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President Lungu’s SkyNews Interview

Videos and Audios President Lungu's SkyNews Interview


  1. A black zambian negro in a whlte wig enforcing a colonial foreign law from northern rhodesia in 1911, on the basis that homosexuality is foreign to Zambia. I am pretty sure that the colonial laws you seem so obsessed with did not promote thieving. So why is it that lungu is quick to issue statements to not only media but international media when it comes to trivial matters like gay men and yet since he took over he has only had one stage managed media conference? Last time usa ambassador made such bold statements about a sitting government was in 2010 and 2011. We all know what happened


    • And now PF bandits have found something to distract the suffering Zambians with…and before you know bandit President Edgar Lungu will be sworn in as President in 2021….Zambians are easily distracted…now no more complaining about economy or load shedding..every jim and jack is now talking about homosexuality…and thats what exactly PF bandits want

  2. problem is,foote has been misunderstood, his point is, why would those two be sentenced 15 years imprisonment while some people who are stealing public funds are walking scot free ? just because someone said the truth and they want to for his neck?

  3. Enough with this nonsensical story lets move on with very important economic issues affecting Zambians…food prices,load shedding etc…we don’t want any distractions…2021 lets get rid of the Bandit President Lungu with his PF bandit cabinet and Bandit cadres

  4. In Arabia, even thinking of being gay is a stoning to death!! It is their culture and so it must be respected. Equally, Africa has rejected this vile act as a whole. Foote is totally offside, thinking he can tie aid to such a vice will damage his diplomatic career. Well said, Mr. President.

    • Iwe Zambian citizen, read up before you comment, just show how PFoools cadres are dull like their ka worst president on earth , mose muli fipuba kumo na ka scatter teeth ka chakolwa, the whole Africa has not accepted gay people, please read and do your research,

      South Africa, Kenya and Botswana allow gays to live freely and openly, truth be told most countries are following this trend

  5. Just cut the donor aid($500million per year). Lets see how ECL and the PF will scrounge for money.
    Its time for Zambia to experience the reality. Did the PF save anything for a rainy day?

  6. Leave us in our poverty, we will scrounge…….- unfortunately only Zambians will. He is filthy rich and has secured for his descendants forever. There are just so many wrongs in that sh1thol country! What two consenting adults do in the confines of their home is nobody’s business but their own. And for those that are putting their dumb views on social media, just make sure that the only country you wish to apply for a visa to is that sh1thol!

  7. Lungu should stop issuing statements under the influence of alcohol. In the video you can clearly see that the man was not sober. To start with that is cowardice. Secondly he mentioned that the ambassador insulted the intelligence of Zambian people. That is not true. The ambassador attacked the PF regime. In summary Foote said that PF is corrupt and hypocritical. Then Lungu also said if aid will be tied to support for homosexuality then they should leave us with our poverty and will scrounge around. My observation here is that the biggest issue coming out here is Lungu’s corruption tag. That is what has offended him. The fingers are pointing at you Mr President. Don’t hide behind Zambians to whom you have now become a liability. How can you destroy the economy and even have courage to…

  8. … Don’t hide behind Zambians to whom you have now become a liability. How can you destroy the economy and even have courage to say we don’t want this type of aid? My point is that Mr Lungu you don’t have that moral right.

  9. The man-made religion of Christianity has terribly brainwashed the citizenry and it’s proving to be an effective tool for thieving politicians to freeze the outdated minds of the ignorant masses! This epidemic of religion is worse than all known epidemics including HIV! This coupled with rising illiteracy levels has compromised analytical and abstract thought process! The few citizens who escape the Education sieve mature into very destructive plunderers! It’s shameful that our citizens can allow their Selfish leaders to deceive them and manipulate them through threats despite self-evident mass plunder going on! It seems the religious docile citizenry is Zambia’s biggest problem! The earlier Zambians wake up from their vain prayers, the better for their country! You prayed for rain and we…

  10. Ati leave us in poverty. Very foooolish. The man is flying around in a Millions of Dollars Privat Jet. Lungu is an idioooot. Christian Nation my foot. Has Lungu not heard what has been happening in the Vatacan City the HQ of the Catholic Church where boys (Ba Kampenga) have been sexually abused by the Catholic Church priests. The Catholic Church in the Western World is a hiding place for Priests and is full of Home sexuals. That is the reason why they dont marry

    Former altar boys have claimed they were molested by priests inside the Vatican, as a lingering scandal surrounding widespread abuse in the Catholic Church erupts at its headquarters once again.

    Several anonymous former altar boys at the Vatican’s youth seminary alleged at least two priests kissed and fondled three of them…

  11. Cont….
    In one of the new cases, an alleged victim said a priest sat him on his lap and fondled his pennis. In another case, an alleged victim marvelled how Le Iene had heard about things he had only told his confessor

  12. Does Lungu understand the fact that Christianity is just a Religion and nothing else? The behavior of Lungu and his followers does not mirror the religion of Christianity. This guy is crazy. Resolve the issues facing Zambians at the moment. Load shedding , High prices of everything

  13. Explain why you bought yourself and your family that expensive Private Jet in the name of Zambia Air Force

  14. Why does he say “we will be scrounging alone”does he and those surrounding him scrounge?Srounging whilst flying around in the Gulf Stream jet?

  15. This time around UPND cadres have their FIELD DAY in support of their Party’s policy of promoting GAY RIGHTS just to fund-raise pieces of silver to campaign for 2021 Elections. The QUESTION is: WHAT HAS WRONG WITH THE ARCHITECTURE OF OUR BEAUTIFUL AFRICAN WOMEN that prompts UPND men to embrace a dirty foreign cultures? Sooner or later, time will come to lock-up the casa and dogs – just in case!

  16. I see a lot of comments are based on political lines but may i remind us all that this issue is one of our core values as nation of Zambia. Thus it requires us to be patriotic. It would be nice for once to see PF, UPND, MMD etc supporters put aside their political views and put on patriotic clothes in support of this position taken by the PRESIDENT OF ZAMBIA.

    For this is Salute sir

    • Speak for yourself!
      Zambia is no longer a one nation!
      MMD-PF is a party that is self-serving and very selfish! The are worse than the Apartheid South Africa! What is worse? Retiring fellow citizens on tribal lines and excluding fellow citizens from freely trading in public places or sharing warmth with similar gender? What is the difference between Heterosexual Adultery and Homosexual Adultery? Adultery is Adultery! Trouble is Professional Adulterers and Bandits trying to teach others about morality from the book they don’t understand? We know PF by their fruit of violence, ubuchende and corruption!

  17. his time around UPND cadres have their FIELD DAY in support of their Party’s policy of promoting GAY RIGHTS just to fund-raise pieces of silver to campaign for 2021 Elections. The QUESTION is: WHAT HAS WRONG WITH THE ARCHITECTURE OF OUR BEAUTIFUL AFRICAN WOMEN that prompts UPND men to embrace a dirty foreign cultures? Sooner or later, time will come to lock-up the CATS, DOGS and PIGS – just in case this mental disarray grows to afflict humanity in Africa!

  18. It came out of the presidents own mouth he said “To me their sick and they need help” (Referring to two Zambian with a different sexual orientation)That as negative connotation, you can’t be a judge and the jury at the same time. That’s not how the law works. Selection bias from hierarchy Sends chills down the spine.
    This video is troubling to watch because bluntness from the President.

  19. @ Mukaya simubali thumbs up my mate, we should take responsibility and accountability for our great nation Zambia. We should keep our identity and those insulting the president please take your own inventory of life as this is not about politics.

  20. I see comments above full of insults from UPND supporters.I don’t see any reason for insults.
    UPND wants to rule Zambians now their character is worrying.You guys with access to social media from opposition political parties try to unite Zambia.Write issues that are above suffering of many Zambians.
    This trajectory of insults,hatred and bitterness is not what people wants.Win the hearts of people by being intelligent people.Comments with high tech thinking not insults bane let’s stop this kind of social media politics.Give people hope to vote for UPND.Thanks.

  21. Thank you Ambassador Foote! You have hit the PF nail on its head and the result is PF trying to hide their tribalism, corruption and theft of millions of USDs in donor and borrowed money behind their middle gay finger! And this man who is so homophobic claims to be a Lawyer? I just pray we don’t have discriminatory and homophobic doctors in our country who will refuse to treat you because of who you are! He even says gay people are sick? Really? Should we conclude that he is sick also for stealing from a widow and her orphaned children? Don’t play with fire when you know you live in a grass-thatched hut! Understand International Diplomacy and exercise self-restraint! It’s very troubling watching this video. Is this the best leader Zambia can present to the world?

  22. It was the great Samuel Johnson who on April 7, 1775 made this famous pronouncement that, and quote: “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”. That’s why it is wholly foolhardy of a stinking scoundrel like Lungu Changwa-nyo to claim its for national patriotism that he would not allow so called alien sexual orientations in Zambia. Well, when we remove him from office and his resident becomes Chimbokaila, he will see the extent to which homosexuality is prevalent in Zambia, and it didn’t start now. Some top dog in jail will marry him & ravage him in his backside where it never shines, & stinks! Kunya bebele awaits Lunngu-nyo & Zulu in jail.

  23. Has this fool even asked Zambians whether it’s fine for him to ask Americans to cancel their aid on the basis of his stance to support this stupid court verdict on the acts of two consenting adults committed in privacy? We all know he commits adultery all the time with that eSwatini girl and Dora Siliya, should the courts also lock him up for 15 years! What of the millions he has been stealing since he ascended to power, are these not worse crimes? And where in the Zambian culture does it list what is said to be “order of nature”? And by the way, why does this man’s mouth area have such a cunning semblence to a feminine genitalia, does he give blow jobs to Kaizar Zulu? He looks just plain dirty!

  24. “Diplomats should not represent their capitals when they attempt supplant people’s fundamental values and culture in the the countries they serve.It is our sincere hope that diplomats serving in Zambia including Mr Foote, will use diplomatic channels through Ministry of Foreign Affairs to express their opinions on matters of mutual respect.

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