Home Headlines Presidennt Lungu asks Milenge residents to vote for PF candidate

Presidennt Lungu asks Milenge residents to vote for PF candidate

President Edgar Lungu arriving at a campaign Rally
President Edgar Lungu arriving at a campaign Rally
President Edgar Lungu arriving at a campaign Rally
President Edgar Lungu arriving at a campaign Rally


President Edgar Lungu has implored the electorates in Milenge district to vote for the Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Chanda Masheke so as to ensure development to the area.

Drumming up support for Mr. Masheke in Luela, Mulumbi and Kafwanka areas of Milenge east, President Lungu said government has developed the area especially in the education and health sectors with the latest notable development being electrification of the district.

“My government has electrified Milenge east, the district administration area and even this place will be electrified as can be seen with the poles and cables that have been erected and put in place through the rural electrification authority,” he said.

Speaking ahead of the November 5th Milenge District Council Chairperson by-elections, President Lungu, who earlier used the rough road leading to Luela to kick-start the campaign trail, pledged to work on the key roads linking to the district.

The Head of State, who was flanked by Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya, Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa and other party officials, assured electorates that government will fulfil its promises.

He said the people of Milenge had demonstrated loyalty worth the reward for supporting the ruling party during past elections.

He pointed out that Milenge district and other areas that had lagged behind deserved to have a fair share of development which was indiscriminately spread out to other regions such as Southern province.

And the aspiring candidate, Chanda Masheke, pledged to meet the electorates’ expectations of delivering on developmental goals once voted into office.

Speaking earlier, PF General Secretary Davies Mwila urged electorates not to be swayed by other politicians seeking office whom he said would promise what they are unable to fulfil.

Other politicians on the campaign bandwagon were nominated Member of Parliament Raphael Nakachinda, Zambia Republican Party President Wright Musoma who also urged the voters in Milenge to rally behind the PF candidate.

According to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) 2016 poll statistics, Milenge District has 13 wards, 33 polling stations and 18,466 registered voters.



    • PF failure – visible everywhere. You do not need a microscope to see. Now even fighting a diplomat, who is against gayism but just shocked with the sentence. Mwakangiwa, yendani kumunzi. Leave Milenge alone. And ministers must pay back, no illegalities any more. Court has ruled, what more do you want

  1. In civilised parts of Zambia like Luapula, there’s no violence like the bantustan districts and provinces of Southern and Western where tribalist savages attack innocent people.

    • Bembas are the most tribalist people in Zambia take it or leave it that is the truth and they think there are the best of all the tribes in Zambia for which reason I don’t know.

    • sp citizen, in short you are saying tongas are violent people or is it the UPND? dont you think that its the PF bullies who take violence to such areas because they want to win in the UPND bedroom just to prove a point?

    • @Sichalwe. Don’t create a choice for us! Your utter drooly is your opinion. @Zambia Citizen is talking about non-violent and civilized Luapula. And all you went is gutter tribal.

  2. Zambian Citizen , please dont insult us . please even in politics there must be respect for each other. whatever is causing you behave this way only God knows. Zambia is for all of us and as a collective this our mother land can be a better place for all of us. I personally invite you to please take time to love your immediate neighbor and always remember that this is a shared country and all our dreams are interconnected. For once be responsible and please grow up.

    • How sentimental, my brother, you almost made me cry. But truth will always prevail, Sesheke and Kaoma were violent episodes in our history which no one can change. This violence did not happen in Bahati or the Eastern province and now Milenge. Let’s call a spade a spade. Violence is rife in the tribalist provinces where hate and intolerance of bembas and Easterners is real. Live in reality and not in denial. Tackling tribalism will only work if we talk about it.

    • @Zambian Citizen, you left out Shiwangandu violence and international crimes of attempting to bring down an aircraft! Violence is primitive regardless of where it shows its ugly head! We should not sound partisan or selective when condemning violence.

  3. If a visitor in your own home can call you a thief after cries from your own people, surely it’s time to overhaul your entire team? Are you going to blame hh for America’s stance on your corruption? I would rather have a gay effective and competent man of integrity as president of my country than a heterosexual Christian hypocrite who is corrupt inept and is presiding over the most corrupt government in history of Zambia. Wake up lungu.

  4. Is it by coincidence that violence is mostly experienced during elections in upnd strongholds? Let us allow everyone to campaign freely in Zambia. Iam happy that milenge like other PF strongholds is violence free. Now we know who is violent…!!!

    • it is violent free because upnd doesn’t ferry cadres to provoke pf , look at the thugs who got clobbered in sesheke all came from lusaka

  5. I think Dungu you should just learn to be ashamed of your self, what more do you want to destroy in your push for perpetuity, you have divided the country on tribal line, you have brought about record-breaking corruption and corrupt practices in all spheres of governance, you have brought abought record-breaking cadrerism unprecedented in the whole countries history, the presidency has been reduced to levels never known before in this country all because of bad governance, the levels of poverty are unprecedented in the history of our country, the load shedding in your leadership is unprecedented, the cost of doing business in zambia is unprecedented so what more do you want to come and destroy????????

  6. Scatter teeth, the dullest worst president on earth, the chap is useless as they come, doesn’t even know what’s happening in his own back yard, that’s how dull this ka useless president is… The thieving lawyer wanna be who dupped a widow, shame on you ka useless man

  7. Maybe in Milenge people will understand, PF promised more money in peoples pockets, meanwhile peoples pockets are empty. They promised lower taxes, we now even have more taxes including paying a tax for my own borehole. They promised more jobs – where are jobs?
    Morality should have prevailed over your conscience to let you go home and stop campaigning, more over you are just supposed to resign. This is a no contest, lamentable failure.

  8. The late PF. MMD mealie meal K30 PF mealie meal K150
    MMD fuel K7 a liter PF Fuel K15 a liter
    MMD Exchange rate K6 a dollar PF exchange rate K14 a dollar
    MMD reserves 4 months import cover PF reserves 1 month import cover
    MMD guaranteed freedom of assembly PF no guarantees

  9. There is no UPND in Luapula just like there is no PF in Southern!!To prove me wrong,let HH camp in Milenge together with his friend Kambwili,but still PF will beat them pants down on 5th Dec.2019!!All Zambians know this fact and there is no violence in Luapula because our people do not practice dirty politics like those from bantustan areas!!!

  10. Let them vote without influence, if they have minds of their own they will vote for you as for me and my family PF never.

  11. PF for power cuts!! How do you progress as a nation without basic needs such as electricity? Trump has just congratulated Macron for the “tremendous work Franc is doing in Africa”. Do we want to be dependents of the West for ever?
    Lungu asking the residents to vote for PF candidate is just further backwardness for this country. To move forward, we need new people, new progressive ideas.

  12. In fact, it is easier to organize a demonstration against gay rights than it is to organize a peaceful demonstration against the 20 hours load—shedding that has shut down people’s businesses. In Zambia, proof that the President is gay can make him lose power, but he can’t be voted out even if he admitted that he is a thief. It’s not the laws which are outdated, it is our thinking (News Diggers).

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