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Rehabilated Alick Nkhata road opened

General News Rehabilated Alick Nkhata road opened

The Alick Nkhata Road which was partially closed, to pave way for the construction of the Longacres Mall, flyover bridge, has officially re-opened to the public.


The construction of the flyover bridge was aimed at ease traffic congestion on Alick Nkhata road, following the construction of the Longacres Mall.


Speaking during the official opening of the flyover bridge, Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo commended the Public Service Pensions Fund (PSPF) for investing funds towards the construction of the mall.


Mr Lusambo said the investment will add beauty to the city once the construction of the mall is complete.


The Provincial Minister noted that the Longacres Mall will create the much-needed job opportunities in the province.


Mr Lusambo added that the PSPF has the duty of protecting the interests of its members through prudent utilisation of the funds.


Meanwhile, Mr Lusambo urged the PSPF to however find ways of enhancing their service delivery to the clientele.


Mr Lusambo noted that the long queues that members are subjected to when accessing the services should be a thing of the past.


And Mr Lusambo challenged PSPF to explore investment opportunities in other countries, with a view to invest in those countries.


The Minister urged PSPF to emulate South African companies that have invested in Zambia, by also investing in other countries on the African continent and beyond.


And speaking earlier at the same event, PSPF Board Chairman Barnaby Mulenga disclosed that the construction of the shopping mall is at 96 percent, office block is at 99 percent, entertainment block 71 percent, while the hotel stands at 26 percent complete.


He further assured the Minister that the board and management is working on various investment initiatives, aimed at using members contributions prudently.


And Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa said the opening of the flyover bridge will help in decongesting traffic of vehicles, using the Alick Nkhata Road.


Mr Sampa said putting up of the flyover bridge and shopping mall is a clear demonstration of pension funds being put to good use.


He said this in a speech read for him by Lusaka Deputy Mayor Christopher Shakafuswa.


  1. Another mall ka. to cater for the same SA stores i.e jets,pep,hungry lion etc. all we know in this country is to consume. anyway you have done well to re-open the road ndaba we suffered.

    • The competence and commitment of investment persons in the Public Service Pension Fund is a matter of doubt. There’s an over-supply of commercial real estate in Lusaka at present. It’s in fact still growing. Managers of retail chains are now in a very strong bargaining position. Reduce-the-rent- or-I-move-out demands will soon be made to landlords.

    • And some Lunatic stood there 2 yrs ago with Cameras “Ati they’ve sold the road to Chinese”. But this country, awe mwandi shuwa…!

    • Why was that UPND animo farm crying on YouTube? This is great development! Let’s develop this thing Mr. President! UNDER FIVE HAZALUZA HAGAIN. The boy has no clue that you are developing this country for better and he wants to steal your glory! He is still a boy and UNELECTABLE with his TRIBO H-organisation.

  2. “The Provincial Minister noted that the Longacres Mall will create the much-needed job opportunities in the province”

    shopping centers don’t create any jobs to write home about. if you guys think that all these shopping centers that are popping up all over Zambia is your job creating strategy, you’re dumber than I thought

    • Unfortunately very few individuals understand that malls aren’t here to solve employment problems or free enterprise culture, if anything they contribute nothing of value to the freedom of enterprise for local entrepreneurs and local products, and it all comes down to the fact anchor stores are always the most favoured by shopping malls. Being an endogenous economy our currency is also heavily impacted anchor stores in shopping Malls.

  3. You morons, just accept that the Lusaka skyline has changed and is changing. Lusambo went to open the flyover bridge, ECL will be there for the big one. Malls create jobs – what you need to fight for is to ensure that most of the goods in the Malls are Zambian – that is when you will reap the full benefits. How do you do this??? Food for thought.

  4. Ama suite ayo, tamumfwa ichipuki? Those guys that brought the idea of calling suites as formal dressing stay in way lower temperature enviroments. Ifya kukonkelesha, the judges in those boling wigs and gowns. Uluse

    • @Prof No INSONI GAME, please write your dislike for suits to the UN on your University Letterhead. You sound very dull! As dull as your UNDER FIVE.

  5. Ba LT we are not interested in the politicians but on the infra-structure. Sure cant you take pictures of the fly over bridge so we can see its expanse. Nowadays there are drones so you can take good aerial pictures but there you are giving us images of people who have come to score points for their party. ala!

  6. Malls malls and more tur** malls selling more and more chinisium crap. I’snt this town Lusaka just like Dubai? No REAL manufacturing equals a failed consumer slave state. Roads bridges etc etc with revenue collecting agencies to impede one’s progress at every turn and corner is not development but an extortion racket. Taking on US EU ? They are not going anywhere soon-the Chinese are building all this infrastructure for themselves ultimately whilst they replace the sleeping Zambian.

  7. That socalled flyover bridge on Alick Nkhata road is just to steep for normal vehicles. Some kind of poor engineering there. Where ever they were rushing to did not serve any good purpose. LT send some picture of the bridge. The story is about the bridge and not empty tins trying to show off .

  8. What do they sell in malls?All imported
    Dubai ,South Africa goods.So what happens we just import import import.
    So we use forex and our reserves finish.
    Rate always going up.No benefit to zambia.

  9. We have a shortage of decent housing in Lusaka and the country as a whole and we keep piling shopping mall upon shopping mall and call it development?! We are lacking sufficient electricity for which in modern era we can’t do away with and yet the Pension Funds are not heard of planning to invest in the sector but building malls to name after a person who has not achieved anything meaningful,just to impress to keep jobs for board members and managers – no thoughts about long term profits for fund!!


  11. Good points for provision of Zambia made goods and services. In the USA mall concept is dying a slow death. At present most USA malls have low business volume. They are now concrete wastelands.
    This is a caveat for Africa and Zambia in particular. The only way I see a way out of this partly is to avail some of that space to some Zambia enterprises like arts and crafts artisans, local culinary offerings and other local offerings even perhaps entertainment such as comedy, music or theater to showcase their talents at these places and add a unique component of Zambia culture. If you follow the US model of just being outlets for China made goods this idea will fail in Zambia as it has failed in the USA as consumers adopt to new shopping trends.
    Just some thoughts. Best wishes from upstate…

  12. Umuntu tatasha,chalishupa ukusekesha umunthu,this time is better to do anything to please GOD coz umunthu awesure.

  13. Comment:
    Malls after Malls. Even though this is a good idea it’s being diluted by a lack of manufacturing industries in Zambia. Dumping ground… Malls.

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