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US-Zambia relations are decaying, strained- US envoy

Headlines US-Zambia relations are decaying, strained- US envoy

United States Ambassador To Zambia Daniel Foote
United States Ambassador To Zambia Daniel Foote


United States Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote says the relationship between Zambia and the US is decaying and strained.

And Ambassador Foote has threatened that the US will withhold aid to Zambia if the bilateral relationship does not improve.

Addressing an explosive press conference Monday Morning, Ambassador Foote pulled no punches and described Foreugn Affairs Minister Joseph Malanji as unappreciative and arrogant.

He said says it is time to stop the facade that his country enjoys warm relations with Zambia because they are strained.

Ambassador Foote said it was time to advocate for truth and openness in Zambia and if no one is going to do it, he would, no matter the consequences.

He charged that Zambia’s current government expects diplomats to be complaint whilst keeping open pockets.

“In my two years here in your wonderful country, I have tried to improve the US, Zambia partnership with minimal success. Let us stop the facade that our governments have enjoyed warm and cordial relations. The Current Government of Zambia wants foreign diplomats to be compliant; with open pocketbooks and closed mouths,” said Ambassador Foote.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Foote says he will not attend World Aids Day celebrations tomorrow because he has received threats against his life following his comments on homosexuality.

Ambassador Foote said he was shocked by the amount of venom and hate directed at him and his country in the name of a “Christian nation”.

Below is the full statement issued by Ambassador Foote

Press Statement from U.S. Ambassador Daniel L. Foote

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA — Let us first acknowledge World AIDS Day, which we will celebrate tomorrow in Zambia.

We highlighted this year’s theme, “Communities make the difference,” last week in Mandevu, with a huge, wonderful, and exceptionally welcoming group from Lusaka’s largest constituency, as we opened a clinic in the market.

Many thanks to the PF supporters, who professionally and kindly provided security for me, showing the benefit of these young men when they’re not being sent on political errands.

The American people have provided more than $4 billion in HIV/AIDS support in the last 15 years. Working closely with the Ministry of Health, we currently have well over 1 million Zambians on life-changing anti-retroviral medicine, touching close to half of the families in the country. By knowing your HIV status and being on treatment, which prevents transmission, the only difference between HIV-negative and HIV-positive today is the medicine.

Unfortunately, stigma and discrimination remain as our biggest mutual challenges in eradicating the AIDS epidemic. Discriminatory and homophobic laws, under the false flags of Christianity and culture, continue to kill innocent Zambians, many of whom were born with the virus. Your citizens are terrified of being outed as HIV-positive, because of the inaccurate and archaic associations between HIV and homosexuality.

Lamentably, I will be unable to attend tomorrow’s AIDS Day events because of threats made against me, via various media, over my comments on the harsh sentencing of homosexuals.

My job as U.S. Ambassador is to promote the interests, values, and ideals of the United States. Zambia is one of the largest per-capita recipients of U.S. assistance in the world, at $500 million each year. In these countries where we contribute resources, this includes partnering in areas of mutual interest, and holding the recipient government accountable for its responsibilities under this partnership.

The U.S. government is far from perfect, and we always welcome feedback, including from Zambia through your embassy in Washington.

If we didn’t, we might not have changed our repugnant laws allowing slavery and other human rights contraventions, historical misdeeds for which I passionately apologize.
I highly appreciate the exceptional welcome and friendship extended by Zambia’s wonderful people throughout my two years here, and I have nothing but the highest respect for your citizens.

I read with interest Honorable Minister Malanji’s reaction to my opinion regarding the harsh sentencing of a homosexual couple, and the hundreds of other comments made by Zambian citizens on social media.

I was shocked at the venom and hate directed at me and my country, largely in the name of “Christian” values, by a small minority of Zambians. I thought, perhaps incorrectly, that Christianity meant trying to live like our Lord, Jesus Christ. I am not qualified to sermonize, but I cannot imagine Jesus would have used bestiality comparisons or referred to his fellow human beings as “dogs,” or “worse than animals;” allusions made repeatedly by your countrymen and women about homosexuals. Targeting and marginalizing minorities, especially homosexuals, has been a warning signal of future atrocities by governments in many countries. In my heart, I know that real Zambian values don’t merit your country’s inclusion on that list, ever.

I agree that this this issue is completely up to Zambians to decide. You are blessed with a diversity of Christian denominations, and while I understand that many are not Catholic, let me cite Pope Francis. He has repeatedly spoken about the need for his Church to welcome and love all people, regardless of sexual orientation. In 2016, the Pope said, “When a person arrives before Jesus, Jesus certainly will not say, ‘Go away because you are homosexual.’”
While I am not here to litigate our bilateral disagreements point by point, I would like to share the U.S. perspective directly, before it’s filtered through Zambia’s state-controlled media.

I agree that we should be working to improve critical issues like food insecurity and the electricity shortage, but Americans can’t do it alone, without cooperation from your government. The U.S. brought energy experts to work with Zambian ministries for over two years, and we jointly developed a plan to reform the sector and ensure better electricity delivery to the people. This plan has been dormant for over a year, because of domestic politics. We’ve seen the awful impact of the drought, and I expect to imminently announce additional American help for those most affected by hunger.

In my two years, I have strived to improve the U.S.-Zambia partnership, with minimal success. Let us stop the façade that our governments enjoy “warm and cordial” relations. The current government of Zambia wants foreign diplomats to be compliant, with open pocketbooks and closed mouths.

Minister Malanji reminded me that I have “always been granted audience to the Ministry and the Government of Zambia.” That is not the case. With few exceptions, the U.S. President’s personal representative to Zambia—me—has been relegated to meeting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Permanent Secretary level. Despite $500 million in annual American, debt-free support to the Zambian people, I have been granted exclusive bilateral audience with the President only five times in two years, usually with delays of months upon my request, and little action of mutual interest has been taken by State House. Last week, we rearranged my schedule—and I’m somewhat busy administering a half-a-billion dollars in annual programs here—to meet with the President on Friday. On Friday, State House told me to come Saturday, a day already filled with rescheduled meetings. That’s not mutual respect. Both the American taxpayers, and Zambian citizens, deserve a privileged, two-way partnership, not a one-way donation that works out to $200 million per meeting with the Head of State.

The Foreign Minister accused me of interfering with Zambia’s internal affairs, as he has done each time any foreign diplomat accredited to Zambia offers an opinion different to that of the current Zambian government, and of “questioning the Zambian constitution.” I just re-read Zambia’s entire constitution, which I believe is an admirable document, and there is no reference to “having sex against the order of nature,” or of homosexuality for that matter. Your constitution does declare, however, to uphold “a person’s right to freedom of conscience, belief or religion; the human rights and fundamental freedoms of every person;” to “respect the diversity of the different communities of Zambia;” and to “promote and protect the rights and freedoms of a person.” It is up to Zambian citizens and the courts to decide if your laws correspond to your constitution, but your constitution itself provides every person the right to freedom and expression of conscience and belief. I expressed my belief about a law and a harsh sentencing I don’t agree with. I didn’t interfere in internal affairs.

When considering the status of Zambia’s “very independent” judiciary, I note the President’s strong, recurring statements in July through yesterday rejecting homosexual rights and “gayism.” I wonder if that could have any impact on the courts. Again, this is a matter for the Zambian people to decide, but the Zambian people deserve transparency and truth.

Regarding the Minister’s denials over my comments about government officials stealing millions of dollars in public funds, the government always requests “evidence” of such misdeeds. Is that really the role of the international community? In recent history, numerous donor partners have carried out investigations, with the cooperation of the Zambian government, concluding that many millions of dollars have been misappropriated in the Ministries of Community Development and Social Welfare, Education, and Health. In most cases, the Zambian government assumed responsibility and quietly made restitution to the donating organizations from public funds. However, like the lack of public information made available on Zambia’s debt acquired over the past few years, the government has chosen not to share this vital data with its citizens, nor have we seen assertive corruption prosecutions. If this happened with funds from a handful of donors in a few ministries, what could be happening on a broader basis?
Hundreds, maybe thousands, of Zambian citizens have expressed despair to me about sharing conflicting opinions, fearing intimidation, imprisonment, physical assault, closure of media houses, etc.; examples of which are well documented in recent years. These dissenting opinions are certainly not shared by state-controlled media such as ZNBC, Zambia Daily Mail, and Times of Zambia. It’s time to advocate for a real voice for all Zambians and uphold a person’s right to freedom of conscience and belief.

I have consistently pledged that it’s not my place to tell Zambia what to do, but that I would always be honest and frank. The exceptional yearly assistance from American to Zambian citizens, and the constitution of Zambia, should enable all of us to express our opinions without acrimonious accusations or actions. I hope the government of Zambia commits to improve its decaying relationship with the United States, but that is a decision for it to make.


  1. If 2 men and 2 women decide to live together as a couple, that is their own fish to fry. It should not involve any one else. That is that

    • When the state enters your bedroom these are the consequences …for sure of what business is it to the state and any other person for that matter what you do and what you prefer sexually. Can someone even help me explain what crime this is?? Crime is always injurious to someone else …where does this one fit???

    • I see Zambia coming out with a “bloody nose” on this issue. Regardless of what we say about rejecting gays in our country, it still happens in private even now as we speak even in our prisons. My view is that our churches should have been the best conduit to teach people on the bible’s word against this and not the government jailing its citizens for actions which even some people in government might be doing.

    • What I want is every country to withhold all aid completely. Completely people. Zambia should not receive a scent from any western country.

      Let this country collapse. Am with the judges for sentencing these two as its the law but we have criminal minsters that can break the law with impunity and the police are small puppies with tails between their legs unless someone is not pamafi.

      Kick US out Zambia common. Show some balls.


    • Thank you Amb Foote.
      PF is a grouping. Thank you very much for calling them out and exposing their misdeeds and their attempts to cover it up.
      This is a corrupt government. Period.
      If the US AID is withdrawn, consequences will be dire. Lungu was extremly unwise to go on sky and start saying “the US can withdraw aid if they want”. 500million per year is not a joke. It will increase Zambia’s suffering.
      And to think that launching a “protest” will change anything. Foote is saying exactly what the Trump Admin wants him to say. If you dont want foote, you will have to expel him. And then dance to the tune of Trump! I think the consequences will be a good catalyst to help us get rid of Mr. Not Much Not Much

    • After MCS died, Zambia had close to 4billion USD in reserves. Since that time, under Lungu, those reserves are down to ZERO! And what do we have to show for it? NOT MUCH, NOT MUCH.

    • We told you fi PF!! You touched the untouchables.
      Be selective, if you want ukulinganya amathoole go find countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, those are your PF government friends…. Keep USA at a good respectable distance.
      2021 is few months from now.

    • Zambians should just shut up! Our GDP is so small it can only be compared to the GDP of a city in the US. We depend on FOREIGN AID- sad but true. I know social media gives us some boldness but we can not stand up to the USA. This is 2019 we need to respect peoples rights. Homosexualism is not part of the African culture that is okey. Neither is corruption , greed, Brazilian wigs, yoga, weight lifting ,Netflix etc… What is done in private should not be anyones business.If it was done in town centre then yes its our business. Lungu is foolish to say we will keep our poverty..we all know he is not poor and will be flying all over the world while the rest of us languish. Focus on corruption.Those homos did not cause load shedding.Free the homos arrest corrupt PF leaders

    • I am waiting for Sunday Chanda’s response.
      Even the international community is fade up with PF, we have received the sign, mama!

    • Foote, now I can hear you clearer. Your $500 Million Aid to Zambia is not for free. Zambia has to dance to you gay tune otherwise you will withdraw your aid. What a world, Zambians we are in trouble. Foote your thinking and behaviour of bullying poor Zambia is unfair… you cant impose your immoral Culture on people just because your help them. GRZ, you have heard the condition America is putting on its aid to Zambia. Please work hard to develop Zambia ..stop stealing and corruption so that you develop Zambia otherwise you have no option but to dance to the gay tune of America…..

    • Zambia has always enjoyed its relationship with the great United States of America until Marks Storella left and we have this physical entinty called Foote in the US Embassy in Zambia.
      It is begining to be clear that this guy, Foote, has a lot of issues and is just short of the direct assault on calling the Zambian Government Corrupt.
      His mouthful here clearly indicate that he is a very bitter guy who sides with the deads. Foote is a danger to our democracy and like I have always warned on this podium, Aid and donations from the likes of Foote comes with strong strings. This guy is not an Ambassador, he is like a rogue emissary with a dark agenda for Zambia. Can Foote leave Zambia please?

    • Uncle Daniel Foote,
      I support uncle Daniel Foote and I am sure that all Western governments also advocate his position. The initial problem is that the Lungu administration is of the view that it is entitled to rule Zambia indefinitely. The PF party hierarchy further feels that both the PF leadership and its rank and file can commit any crime and normalise it with impunity. Uncle Foote did not address the press in order to defend anyone, but he simply presented hard facts so that Zambians can make well-informed decisions about myriad unfair happenings. The PF hierarchy feels that its insanity has no limits. Thanks uncle Foote

    • Yah, why is the PF government demanding respect from everyone? Why should a person demand honour from others when he or she cannot even respect his or her own conscience? The PF hierarchy trivialises christian values and abuses the Zambian constitution in order to accommodate and promote its illicit behaviours and severe tribal-based treatment of certain tribes. It then turns around and start ranting about love and unity, which is designed to definitively entrench itself in power, whilst deferring real democratic change aspired by myriad Zambians.The PF party must come back to reality and realise that respect is earned.

    • Everyday when I go to innumerable places (such as hotels, malls, restaurants, cinema halls, sports fields, stadiums or offshore islands) I consistently interact with homosexual people. However, I am not a homosexual person. In fact, I do not hate anyone whose sexual orientation deviates from the ‘natural’ sexual relationship between a man and a woman. In returning to the PF regime, it can be correctly argued that this party has overstepped its limits and such a conduct invites decisive reaction from Washington. The PF is increasingly becoming unpopular both at home and overseas. The PF is susceptible to making reckless statements and this is a symbol its final exit. Thanks uncle Foote

    • Can Congress in the US subpoena Foote please. He is a suspect.
      “…we jointly developed a plan to reform the sector and ensure better electricity delivery to the people. This plan has been dormant for over a year, because of domestic politics…” what is this guy talking about?
      This Foote thing is a hypocrite. Has he been sitting on this project?
      The likes of this guy would acquire funding from his country and decide to pocket it ka them blame itvon Government. Why is he telling us this?
      I don’t trust Foote.

    • It is a symbol of its final exit. Thank you very much uncle Foote. Please, uncle Foote convince opa Trump and US Congress to apply strict smart targeted strategic sanctions against all senior PF officials. Convince other countries to freeze any asserts in foreign lands owned by senior PF officials. In fact, such asserts must be returned to a future corrupt free legitimate Zambian government. Please uncle Foote and opa Trump, many PF officials who cannot account how they accumulated enormous wealth must be arrested and tried on TV by impartial senior judge presidents before the entire world. The US prosecuted Noriega. The US must also do the same regarding the Zambian saga.

    • Wow! My thoughts go well ahead of my words! Courageous people speak their minds and cowards speak the minds of others. Thank you Your Excellence Mr Foote for outlining this issue in the way you have done. Zambians have been denied a voice by the authoritarian regimes that stamp out any discerning views other than those of the intimidating state controlled media houses. We are in a dictatorship and that is the truth of the matter. The only friends of Zambia are the communists and oppressive governments of China and the Middle East. You the Americans are fighting really hard to bring the fore-mentioned countries in the fold and you will surely bring them onboard to be friends of the world – I wonder what will happen to us when that happens. The Soviet Union was broken up with your help as…

    • Ambassador Foote has threatened that the US will withhold aid to Zambia if the country does not legalise homosexuality. Yes that is what he is trying to say
      Zambians and all Africans Welcome to imperialism. Now you understand why Arabs have been fighting US influence religiously. The US wants everyone in the world to start behaving like them


    • This guy wants to meet our president every day atase! Who does he think he is? God? Isn’t 4 times in two years enough? The Chinese ambassador has only met Lungu once this year

  2. Trump will withhold assistance anytime. Malanji is playing to the gallery for nothing. You don’t expect someone giving you handouts to help the masses while you keep siphoning it and expect more handouts. This is the end of PF. The US is tired of these thieves.

    • I think this particular ambassador is a failure mwe.
      Ati he’s been sitting on the power development plan. Mmmmh it’s been gathering dust in his office. Was he asking for kickbacks?
      By the way, they call kickbacks “quid pro quo” in America.
      FBI must investigate Foote. He could be corrupt you know.

  3. The US government know about the massive corruption and lawlessness under ECL and the PF.
    Why are they even entertaining them.
    The US and other like minded bilateral partners should halt financial aid just like the British government did.The PF have recklessly borrowed and largely squandered $19 billion since 2011.
    Let the PF and their blind supporters face the consequences of their actions.

    • Corruption is bad infact extremely bad. Foote is equally bad infact extremely unprofessional.
      A rogue emissary.
      Foote please leave mwe!

    • Meaning that if gays are allowed the US will ignore the corruption? And some Zambians are clapping for Foote. There is pride even in poverty. Wake up Zambians. For some this is a sure way that PF is gone.

    • @Matumbo. Why do you read things on your own way? He is just pointing out the double standards the Zambian Government exhibits. People who siphon public funds (your money) for personal use are given preferential treatment while those who commit crimes that have little impact on your livelihood are punished harshly. Can’t that raise your eyebrows?

    • Meanwhile there are jails in America packed with all sorts of convicts and black kids die on the street at the hands of corrupt cops in America. Indeed “Let he who has not sinned be the first to cast the stone” in fact let the country without jails be the first to cast the stone.

  4. Nice one Foote ….. Zambia cannot be receiving this much support from the USA and on the other hand pretend it doesn’t subscribe to American values …… does the PF realize a large chunk of some of the money is from Gay people like the taxes chaps like Apple CEO pays ???? Don’t con people ..if you are serious wean yourselves from Donor aid and then you can develop your massive mouths

    • If you are called a Country, you should not be depending on handouts.
      An ever begging Zambia will bleed more Foote cronies.
      I am okay without disrespectful foote.

  5. The PF government has two Gay cabinet Ministers, one is married and one is single, trust me I know, sssshhhhh

  6. Ambassador Foote, we the Zambian people distance ourselves from the careless statements made by Malanji, please continue providing assistance because if you stop Malanji and his thieving fellow cabinet members will not suffer it is us the people of Zambia.
    In fact please ask that ECL to sack Malanji as a condition for further assistance.

  7. Nice letter and apologetic there Indeed relations are warm at individual and private level 10 about of 12 people will rank america first to Chinese or other Yesterday in mandevu you were shown support and respect Statehouse values your support and presence In Zambia and you shall always welcome at anytime for partnerships and engagements

    We move on and lets learn from our mistakes

  8. The PF know that that the US and many western nations endorse gay rights.
    Why does the PF go begging for money from them?
    Worse still, the PF fly their ministers to South Africa and India for treatment when they are sick . South Africa and India support LGBT rights.
    The PF and its minions are hypocrites.

  9. Stupid and arrogant diplomat. Typical of his master Trump…! Should we lose our values because America is helping us? Is the help meant to silence us? And the negative minded opposition followers are in support of this? Now it’s clear that upnd will allow homosexuality when they form government…!! God will not allow homosexuality oriented parties to rule Zambia..!

    • Did you also here energy experts came and upto now nothing has happened? Did you also hear funds have been misapplied in some ministries and especially community and health?
      Why are we not as mad on these issues that is not helping us move forward?
      We may debate the merits and demerits of how far they can impose their values but each time we pass a begging bow, we also surely can expect them to express their dissatisfaction or opinion. They have not said like before, that aid is tied to amending the constitution! For once, can we also be mad at issues affecting all of us!!!

    • This is getting interesting. The deads are getting excited.
      We’re getting whacked for getting along with Beinjin and raising mine taxes.

      Get strong mother Zambia and oppose this son of an imperialist. Ain’t our memories still fresh?

      I warned you about donations, didn’t I?

    • Even China is complaining about the PF government. They will not complain public but do worse things like grabbing your prized assets.

  10. Well, I personally note the issues raised by the ambassador and the debate whether he overstepped his boundaries or not will be debated for a long time. However, the message on relationship being not so good needs to be addressed for the sake of many people directly benefiting from programs by the American people. Thank you very much.
    To expect them to continue pumping in resources but at same time keep quiet is not knowing what Americans or western values are. Our own best top diplomat when he took over RSA, ambassador Mwamba, called xenophobia as it was, not fearing what the then government under Zuma said. He couldn’t stand Zambians being victimized. He demanded protection of Zambians in RSA. We really loved him for standing out! That is representing Zambia!!!

  11. America would have done far better if the Zambia -USA relations were strained on matters of corruption.Nuff said.

  12. These two were not sentenced to death. Foote what about your America whose white racist policemen have killed many unarmed black men, what about your death rows which are filled with black men some who are innocent, what about your judicial system, what about your trump who openly shows he is a racist.

  13. Mr.Ambassador you can continue giving your funding to the party that is helping you champion gayism in Zambia. By the way we even encourage you to give more food to give their starving .

  14. Ambassador Foote says he will not attend World Aids Day celebrations tomorrow because he has received threats against his life following his comments on homosexuality.”

    I hope both two governments USA and Zambian listen to ambassador Daniel foote concerns about is life. Please allow USA to provide extra security for the ambassador. Please don’t turn a blind eye on this,

    Most transparency grievances from ambassador Daniel Foote, that need transparency response.

  15. Best would be to impose travel sanctions on dull Lungu and his !d!otic cabinet. That way, US allies will do the same and these fcukers will be confined to visiting China and Uganda

    • Wow!
      The sanctions h² advocated for whilst in the US.
      I knew the deads would be excited with the rogue emissary Foote.
      Zambia has issues with this physical entity, Foote. He is on a dangerous mission.

    • Thorn in the Flesh


      Just look how du.ll these rats are, big loud mouths , yet nothing to back up…….

      You are a broke country badala, pick your fights wisely ……

    • This is not the first Ambassador to call out the Zambian Government. First it was the UK, then German and now USA. There is indeed some bad things happening in this government and those involved need to be held accountable. Some people may say China our all weather friend is silent and happy. No they are not. China is getting your property silently. When we all collectively wake up, China will own half of Zambia.

  16. Thorn in the flesh

    Where are are You ? And the other idiyootee spuwing gay hatred from the UK , I advised will get in trouble as it is an offence to do that from the uk….

    I told you , pick your fights wisely.

    You are a broke country with a corrupt rotten leadership.

    • I was farming pal. You know insala nindiminwa, tempulilwa. My household doesn’t need donations and aid from Foote. Now I see why you crazy folks debunked Sondashi Formula and insisted on incessant clinical trials.
      Whilst I, Thorn, doesn’t support corruption, I also don’t support Foote’s rants and insolence. I personally don’t need his support. You know I hate donations and foreign aid but for those who care, I know that even without Foote, you folks were still receiving the so called aid from the great people of America.
      It’s up to you with your fear for Aid freeze from unstable and loud mouth hypocrite Foote.
      This beef is between gay Foote, h² on one side and the Zambian people, ECL and Malanji.

    • What a load of tosh! Have you watched the news today? Foote is the one that looks like the armature he is. Have you heard the British or other EU countries comment on this issue?

      I bet you would let your boss have his way with you and your entire household just to get a xmas bonus. Pathetic apes behind!!!

    • Thanks to Seed.Co and Nitrogen Chemicals for seed and fertilizer and our arable land that don’t come from the Mighty US.
      Foote shall not dictate his values on ours.
      Owe to you who worry about footes pronouncements and his alleged sour relationship between the great Governments of the US and the UP.
      Take the UP as the the United Provinces of Zambia.
      Can this gay rogue emissary leave please? !!!
      I am like cut that aid, maybe just maybe we will wake up from our slumber.

    • Thorn in the Flesh

      This is how du.ll and selfish PF rats are…..you probably won’t be affected from this fall out, but millions of Zambians will…


      I see you have tonned fown your vile rehtoric against gays while yoy blog from the UK ?, good boy. GCHQ will track you down and deport you.
      Bassop, this other du.llest rat , FYI the USA is the eminent supper power , what the USA says Europe does.

    • @Spaka. The country is extremely dead broke. I wonder we have leadership. As you know I am naturally PF but picking fights against USA is unnecessary. PF seems to lack strategic thinkers and thus can’t analyze the tone of the US ambassador. US is not against Zambia whose 80% of the population (probably 90% under President Lungu) living with deadly poverty levels but against corruption. What sort of the country we have! Budget huge proportion of it externally funded, eurobond they chewed, donor fund chewed, they borrow they chew half of it! Tone down PF you dealing with bail out masters. Tone down PF lest you widen the exit gate!

    • America needs to wean Zambia some day. Not on account of Foote’s hogwash.
      Was that aid meant to last forever?
      I don’t think so.
      We can’t a foreigner make wild allegations and blindly coerce us into shunning our values.

  17. If lungu and his GRZ do not climb down from their self imposed importance, sanctions and the withdrawal of aid will see the end of them.

    We told you, pick your fights wisely.

    Lets see lungu and his pf rats deport the USA ambassodor……

    • That’s the heart of cowards. You effing live for others.
      The US is almost fulfilled. I would rather they sent us technical knowhow not physical aid and donations. Or maybe just nothing so we grow some brain.
      If the US listens to this rogue emissary Foote and close the embassy, you will suffer just a little but when you heal, you will be stronger than before. Because you will be using your intellect and will power and efforts and knowledge to run this country.
      Ask yourself was American Aid and donation meant to last forever? I definitely don’t think so.
      Foote is tying is misbehavior to American aid. Foote is an American, he is not America. Trump goes, ungrateful Foote goes. Foote must leave.

    • @Thorn in the Flesh
      Your tough talk sounds great fitting the mathematical model of dead Mugabe. The outputs have no recovery factors but on trajectory of condemning millions of people to xenophobic South Africa. Zimbabwe is gone, recovery at dictates of Bail out masters. Zambia today is topping in every bad things including poorest performing currency in the world. The other day ZMW over SA Rand equal 1. Source of worries. Actually the President should fire cabinet entire and hire people like you and others to a New cabinet, and if you don’t perform within a month fired! We can’t afford to have Zambia another Zimbabwe.

    • You call it tough talk, I call it truth.
      We are not gonna beg forever. Foreign aiders must/will some day wean you.
      This country shall not continually depend on foreign aid and get comfortable. The route to economic emancipation begins when they wean us off.
      Get real.

    • Externally funded budget and you expect to wean off. Thorn, I like your weaning off narrative. The US is the mother with breakfast milk and Zambia is sucking infant! My humble appeal read again what Donald Trump said about Zambia when Dr Siambiakula presented his credentials to him. Zambia must wean off herself from sucking the West. I speak with real time variables, this is a country which failed to utilize free trade window with USA. All the funds in agoa sucked. We failed to utilize the goat meat free trade window with Saudi Arabia. All the funds in goat project sucked. Songs of freedom emancipation won’t work in multiple polar world. The world is so globalized Once you slide back you become door mat for all. Zimbabwe is the case. Economies have become super competitive.

    • You don’t seem to get it.
      UK, US and other western countries will not continually provide aid for you for free.
      These folks need you more than you need them. KK policy at some point was to see a self reliant Country. They don’t want you to wean but you gotta have a plan to wean yourselves off. These handouts you continuously beg for bleeds folks like you (mentally enslaved) who think it is impossible and the likes of Foote who will make unreasonable demands for his dollar. Do you understand what you’re dealing with? Wean please wean slowly but sure. Aid keeps you poor in the long run. Emancipate your self from mental slavery.

    • @Thorn in the fresh
      Certainly you don’t seem to get me. Weaning slowly when corruption in public service is increasing exponentially. Haha Thorn, ….in the fresh I love the truth you generating but it should be matched with controlled measures to halt corruption. Hypothetically, if monies were not corruptly lost in ghost salaries, people in government institution would not be going without salaries for months. I wait for a day when you will condemn corruption.

  18. bbbnnmm Foote, now I can hear you clearer. Your $500 Million Aid to Zambia is not for free. Zambia has to dance to you gay tune otherwise you will withdraw your aid. What a world, Zambians we are in trouble. Foote your thinking and behaviour of bullying poor Zambia is unfair… you cant impose your immoral Culture on people just because your help them. GRZ, you have heard the condition America is putting on its aid to Zambia. Please work hard to develop Zambia ..stop stealing and corruption so that you develop Zambia otherwise you have no option but to dance to the gay tune of America…..

    • Truth hates

      The moral of the story is……chose your fights wisely if you are a broke country.

      There are ways of implementing your laws within the confines of international diplomacy.

      Anyways, with an advisor like kaizer Zulu , what do you expect….?

    • So when we were having issue with h² and his association with ALN and the sodomite meeting, this rogue emissary, Foote, was burning inside ka? This crazy character was looking for an opportunity to vent his feelings. He is a crazy baldhead, chase ’em out’a town. The nigga is exposed.
      Except for the deads, we the Zambian people will stand in solidarity against the sodomite’s rights.
      Relationship with Foote won’t mend, let him leave.

  19. If John Chinena decides to marry John Chinena, that is a private matter! A state that finds itself pre-occupied with private matters ceases to be rational and soon deteriorates into a dictatorship! PF has chosen the wrong enemy! Trump is very good at using his signature! Mwala ipaisha abantu bakaele because of your bigotry! Zambia’s balls will be squeezed soon! Someone is following in the wrong footsteps of Mugabe! Zambians must ask themselves if they want ECL to make Zambia another Zimbabwe! This is how it started in Zim and I was privileged to be in Zim to witness everything! That’s where Zambia is going! Very unfortunate!

    • Who told your @ss that American Aid and Donations to Zambia was gonna last forever?
      Learn to live. Learn to build you country. Make it beautiful. If America shows you a cold shoulder, stop being non aligned. Choose your friends wisely.

  20. Foote isn’t talking from without, they even know how much each Minister has stolen. That’s what America does. The PF chaps are playing with fire. They think we don’t know what’s happening. Most people serving in PF will end up in prison. If Mwanawasa’s Ministers and Commanders are in jail what about Edgar’s? Life in Govt is fake, I don’t even know why people fight for GRZ positions. In Kaunda time, we were told that he gave priority to the Army Commander, British High Commissioner and the American Ambassador in that order. Whoever requested an meeting from among these KK would cancel all programs to meet them, even if it’s at short notice. May be Edgar is shy to meet the Ambassador with jemasoni reeking. Ubwalwa bwa mungulu

  21. Yena homosexuality no Mr ambassador do not pretend that you want to promote equality coz we already know that the united states of america is out there been used by the devil to provoke GOD and change the lords law of marriage between a man and a woman by bringing in evil schemes and practices such as the promotion of the gay agenda. and mind you my fellow Zambians, Zambia is very likely to receive economic sanctions from america and other European countries because of its stance against homosexuality . and if you didn’t know homosexuality is the 666 mark of the beast which says you will not sell and you will not buy until you have the mark called 666 : meaning any country that opposes homosexuality that country and its citizens will suffer economic sanctions whereby the economy…

  22. I can safely say because of how naive and du.m lungus advisors are, this could be the beginning of the end for this regime.

    I predict a massive climb down including pardoning the gay guys when lungu and his team realise the fallout they have on their hands.

    This climb down will not be enough…..why ???

    Because lungu and pf survive on violence and intimidation and they are Now definitely under the microscope of the West.

    Let’s hope they PF can survive under the scrutiny.

    • Thorn in the Flesh

      I am 80% right in my predictions.

      I am born and bred Lusaka komboni street hasseler come good with education.

      I know Zambians more than you know your self.

    • Spaka
      Don’t worry buddy, I will offer you my shoulder to cry on come 2021.
      I ain’t messing witchu!
      It will be like Bam! Baby good nite.

  23. He has raised the issue of engagement but as we Know President Lungu the Ambassador could have not effectively set his agenda There is such a thing as lobbying in economic diplomacy to make yourself present for business Diplomatic economic lobbying is an art and a true reality for business and Governments to achieve results in the typically complex Geopolitical sense

    He is welcome very welcome to do business and engage authorities anytime He must not be fearing Chinese or be boxed by Chinese he must rise to the challenge and work with government That is the issue

  24. A thief is a lazy person who lacks good initiative. All a thief knows is to deprive genuine owners what they worked so hard for. While the Zambian people work hard this government has been busy stealing and enriching themselves. Because excessive theft and the resources coming in from taxes not being enough they they took borrowing into overdrive and heaping more problems on the people while they increased their own salaries.Docile Zambians are the ones taking this country back. How we fail to rise up together and make every servant we have put in leadership position accountable for their deeds puzzles me. We need more people like shoen Tembo if this country will progress

  25. Those days of threats are gone Eu and east are there for us.the east as changed zed.Ind u triumph will be out but people of USA and zamb8ans will remain.
    You may support JJ but people know h as a big fu we like ericans but not in your way

  26. US Ambassador Foote has certainly LOST track of his diplomatic mission in Africa Why should he publicly complain for being assigned audiences with the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? The state of his (Mr. Foote) mental faculty should worry the US Secretary of State on the personnel assigned to administer diplomatic services in Africa. Not long time ago, India was regarded as backward, thriving with food shortages. Yet India is now an exporter of food surpluses to the world. This time around, African and Asian leaders are alert to machinations of some western states with regard to sustainable development programs. Hence the need to resort to quiet diplomacy.

  27. Clearly Lungu does not like to meet with people who try to correct him. Calling for stiffer punishment on corruption is an agenda we Zambians should collectively advocate for. Corruption is a decay that escalates other problems like poverty. There is no good results that ever come out of corruption. Unqualified people get employed because of corruption, contracts get awarded to unqualified contractors, most scholarships go to unworthy students. There should also be no immunity for a president after they serve their terms because this immunity thing is what make them steal with impunity and mock you later on to say you can’t do this to me because I was a President.

  28. Remember Daniel Noriega, once a darling of the George Bush Sr. government where he ended up? The Americans have more data on ecl than you think! They know what “cargo” the presidential plane has been carrying whenever his “soul mate” uses it! it cant take much to do a “Noriega” on Lungu. Lungu must not start a tiff he cannot finish!! There is a bigger picture to this and Foote has cryptically alluded to it. Uzapya munzi.

  29. Africa shall still be around when western nations are long gone. It is God’s purpose. They will try to impose their agenda because European populations are dwindling as we speak. White women are refusing to bear children, and some are just barren. It is sins of their fathers visiting the children. This little tantrum can and will be squashed. Most of you Zambians are veiled and cannot see. The West fears the population explosion of Africa and Asia. No matter how much technologically advanced the world gets, population and people still are the single most important resource on the planet. Why do you think the boers do not want to go back home to Holland?

  30. “Meanwhile, Ambassador Foote says he will not attend World Aids Day celebrations tomorrow because he has received threats against his life following his comments on homosexuality.”

    This man is day dreaming. Zambians do not issue death threats, they will insult you and you ancestors though kikikikiki.

  31. Comment:The boma has said no to homosexual so the man is bitter on upnd can support this nonsense otherwise we salute Malanji and the entire government thumb up…homosexual are crying

  32. Threatening other people is a crime. Why does what Ambossader foote has to be threatend because of saying the truth. Jailing those two men for 15 years just because they are homo’s is not fair. Zambia should change it’s laws. The ones on top wants to show the world that they are tough, while they are big thieves. They are just Trying to close people’s eyes so that people don’t see that they are just stealing. I don’t agree with this president. What the Zambian government wants is to get support from the western world, and on top of that they are have a big mouth when they are challenged. We are living in a modern world now. This shows that in Zambia there is no FREEDOM OF SPEACH. Or this must change in Zambia. People are afraid to speak because other wise they will be arrested.
    What is…

  33. Your Excellency Ambassador Foote, like I said yesterday please speak out before you go, its valuable information for us which the ZNBC and salaryless Times and Daily withhold from us. And if you do leave this country, please reveal everything that you know, we need to know the truth about our own country.
    The cookie is crumbling indeed.
    “The Way the Cookie Crumbles”, wrote one James Hadley Chase.

  34. We should not be hearing things about our country from foreigners, but under the circumstances, why not?
    “The Guilty are Afraid”, said JHC.

  35. Americans hate corruption…… And Zambia is in the red light… Gay or straight our government is full of thieves and most of them know themselves

  36. When a lawyer steals clients money! a widows money for that matter and is de-registered by LAZ! what Christian principle is in it? When one rigs elections only to steal all the confers in the country, is it Christianity really. PF must learn to tell the truth at least no matter how hard it is. Now it is very clear everyone including the international community are fed up with PFools. All HIV patients depend entirely on US money and a dictator goes viral ranting as if it can provide for patients.

  37. Zambia I speak good over you! Your help my beloved country does not come from the east nor west . Your help comes from LORD ,the maker of heaven and earth! He who watches over you never slumbers nor sleep. Be strong and of good courage!!!!

  38. China…move faster and take the US’s place in Zambia. Foote has concluded the USA has a dark future in Zambia.

    • China has already taken over Zambia. But still China cares little about Zambia with a market of 2 million people. The rest cant buy anything but depend on handouts.

  39. If Zambia collapses Malanji can run back to Angola where he came from as a refugee! Further, it’s hypocritical to claim that Zambians Love their God with such a thieving tribalistic government. Suffice to say this coalition course with the US will devastate Zambia, mark my word.

  40. Imagine Malanji, a damn clueless ex convict illegal alien through his stinking ignorance endangering Zambians by engaging in foolish arrogance before his pay masters, he needs to be shot! Lungu’s behavior is not surprising, the man needs a head transplant!

    • @Ilunga
      Black Americans? They carry same blood as their forefathers in Africa. Never put hope in them. Barrack Obama infact a Kenyan, killed Muammar Gaddafi and destroyed Libya. That’s black Americans for you. Look at Liberia the whole country is black Americans but their acts mentally decimated.

Comments are closed.

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