hv to differ wth u on this one. We can modernize the chieftaincy system instead of getting rid of it. The law and strict enforcement of it is our tool. As Africans we hv a past and like all pasts, it’s not all pleasant. Studying the past which we call history isn’t jus about the slave trade and how empires emerged and declined. It’s also about the history of science, medicine etc. I hv read the autobiography of Christiaan Barnard the pioneer of heart surgery. He writes that many things that doctors thought were true about the heart in the 1960s were to be proved false in the 1990s.

    • It was in a quid pro quo bid – a bribe that did not deliver.
      Something is not going right in the Upndead camp. Obviously this was done to coerce the kingdom of the Bemba to back the deads in the election. Everything looks wrong in the deads camp. They gave that vehicle as a bribe but the Chitimukulu must have done a ka donchu kubeba.
      I find it hard to believe that it is the dead youths in Northern Province. This is clearly the position of this highly tribally charged upndead, its misleadership included.

    • @Nemwine you make a fair point. I agree that good laws and their correct enforcement would help. I just get irritated at how much attention is given to chiefs. They dont deserve it, and most of them are used as tools for political ends.

    • Can he return it so that we can give it to chiefs who can support us?
      This Katuka also is a problem in our part. We will sort you out.
      He needs to be replaced and very soon.


    • @1.1 Journey man
      I agree 100% with you…chiefs are a problem I think we need to get rid of them period…a chief would rather give land to a foreigner rather than his own fellow Zambians…greedy and all of them are witches

  2. This is shocking, does thus bum of a president ever sit in his office to for once in his life do some real work? It honestly can’t be that a head of state is forever gallivanting around aimlessly like a damn headless chicken! This is pure madness, it’s shameful.

    • UPND need cut this cry thing about tribalism. Especially those Zambianobserve and Watchdogs, thesy are vote killers!! They will cost you winning votes again.

    • UPND tried to ‘decorate’ the pig with a lipstick but it is still a ‘pig!’ They decorated it with Dr. Banda but UPND is still what it is! They then decorated it with GBM but it is still the same! Now MUTINTA is the VICE PRESIDENT and CHARMAINE the TREASURER! TRIBO!

    • The privatisation thief bought the car. He is the sole funder of the tribo h-organisation. UPND is UNDER FIVE and UNDER FIVE is UPND.

  3. I still remember what Colonel Panji Kaunda narrated when he shifted supper to MCS from HH. He said that HH called him and reminded him how he had offered him 2 cows when his chips were down. However, Panji said he had rejected the gift because he had heard from his friend in Masaiti how Hichilema undressed him about the Nissan 1 tonner that he had given him. What the UPND youths have done is exactly the policy of their leader. Mwine Lubemba, just like many Bemba can’t be bought, they’re free thinkers. If Hichilema wants the Bemba vote he should convince the Bemba by talking sense. He doesn’t need to appease them. You can’t order the beating of the Bemba in Southern province then ask for their vote. You’re wasting time

  4. Respect to a party that distances itself from its members when they do wrong. This is called leadership. I wish the same could be said about pf and their notorious president kaizer lungu

  5. Hahahaha………yes the bantu botatwe party bribing the Mwinelubemba! The vote is still secret mind you! If any Chief in Southern Province has been purchased a vehicle by UPND then I have no problem

  6. Damage is already been done and it’s deep. Mukuni insulted the bembas. GBM is busy in the bemba provinces denouncing upnd. This is damage control. Upnd lacks political strategists and will regret this carelessness in 2021, remember they got substantial votes in 2016 in these areas. Ifi fyena ni chimbwi no plan.

  7. “He said UPND is not like PF who are in the habit of scandalising traditional leaders for political opinion … .”

    Was it necessary for Katuka to drag PF into this in order to distance UPND leadership from the calls being made by it’s supporters in Northern Province? Is it PF members making the call?

    • Sharp shooter, your questions are mine too. Katuka must be a lunar. Pf doesent come in into their bribery. They gave the chief that car to bribe him. Thats what i can smell from kainde and upnd. But allas, they have realised that they have failed to hook the na ka motoka. Thumbs up chief!!!!

  8. I buy you a car …so mwene Lubemba you must by all cost support UPND. If you dont, then we will get back this car.. mmm what a nonsensical thinking of UPND. Really they are under_5s.

    • Isnt that bribery ! Mr truth hates, thats what it is. But this under five Kainde will not bribe our chiefs coz they are smart. You cant compare them to some of the cheap chiefs that we all know. The (chundu chaitwaz) kainde will remain uner 5. So dont worry, he will buy himself dypers. He has the money from the mines that he sold for song leaving CB people suffering.

    • Has Chief MUKUNI been given a car too? Don’t worry he doesn’t need it he will vote 100% for a person he knows has something similar to his blood! Chishimba Kambwili was right! That was when Chishimba used to think and said the truth – the only time he ever was right about how MUKUNI people votes.

  9. :: upnd is founded on respect for traditional leaders who are creating a beacon of ansestral leadership. Upnd is not like pf who have a habit of scanderlising traditional leaders for their political opinion. This steve, upnd SG. Is this man sane? His presdo hh, is on record of not respecting chiefs. The chief in namwala who tried to protect the more than 60 poor families who were chased from their land by hh, was nearly killed by hh’ s thugs ! The chief had to run and hide for his life, and today katuka is lies to the nation wthout shame that upnd respects chiefs! We havent forgoten. Tell me who scanderlises chiefs between pf and upnd? Facts :: chundu chaitwa! Who organised this rubbish? What about the behavior of chief mukuni, who’s opinion is he championing? The answer! HH.and upnd…

    • UPND will ask Pro. NO INSONI to write the UN on his university letterhead about how UPND was founded on “Respect of Traditional leaders and founders like MAZOKA!” “SAKWIBA you are not Tonga and you cannot be President of UPND! UPND is for Tongas and you are not!” SeJAni.

  10. I bet this was a trible upnd strategy gone awry. The intention was to embarrass Mwine Lubemba using the trible social media train, but It has backfired and now Katuka is firefighting. And the trible culprit who runs the trible social media machinery is right there with you Mr Katuka, wishing he could sink into the ground..

  11. Ayatollah, the day that Mwine Lubemba & his Bembas stop being thieving sell outs is the day Jesus comes back. If a culture of buLazo & tribalism is called free thinking in Bembastan, you can keep it to yourselves. Zambia is destroyed today because of your stinking thieving “kaca”.

    • @12, If Prof. HANSONI could write your sentiments on a university letterhead to the UN, I am sure HAZALUZA HAGAIN will bring stolen money back from PANAMA and H-invest it in tribo xenophobic NAMWALA.

  12. Mr Katuta open your eyes. Do u know politics well.
    How can u attribute an audio u did witness being recorded as having being done by your member and not an imposter.

    Stay on top. Be alert and intelligent.

    That audio may have been done by people who want to turn u against that chiefdom and they cannot be your members.

    I thought u would be strategic in your answer

  13. UPND no senses. Do you actually give peaple things so that they can support you or what? you`re a discress. Bribe is bad. Tongas why are are you so selfish nkashi? love everyone equally.

  14. Giving is one of the ways of showing care, love, humanity ,patriotism and unity. The moment you give someone something you dont have to ask that person to return it back to you just because they have not followed your demands nor bribes . UPND these people must have the heart of giving and sharing, the Tonga mindset must effectively worked on.

  15. This is fast track to another electoral defeat, disrespecting a traditional leader at the helm of millions of

    This is fast track to another electoral defeat. Disrespecting a traditional leader at the helm of a multitude of voters. Poor political strategy.

  16. hahahahaha ba HH continue showering all the chiefs with gifts and see who will vote or support you in 2021…SHAME!

  17. Some things will never change, so will some people…. UPÑD get the message the vibes coming out of the party will definitely ruin your chances of winning the 2021 elections…. I just don’t know how stupid we can be not to see that the supposedly thorn issues of LOAD SHEDDING and HIGH Millie meal prices may not be THERE in 2021 SO WHAT SHALL WE TALK ABOUT THEN …. someone has to do some serious thinking

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