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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Government orders demolition of structures built on Munali school

General News Government orders demolition of structures built on Munali school

Tourism and Arts Minister, Charles Banda
Local Government and Housing Minister Charles Banda

Government has ordered for the demolition of all structures built on land belonging to Munali Secondary School in Lusaka.

Local Government Minister Charles Banda says this follows conclusion of investigations which has revealed that the structures were illegally built on land belonging to the school.

Dr Banda says the Ministry of Lands has since been tasked to investigate how the title deeds were issued.

Dr Banda told journalists that the land in question belongs to the Ministry of General Education and wondered how it was given out.

And, Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo said the illegalities in Lusaka must end and warned that the demolition order is with immediate effect.

Mr Lusambo warned that the exercise will be extended to another schools whose land have been encroached on.

And Munali Member of Parliament Nkandu Luo welcomed the move.

Proffessor Luo said warned that government will not allow school properties to be encroached on.

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    • But how did title deeds get issued by the ministry of land? Who paid PTT on these transactions as vendor?

      I mean even the president himself KZ nearly had his land stolen in Mikango.

      And yet Jean Kapata remains mute on this issue.

      Anyway, good work Lusambo but do not stop there. Expose even more illegal deals being done by your colleagues and make sure police make arrests.

    • @1.1 Indigo Tyrol
      I can tell your own properties in Zambia….Yes was wondering also who paid PTT because ZRA is also involved so it means the whole Ministry of Lands is corrupt…

    • Good job only that next time stop them before they build. HAZALUZA HAGAIN. Let him build in NAMWALA and PANAMA. I am talking about the PRIVATISATION THIEF.

  1. Unbelievable! How costly for the people who built on Munali Secondary school land. But, I suppose, they will be fully compensated as title deeds are only issued by the government, right?


  3. There is an element of simple solution to complex problems. This is catastrophic for families to end up homeless. The correct thing to do is for police to stop any builder without building permit. When the building/s are already completed, with or without a permit then it is illegal to move the builder/s without compensation. Key players are Ministry of Lands and Lusaka City Council. For these two entities to function efficiently, there is need for public support. Munali Secondary Headmaster: where was s/he when builders appeared from nowhere? In every move, Government has the responsibility to show maximum restraint and endeavor to protect human rights.

  4. The whole system is rotten from the head to the tail . All the prime land has been taken and shared by ministers and the likes of KZ and those with associations to the PF . No one stands a chance of getting land near to Lungu or KZ’s property because they jump the queue .Now we have ministry of land officials offering people land belonging to a secondary school to make money out of it .This land issue is tinged with dirty money because much of the land has been taken up by the likes of abena Lusambo .

  5. Good news but we should have been told how the land was acquired. Ministry of lands is very corrupt

  6. There is a reason behind the decision that was made by the Government to demolish the structures built on Munali school of Lusaka , please lets not condemn whatever decision the Government makes am pretty sure that these people will be compensated.

  7. This is a good move. @Zennia the structures there were illegal and were not meant to help the school in any way, the land was given to the school to be used for academic developmental purposes so if they have to be demolished, it means those structures were not at all related to the plan.

    • Replying to @The Turf – Sure. If they don’t have title deeds, then am afraid they have no right to build on the land, they are, in effect, squatters. On the other hand, if they hold title deeds issued by authorized personnel in the government, it’s only right that they’re compensated.

  8. Is there a court order to demolish the structures. Don’t be fooled those structures will be there. Who owns the structures? Another 51 houses saga?

  9. The same government issued title deeds to these people in exchange for votes and now they have no use for them so the same government orders the demolition of the structures which were not supposed to be there in the first place.

  10. Guarantfunds @ no. 6 you are a 419 fraud Nigerian star please people never apply any loan this guy is fake or you will lose all your money if you try you Nigerians stay away from zambia and Lusaka times should be deleting these kind of posting which are out of topic.

  11. Before demolitions, let government expose and deal with its own officers who alocatted muesli land. I am sure Lusambo has no hands in munali and can champion the exercise.. Let us bring in an area where PF are deep rooted like there forests 27 and Petauke

  12. I left that school as a Boys only, what happened
    Our neighbors were Tunduya Primary school.
    Who remembers that girl Lute from Tunduya!!!

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