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Zambia Police distances themselves from the raid on Kaiser Zulu’s house

General News Zambia Police distances themselves from the raid on Kaiser Zulu's house

Kaizer Zulu
Kaizer Zulu

Police have distanced themselves from reports that officers in Lusaka have raided the house of President Edgar Lungu’s Kaizer Zulu.

Acting Zambia Police spokesperson Danny Mwale says at no time did police move in for such an act.

Mr Mwale has since urged members of the media as well as the public to disregard the same information and treat as false.

He has further warned those behind the same false information not to dare the police as they will apply the law firmly once they get hold of them.

It has been reported in some sections of the media that Police this morning raided the home of Kaizer Kaizer Zulu who has in the last few weeks made headlines for wrong reasons.

A docket was recently opened in a case where Mr Zulu hit into a school bus and few days later set ablaze grass thatched houses at a farm he claim to be his in Mikango area.


  1. I think Kaizer Zulu has managed to displace Pamela Gondwe as Zambia’s person of the year. It is not too late, Zambians can still vote “Zambian of the year 2019”

    Kaizer Zulu
    Pamela Gondwe
    Chilufya Tayali
    Amos Chanda
    Chanda Nyela
    Bowan Lusambo
    Chishimba Kambwili
    Tutwa Ngulube
    Emmanuel Mwamba
    Isaac Yali Mwanza
    Antonia Mwanza
    Andrew Yali Ntewewe
    Sunday Chanda

    • If interpol can’t help arrest Kaiser this week, so let the citizens lead by Lusambo arrest him!!
      Kaizer should just do himself a favor, just point gun in his mouth and they will blame the opposition.

    • When Anonymous point’s out the Wako ni Wako syndrome under PF bandits…Danny Mwale protecting Kaizer Zulu…where did all these Easterners come from…from nowhere its Phiri,Mwale,Zulu,Ngulube,Nkhuwa,Lungu,Miti etc in all top government positions

    • Zambians are tired of this d0g aka KZ.

      It might be time for citizens to take the law into their own hands and tame this d0g once and for all.

      This KZ was just a laboratory cleaner before joining politics.

      Now he even owns a private plane.

      Now he is virtually the president of Zambia, giving instructions to drunkard Lungu.

      Now he is shagging every girl he meets, even breaking up marriages.

      Filthy d0g this KZ. Spreading diseases around.

    • Zambians are tired of this d0g aka KZ.

      It might be time for citizens to take the law into their own hands and tame this d0g once and for all.

      This KZ was just a laboratory cleaner before joining politics.

      Now he even owns a private plane.

      Now he is virtually the president of Zambia, giving instructions to drunkard Lungu.

      Now he is fuccking every girl he meets, even breaking up marriages.

      Filthy d0g this KZ. Spreading diseases around.

  2. Even the police are scared of KZ? What is happening? If it were Kambwili a full batallion would have been deployed by now.

    • But zoona this country is under serious state capture.
      This thug has disregarded a call out, and police are silent as a grave. When a rumour comes out that the police have actually done their job, they quickly rush to say “no, we havent done our job. We are lazy, cowardly incompetent and corrupt wimps too scared to touch Kaizer”. What a useless country. May God help us.

    • Look at these poodles called police. They are threatening people for reporting a lie but refusing to arrest a criminal. KIKIKIKIKI

      Am loving this


  3. Of course, it was a false report because as it is Kaizer Zulu enjoys protection so Police cannot raid his home. If it a Political figure from an opposition party who has been on a rampage as Kaizer has been, I do not think he would still be outside Police Custody. It does look like we live in a country where the law is applied discriminatorily depending on Political affiliation.

    • Zambia Police, useless, they only act if you are opposition, they should be called opposition police and not Zambia Police, they only arrest after scatter teeth gives a directive, he has to open his stinky mouth and show those f*cken ugly scattered yellow teeth for any one to be arrested…. these thieving ido1ts have destroyed the country

  4. I won’t comment on the merits and demerits of the story but certainly fake news make social media look bad.
    But equally, this tenancy of threatening citizens must stop! Or be applied to all. The person mentioned failed to appear at Woodlands police upon being summoned. For once we thought the police had started doing what was right regarding this individual by asking him to report himself. Media reported he didn’t appear and in all honest we expected a man hunt since the crimes committed appear grave. Please update us where you are on the issue before we are misled by not well meaning people. We need to feel the law is applied equally regardless who we are in this country.

    • You have point but are at the same time weak in your approach. This Kaizar/Kaizer is a terrorist and I encourage mob justice on him.

  5. This is a lie, even President Lungu is scare of Kaizer, you think mere police officers can raid and search his house? Kaizer is the Mafia boss, people think Davis Mwila has power, he is nothing compared to Kaizer.

  6. It is not the police who are dead scared of Kaiser, it is Alfa 1 who is so scared of Kaiser that he develops hiccups each time he thinks of repercussions of disciplining the Raffian N0.1 then he coils back in his supposed camouflage of humbleness which street kids call AMBLENESS, ATI BALIBA AMBLE.

  7. Growing up in the seventies, I never envisaged to see my Zambia the way I see it today. We had a president whose emphasis was discipline among his ministers and other party cadres. Drinking beer excessively was a punishable offence. He had control of the country in all provinces. There was no tribalism, nepotism or regionalism. Today we have a president who does not care about the behaviour of his ministers and the suffering of the general populace. Tribalism and regionalism are at their apex. I look forward to a day when the Zambian people will be respected again. I look forward to a day when an ingenious Zambian will unite the people with assistance from his vibrant ministers. Will I see this happen? Well, not under the current president’s tenure of office, and he does not care.

  8. We are really in serious trouble fellow citizens. So police can come out this quick to defend themselves over a mere social media mishap in form of a speculation just because a name Kaizer Zulu is mentioned???.
    Come On Guys!
    R.I.P Equity.
    We Mourn You Mother Zed

  9. The only qualification Kaizer Zulu has to his name is very strong and powerful witchcraft. Everyone is scared of him. The Zambia Police is scared of him . At State House he is untouchable. How can a civilian wield so much power is unthinkable. But he told us on TV, he delivers elections starting from the time Mr MC Sata became president. As zambian we need to deliver ECL from this two headed snake with horns which has captured the Presidency. He is the one the Nigerian Prophet refereed to. He does not operate from the physical world we live in.

  10. The man who is above the law. The untouchable, Kaizer Zulu. He dictates and everyone coughs. Even the president, is made to kneel down before him. He butchers people at his own will. You stand in his space, he reacts like a lion. He has no respect,whatsover, against any person.

  11. Let Kaisala Zuma report himself to the police to clear his name. The fela has no immunity from arrest for wrong doing, so why are the police running into circles. If they are scared of the unknown let them just come out instead of calling every news item from social media as “Fake News”.

  12. What is this thug still doing in State House, unless the wimp of the appointing authority allows him to constantly embarrass the highest office in the land? Ma rubbish ya leadership aya!

  13. Is that how bad things are in Zambia, or maybe Lusaka only? I mean this Taleban reigning supreme and subject to a different law?
    Certainly there are two constitutions in Zambia, one for Talebans and the other for ordinary citizens, oh sorry and a third for the immune President.


  15. Kaizer’s biggest crime is helping ECL and PF put the violent and strategyless upnd in check. Hh has William Banda, the original vigilante or cadre, as special advisor whose advice and other tribal knuckleheads have constantly failed their party. HATE THE GAME AND NOT THE PLAYER, BUBBLEHEADS!!!!!!!!

  16. I’m not sure how old Kaizarnyo Zulu is but if he is old enough, he would have watched the movie “The Rise and Fall of General Idi Amin” and the brutal role “MaliaMungo” (God’s Money) played in that tragic episode and how he paid a dear price at he hands of Mwalimu’s armed forces as they invaded and deposed his goofy carnibal! This is the very same role Kaizar has curved himself out for under Chagwa’s brutal and incompetent masalamusi masquerading for a government. We all know it was Kaizar Zulu, Nkandu Luonyo and Mwamba who rigged the last polls and installed this dead head as president, payback time is coming, we shall hang you.

  17. Show me a country where a country is smoothly run and you will convince to vote for HH.The whole world is in a mess.Churches are in a mess.Dont even mention moslems.Infact all our homes are in a mess.The love of power,money and wealth has destroyed the world.

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