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We won’t rest until we get justice-PeP

Headlines We won’t rest until we get justice-PeP

Pep Leader Sean Tembo covered in blood in a wheel chair at UTH
Pep Leader Sean Tembo covered in blood in a wheel chair at UTH

The opposition Party for Economic Progress (PeP) says it is resolute in getting justice for all the victims of the aggravated robbery case that happened last week in Cairo road in Lusaka.

Around 50 Pep members were brutally attacked by suspected PF cadres led by Lusaka Province PF Chairman Paul Moonga.

In the latest press statement, PeP says it’s PeP President Sean Tembo, the Deputy Secretary-General together with other senior party officials on Monday morning managed to obtain Medical Reports from UTH and proceeded to Lusaka Central Police where all available evidence was submitted to the Police.

“Detailed statements were also recorded from each PeP official in relation to the aggravated robbery case against PeP members which took place last week on Thursday along Cairo Road, Lusaka,” it says

He added, “especially given that the majority of the victims of this aggravated robbery case are underprivileged citizens who will take years to just replace their stolen cellphones.”

The party said that everything is now in the hands of the Police and expects that the police will do their job diligently and the victims of this crime will receive the justice that they are entitled to.

“In his statement to the Police, the PeP President again emphasized the identity of two of the assailants that attacked him and his party members. The Police also visited the scene of the aggravated robbery case. About 50 PeP members are expected to submit detailed statements to the Zambia Police this week,” it said.

“In addition to the PeP President, about 14 other PeP members had their phones and wallets stolen from them by the assailants. The Party is resolute in getting justice for all the victims of this aggravated robbery case, especially given that the majority of the victims of this aggravated robbery case are underprivileged citizens who will take years to just replace their stolen cellphones.”


    • Who doesn’t know that ba fikamba ba PF bala ponona. These are the bandits that are running the country. They are pure savages. He is even lucky abakamba ba Davis M wasn’t there. hehe the man looks scary from afar. Kikiki

    • And the tribalist thugs of upnd who beat Tayali on court premises, the brutality in Sesheke, attacking the Speaker of Parliament??

    • Dream on Shaun Tembo. Where will u get justice? I, however, feel sorry for u. The savagery visited on u should not happen.

    • You are really an *****. Its brain dead people like you who make this coubtry what it is. You dont deserve to breathe the same air as normal people do. How can you rejoice over the beating of soneone trying to do the right thing? Wirh people lije you this country is headed to no where.

    • Sean doesn’t know who beat the hell out’a him. This is plain to see. He must have been in the state of shock. Trauma is bad. It makes you hallucinate.

      It was “aggravated robbers” who were just after the phones. This message is consistent from Sean himself.

      It doesn’t add up. Why would Paul and Reuben be attacking a fellow who has never had his portrait on the ballot. It doesn’t make sense.

    • A fellow citizen is badly injured in needless political violence and others are celebrating. What does that mean? The social fabric that holds the country together is shattered. Does Godfridah Sumaili know this? Does it even worry her? It does worry me and that’s why Iam scared stiff of the future.

    • In my understanding of the report, there is no evidence, only suspicion that PF-cadres carried out the attack. So does that make it an act of political violence? What if any it turns out to be that these criminals were just after the phones and the money? Or should all other crimes committed to political activists in Zambia be treated as politically motivated?

  1. Zambian Citizen – Some of us have come to conclude that both the PF and UPND are ethnic groupings. Please stop calling others tribalists when all of you are the same. Just look at the voting pattern in Luapula and Sothern Province Provinces. Add to this Eastern Province where ECL hails from. The voting in these provinces is not on merit but ethnic.

    We are praying that one day there will be a party that is representative not ethnic like the current situation is now.

    • Rigging and brutality, in a fair election process PF are rejects, forcing them selves on Zambians.

      If you think they are popular, stop brutality against oppression and let’s see ???

    • Rigging?? How come you have failed to publish a single incident of rigging??? Brutality, Sesheke or Kaoma violence was done by who?? PF forcing themselves on Zambians?? PF defeated the MMD while upnd has lost and been rejected since 2001!!!

    • @zambian citizen, was you born after 2011?, because even dot.com kids know that in 2001, lusaka constituencies kanyama, mandevu, kabwata, chilanga was under upnd, while lusaka central and if not mistaken matero was fdd, so what rejection is you insinuating?

      ba Pep just beg for cctv footage from business organisations around cairo road,am sure something might come up, its one effective tool used in western countries to track terrorists, after any attack.

    • @zambian citizen iwe when was you born? don’t you know that before pf had any mp in lusaka, 2001, upnd had mps for mandevu, kanyama, kabwata kafue and chilanga, and fdd took lusaka central, you cant read books , even simple google you find had to do your research, bafana aba.

    • I find your laughter strange, you have never heard of the old adage mulandu siubola?, the most important thing is report any such cases, do you know that cases can be re opened for further investigations even after 10 0r 20 years. keep kikikikikiking.

  2. Just look at the PF above enjoying seeing someone brutalised by their leadership, unfortunately this is what Zambians in general go through…..

    We hope ambassadors affiliated with Zambia who give this PF foreign aid see this.

    Zambians are suffering brutally and corruption at the hands of the PF regime and it is the foreign aid you them that keeps them afloat.

    • it seems people around these parts of africa have never heard about cctv, cairo road is littered with businesses that must have this tech, why not start from there to investigate.

  3. Everyday dog has its day… Sean Tembo attack should be condemned by all thinking mammals, the guy was just doing the right thing. If we all become violet the PF wont like it, dont take people for granted power is temporarily.

  4. EVEN the alliance partner can be rrponsible for yhe attack on Tempo. Renee they issued a strong statement through its chair a milupi in repose to his resignation from the alliance

  5. Zambia has become useless Country. The President is useless, Politicians are useless, the Police are useless

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