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Demand for Visitation to State House on account of carrying a bag of 5 billion dollars by Foote is unjustified-Kabimba

Headlines Demand for Visitation to State House on account of carrying a...

Rainbow party president Winter Kabimba
Rainbow party president Winter Kabimba

Rainbow party president Winter Kabimba says claims by us ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote that he has been denied access to State House are unjustified.

Mr. Kabimba says he is personally failing to understand the linkage between donor aid and visitation to state house saying it not a guarantee to enter State House just because Mr. Foote is administering 5 billion of aid.

He says President Edgar Lungu is a busy person and wanting to have an audience with him has to be justified and wondered how many times Zambian ambassador to the United States of America Dr. Ngosa Simbyakula has been given audience by Donald trump.

He recalled that President Lungu during the UN assembly was only accorded an opportunity to meet two junior officers from the state department, not even did he get a chance to meet the secretary of state while Mr. Foote wants to be treated at the level of President Edgar Lungu.

“Ambassador Foote wants to be at the level of President Edgar Lungu just because he is administering 5 billion of aid. If ambassador Foote is saying look, I had a lot of important issues that I wanted to discuss with the president that’s why I wanted to see him,  but to justify his visitation just because he is carrying a bag of 5 billion dollars, no bwana!” Mr. Kabimba said.

Mr. Kabimba said donor aid could also be used to punish poor countries hence the need for self-sustainability through handwork and increased productivity.

“Western countries have used donor aid for regime change because they will starve you to death until people riot on the streets to get the government out. Don’t we read history to see what is happening in the world?” he questioned.

Mr. Kabimba was speaking Tuesday morning when he featured on the burning issues program on 5 FM radio.


  1. In fact, it is easier to organize a demonstration against gay rights than it is to organize a peaceful demonstration against the 20 hours load—shedding that has shut down people’s businesses. In Zambia, proof that the President is gay can make him lose power, but he can’t be voted out even if he admitted that he is a thief. It’s not the laws which are outdated, it is our thinking (News Diggers)

    • Kabimba is very right. Who does this Foote guy think he is for our President to allow him to camp outside State House just because he is from America? There are plenty other diplomats who dont cry when they dont see the President.
      Diplomats dont make noise. They resolve problems silently. When a diplomat starts making noise it means he has failed in his job. He should apply to Trum for the job of Foreign Secretary and then he can come and tell Zambia all the nonsense he is spewing.

    • Who does he think he is? I am pretty sure he KNOWS that he is the man entrusted to ensure tax payer money to the tune of millions of dollars are better accounted for. Who does he think he is? What kind of question is that. We beg, steal aid, then insult without an ounce of reasoning. Wake up.

    • I agree with winter Kabimba…Foote wants white privilage treatment and he is not even a genuine American himself just an immigrant like his boss Trump…Footes statement will never come from real American…he is just an immigrant masquerading as an American..makaka Ambassador

    • ilegal immigrant Ambassador Foote must be deported…he shouldnt be insulting the beautiful people of Zambia…..let HH and Lungu fight each other or Kambwili,Nevers etc but not this morooon Foote

    • Excellent article. Great stuff from former PF secretary general.
      I love Kabimba.
      I almost always want to listen to Kabimba when he speaks.
      Great point.

    • Why not protest the American government for pulling out of the Paris agreement which give our country a fighting chance against climate change? You think electricity will.come from.a protest?

    • This is the same Christianity that the white man brought to Africa and Zambia many many years ago.

      Today we uphold the teachings of Christianity.

      But soon we will change and accept gays. Like it or not, it will happen. I mean we have totally forgotten what we even used to practice before Christianity was imposed on us! In fact gays will be accepted in zed within 10 years.

      Stop being emotional and focus on bigger things. Gays are here to stay.

    • There’s World Trade Organisation (WTO) that the UN created to deal with matters related to international trade disputes. On paper all countries are bound by its rules. Where’s the WTO as China a d USA bicker? That’s the real world and Zambia hasn’t changed it yet. The same with the USA ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote. Show me any African culture where beggars are respected. Same for Zambia. It’s a beggar nation and it’s wrong to expect it to be respected.

    • There’s the real world and a world Zambians wished they lived in. Deal with the world as it is and not as u wished it was. Where in Africa are beggars respected? The same applies to nations. The bigger the aid budget, the more leverage u hv in international relations. The bigger your economy and military, the more influence u hv in the world. That’s just the way it is, as Bruce Brensby once sung in the 1980s.

    • Please ba president Edgar Lungu, president Kabimba is your brother you are from the late Micheal Sata political academy, he is your good successor who would easily win the elections after you. But avoid messing as if HH won the 2021 election that will be the end of most of you because he will late you rot in Jail. So, can you reconcile you two, Edgar and Wynter.?

    • Kabimba has the talent of making wrong comments when least expected.
      With $5billion to handout, Foote should not only have Lungu on speed dial, but he should have a second office at State house.

  2. Remember Daniels dream? All Kingdoms shall pass and only Christ’s shall stand. In the old times Africa stood with Christ twice in his time of need. Only Jesus should have direct access to any president period. Not even Smiling Sikazwe or Kampyongo can go in and out of state house like its their bedroom. Mr. Foote is acting like he might have an African or Zambian lover. Gay senators and representatives from both the republicans and democrats have concealed their true nature from their wives for years.

    • naimwe Jesus and black Africans in which biblical history? Christianity forced upon us, brought by white missionaries. Our forefathers had other forms of worship.

    • And this is the point. Why are we upset when a country that is helping us asks for an audience? We should learn to set our pomposity aside and accept we are beggars. Unless, we become a nation that can look after itself and hold the powers that be responsible for their actions we should respect the mouth offering to feed us for free!

  3. Mr bear foot has no right whats so ever to speak against our law that we gave to ourselves against gay. I have never head the british conderming death senence which US practice, which the british dont practice. And yet the two countries enjoy a health relationship. Mr bear foot, in china their are a lot of issues like, no freedom for press, once found with drugs you are killed, you are corrupt you dead and other negative issues about the chinese goverment toeards its citizens. US government and you mr foot, do not conderm the chinese government laws that are oppressive to the people. Is it because the chinese have money thats why your mouth is shut? Zambia is poor and you give us money thats you can open your mouth and things against us? Sorry sir, gayism is not zambian. Take your…

  4. Wynter doesn’t know what he’s talking about, his stay in Govt was short-lived. The best people to comment are those that served under LPM, FTJ or KK. It has been traditional that the Army Commander, the British High Commissioner and the US Ambassador are treated with priority whenever they seek an appointment with the President. I have mentioned LPM because I know that the US increased its military presence and cooperation under his administration. In fact Zambia was reported to have been among the 5 African governments that kept terror suspects as one of the close US allies. Now if our relations are described as decayed then they’re at their lowest, which is bad. And I’m surprised that Uncle Jimmy and VJ are quiet

    • Who would you allow to frequent State House, USA or China reps?
      As the Chinese government continues to openly show its hand in the volatile local politics, the country’s deputy ambassador to Zimbabwe, Zhao Baogang, has controversially called out ‘ chameleon’ Jonathan Moyo.
      Baogang, was responding to Moyo’s assertions in a recent widely circulated interview that Zimbabwe was a puppet of the Chinese government. He took to Twitter, posting a curt response to the exiled academic and politician Moyo :“in the past decades he changed colors many time just for power.he is power thirsty and his words never believable.”
      To which a visibly annoyed Moyo, attacked the diplomat back posting a response: “
      Obviously democracy is alien to your communist self. It’s your coup colours that are now known…

    • Continue
      It’s your coup colours that are now known to Zimbabweans. Just because you got away with murder in 2017, does not mean you’ll cross that river at the same place again. You’ll soon learn that Zimbabwe is not chicken business!”
      Below is the interview, published in the local daily Newsday, in which Moyo gives his views on role of the Chinese government, that Baogang who was at the airport to welcome General Constantino Chiwenga, back from China, was forced to respond to.
      Jonathan Moyo ; what happened has no precedence, save perhaps in banana republics. And the fact that it happened the way it did, has certified Zimbabwe as a banana republic. You cannot have the senior vice-president, who had been away critically ill and was receiving treatment in China for some five months,…

    • Continue
      … five months, returning on a special Chinese plane to be received by China’s deputy ambassador in Harare, who was head of the welcoming party with no government or ruling party officials. That’s unheard of. The inescapable impression, if not reality, is that China was demonstrating its muscles and exposing Zimbabwe as a Chinese puppet.
      While it is tempting to conclude that the Chinese did not give the Zimbabwean government flight arrival details, which is not sustainable because Chiwenga’s Zimbabwean security was there in numbers, this clearly means that things have fallen apart. There’s now a shell of a government with no centre.
      Zanu PF bigwigs did not expect Chiwenga to return, looking brand new, with the Chinese calling the shots and Zimbabweans playing second fiddle…

    • Continue
      … Zimbabweans playing second fiddle. Mnangagwa was offering Joice Mujuru the vice-presidency held by Chiwenga, while Zanu PF bigwigs were busy jostling for the same position and harassing Chiwenga’s allies in the military, government and in Zanu PF; and hoping that the party’s Goromonzi conference would consign Chiwenga to the dustbin of political history.
      So, the return of a well-made up and well-groomed Chiwenga, with a presidential look, has turned things upside down in the corridors of power. A different power matrix is definitely loading, and the question is not whether it will materialise, but how it will do so and when.

  5. To abuse the phrase of the moment, ” it is the order of nature”. Those with money are respected more than those without. With the biggest kasaka of dollars, Foote expects the most respect which apparently is not getting.

  6. some of you people on here are morons.
    @wina aza.. do your own research before you expose your ignorance.
    read about the death sentence and uk’s take on that.
    and you don’t see what war is going on right now between china and the us? where do you live? didn’t you hear only a couple of weeks ago for instance us’s stance on hong kong protesters
    some of you have people in your own families right there in Zambia who are ho mo…. just because they haven’t come out in the open doesn’t mean there ain’t. and how can they? does that mean that they are less than?
    dan has every right to state his opinion, besides the aid money is coming from a lot of the lgbtq community as well who are taxpayers in the west
    the current penal code regarding this issues was written and put there by the…

  7. the current penal code regarding this issues was written and put there by the british decades back. it’s not even a Zambian law, it’s a draconian lay inherited from the british

  8. if you didn’t listen to da’s whole speech you’ve no right to comment.
    most americans ain’t corrupt, it’s not that lungu is such a busy god that he can’t make time. he sees nothing of value personally to make time for the ambassador, if it’s a Chinese ambassador who requests such a meeting, lungue will make time cuz he knows that they’ll go there with some free stuff/money
    this guy and his goons only care about their pockets that’s why aleponta ati we shall die in/with our poverty. it’s the ordinary Zambians who’ll suffer not him and those around him, that’s why he doesn’t give a f k what happens as long as he muds the water and creates a destruction. if they are clean, why didn’t they address all other issues that dan raised? why just this one issue? stop and think about…

  9. naimwe Jesus and black Africans in which biblical history? Christianity forced upon us, brought by missionaries. Our forefathers had other forms of worship.

    • If you are Not a Christian stop talking about christianity the the legacy FT j left must stand.No Gay in Zambia.

  10. They begin by creating the AIDS Virus in their laboratories to eliminate black people. Then their phamaceautical conglomerates manufacture the anti ritro viral drugs .. then they want to pretend to be good by giving you the drugs funding and want to manipulate others.
    Am sure there are other countries who have these drugs so Mr foot can keep his drugs

  11. A gift has no. Conditions attached to it and if you see any conditions attached to what they say they are helping you then better refuse coz its not a gift.they may force you have six with a dog so that they can help you.

    • Aid is not a gift, there are conditions and accountability is demanded. Stop asking for free stuff and act like a responsible adult !

  12. Iwe winter , who can be giving you $5 billion and not want to raise concerns with lungu ???

    You think Americans just sh.it $$$s ??

  13. “…..and wondered how many times Zambian ambassador to the United States of America Dr. Ngosa Simbyakula has been given audience by Donald trump…..”

    Knowing trump , lungu and the Zambian ambassador would be given a red carpet to the Whitehouse if Zambia was giving the USA
    $5 billion……

  14. “…..and wondered how many times Zambian ambassador to the United States of America Dr. NS has been given audience by Donald trump…..”

    Knowing trump , lungu and the Zambian ambassador would be given a red carpet to the Whitehouse if Zambia was giving the USA
    $5 billion……

  15. “…..and wondered how many times Zambian ambassador to the United States of America Dr. Ngosa Simbyakula has been given audience by Donald trump…..”

  16. Atleast it was consentual when those 2 men were defiling each other but we did not concent to chagwa screwing up our economy like he has done.. bloody koswe mu mpoto

  17. Winter kabimba you are finished, very much on the junk heap of zambian politics. Meembe foolishly thought you were his saviour but alas you fell out for some reason. You are just talking in the hope koswe mu mpoto will pitty you and give you a job of some kind.

  18. What could be more important than 5 billion worth of aid for a poor country like Zambia that cannot afford to give its people ARVs?

    Again what could be more important?

  19. Its worrying how people are so naive to not comprehend Footies main issue…. As usual being dull as we are twasendapo ichushi twasha umulilo….Simply put Footies main issue is CORRUPTION in the government by the government and you people are busy talking gays which is has no bearing to economy…. Please Africans think…think…think…. Your ignorance is way too much….we indeed black and the minds are totally blank and bold black!

  20. You can see how useless the political psyche of Zambia is. Instead of addressing the real issue, he is making the 5 billion a causation. Kwena mwe bekala calo nangu tapasoswa this is getting out of hand. We cannot have clowns sidestepping real issues and blathering about junior officers and all sorts of archaic posturing. In fact nemuuzyani neo kuti health, education, and agriculture ni kukati – you don’t allow these sectors to be donor-driven. But mukuba ndalama then relying on donor funding to aid your innate institutions. Mwefipumbu mwe.

    • When the Chanda koswe’s were piddling the the gay issue we thought it’s the usual propaganda on HH. What we didn’t know is that the chief koswe was shoulder high into it. Guess what, the 2021 campaign is in full swing.

  21. Yes he is justified he has the money and we need it iwe Kabimba u are just as useless at the people supporting yo nonsense no wonder yo political life is finshed

  22. Foote is bring nosense to Zambia we are going to sort him out with polio,zambia ia for the Zambians Foote to hell with your ideology that can only bring bondage on Zambia.ikotuma…….pakichu.

  23. Ambassadors and presidents understand each other. The two institutions represent states on behalf of countrymen and countrywomen. They can seek to discuss issues of national interest. If they do not discuss, how could they possibly resolve problems of climate change, international peace and security, international development cooperation and any other burning issues? Public interest mitigation applied to the situation where good governance, rule of law and democracy needed clarity. Think of proxenetism. It is illegal in the country. However, the security agencies approach it with pragmatism. The same applies apples to street vendors without trading licences. The practice is illegal but security agencies tolerate it on the basis of pragmatism. Take time to blame the victim.

  24. PF SG has spoken.Its better for me to die of poverty and serve my posterity than allowing my nieces,nephews children and grand children to practice same sex marriage. Is this the modern way of population control our continent is large enough to accommodate all its inhabitants.Viva WK

  25. #26 BOKO HARAM, agreed 100%.
    The main baggage here is corruption and Dora, Malanji & company know it but they want to mask it as if LGBT is the main issue even organising party cadres and asking Trible UPND to answer questions which they have already answered. LGBT in this dispute is like the “last straw that broke the camel’s back”.
    Wrong diplomatic etiquette or not, please Ambassador Foote give us more on corruption, we are starved of information. And what’s the point of giving that information as “evidence” to state captured investigative agencies? Give it to us directly, hold more press briefings at your fortified embassy, you are safe there.
    Please Ambassador Foote, even one more briefing for us, provided you reveal all before you are expelled.

  26. Winter Kabimba can not be an authority on anything. The American government keeps our health care systems running and some of our social services. Surely if an Ambassador of such a country wants to see you, you freeze and stop what you are doing to meet him than rushing to Milenge to promise things you cant deliver. I am at pains to understand why a failed project like the rainbow party is still pretending to have a voice.


  28. Kabimba, you have done a one-sided analysis which has not gone full circle, The American Embassy in Zambia is here for international corporation most of which comes in form of foreign aid directed one way that is USA to Zambia while the Zambian embassy in America is also there for international corporation with its focus on begging for aid and investment which is again one way USA to Zambia, (The One Who Feeds you Controls You) so the direct comparison of the American Ambassador to Zambia and the Zambian Ambassador to America is like comparing Mosi beer and Chibuku Beer.
    The Leadership of these mismanaged African countries must learn to manage their economies so that they desist from always appearing in the west with begging bowls which is very shameful considering the vast natural…

  29. Natural resources that we possess, even you winter would you tolerate a neighbor who goes to buy an expensive vehicle but fails to manage his home and is always at your doorstep asking for food and money for fuel for the expensive vehicle he can not manage, would you tolerate a person who goes to steal ration money from his own wife and the next day come to beg for mealie meal from your house saying they did not manage to buy mealie meal due to lack of money. I am sure each time such a person comes you would rather send your child to tell him that you are not available because he has misplaced priorities and that is the problem of most African countries, let them learn to use resources to the benefit of the nation and not towards selfish personal motives.

  30. Let these tuma PF guys continue with their tuma usual mawala towards USA government officials, they will get the consequences in due course. They will not know what will hit them. Mwalamwishiba lesa. These are not like Zambians who you even deny their constitutional rights

  31. Zambians are just good at talking and no action.
    Ba Winter if cadres can go to state house why cant An Ambassador of any country go there???
    You are double tongued.
    Please stop being bootlickers.our country is in a mess and the gay couple should not get 15years each.in as much as gay act is filthy,the sentence was too harsh.Comparing individuals who have gone scotch free for plundering the economy.

  32. The whole world has been under the rule of the evil one. And his plan is to oppose whatever The Most High had created. Sin will abound, incest, bestiality, adultery, Homosexuality etc will be the norm…. no one Will Stop prophesy! It has be for the real believers to remain standing when thousands are being taken by the evil and demonic spirits let loose in the last hours.

    • Winter is not Summer, when it is cold you should find a warm place. Other Tuntemba party leaders have been complainants of behalf of others just to find food and have even suied other opposition leaders for defamatory words as complainants. Things of the flesh read Gal. 5: 19-25 .

  33. I like the way Wynter has analysed the situation. He is such a great and critical thinker.I will be the happiest if one day ECL and Wynter will agree to work together one day.Afterall,both are PF. The US Ambassador should never ever deceive himself that because of Aid, then Zambians could succumb to gayism. To hell with your gayism. Up and down party is desperate for financial aid and would like to introduce the evil acts in our country. No vote for up and down in 2021 no matter how much money you will splash.

  34. When gay rights to zambia doesn’t mean every one will be a gay no.lets allow gay rights in if you want to be a gay you will be. I won’t be coz I like ****

  35. Why should Zambians start fighting against themselves when in the actual sense we all have to come together and make resolutions on this matter..

    Think about it, we will all be greatly affected when one of the major Nations that bring aid to Zambia decides to close all its doors all because of either mutual understanding or respect between the Zambian people and the foreign ambassador.

    On the other hand “Diplomats should not represent their capitals when they attempt supplant people’s fundamental values and culture in the the countries they serve.It is our sincere hope that diplomats serving in Zambia including Mr Foote, will use diplomatic channels through Ministry of Foreign Affairs to express their opinions on matters of mutual respect.

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