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Lungu made Honourary member of Architect Institute

General News Lungu made Honourary member of Architect Institute


President Edgar Lungu has been awarded honourary membership of the Zambia Institute of Architects in recognition of his efforts to develop infrastructure in the country.

Institute President Sydney Ngoma says President Lungu has contributed to improving the country’s landscape through various infrastructure development projects taking place countrywide.

The award was presented to Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Development, Permanent Secretary, Charles Mushota at a dinner held at Avani Hotel in Livingstone last night.

And, Mr. Mushota in receiving the award on behalf of President Lungu, thanked the Zambia Institute of Architects for recognising the Head of State.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mushota has encouraged architects to insist that all buildings being contracted are designed by architects recognised by the Institute.

He also urged architects to document and share information on designs so that the public can better understand and appreciate them.


  1. more distractions from PF bandits just like Munangangwa is naming all the Zimbabwean streets to himself…and institutions

    • This is how institutions get diluted.

      Infrastructure being built is largely low quality. We have seen new roads and bridges being washed away during moderate rains. The contracts to build infrastructure are over priced to cater for kickbacks.

      I now have no confidence in this institution.

    • Enjoy the fame while it lasts, your days are numbered. By the way did you see how your bootlicker Tutwa was grilled by Mweetwa on Prime TV? So embarrassing. And those are the people advising the president

    • Let’s develop this country Mr. President! Colonialists who want Africa to be underdeveloped Ha Jealousy of Zambia too! HAZALUZA HAGAIN.

  2. Thank you His Excellency President Dr Edgar Lungu for your continued hard work to develop and make Zambia a better place to live in. Your hardwork will certainly pay off

    • HAZALUZA HAGAIN because he is tribo and UNELECTABLE. Let’s develop this country and whoever curses Zambia shall himself be cursed.

    • Absolutely, the citizen is the biggest problem. PF has been allowed to do as they wish to better their pockets because they mirror the character of the majority of Zambians. These would not survive in a less corrupt society.

    • UNDER FIVE is UNELECTABLE no matter how much you slander our President. UPND is a terrorist H-organisation and a tribal grouping masquerading as a party.

  3. Give that award to the Chinese, they are the ones doing all the work. Lungu just signs the checks. The Chinese are laughing all the way to the bank while overburdening us with debts. If lungu gets the award then he should a be paying a lion’s share of our debt

    • Ask Prof. NO INSONI to write that on his University Letterhead to the UN. HAZALUZA HAGAIN will NEVER be a President in Zambia! In 2021 he will be in a cage in Livingstone Museum with KAMANGA. Lusaka museum must also get a cage and put in a diploma too!

  4. Just as well. Now he can design his own mansion being built in eswatini together with all the number of countless properties all over lusaka.

  5. Honourary; New Word, Wow!!. You doing pretty well with your spell checker tonight Ba LT

    ZIA, WHY? WHY? It appears that things have really fallen apart. Which continent are you on?This man deserves nothing. You’ve just endorsed misappropriation and corruption that is happening in the guise of infrastructure development. Sad. Looks like there is no hope in the motherland. We keep lowering the bar with impunity

  6. He He He …things fall apart!! Honorary indeed!! This country is not what it used to be. It’s a pity majority of the civilized and well deserving citizens have fled as they have been silenced by such bullies.
    How much is dental care there? Dental alignment please!!

  7. This is very strange indeed. Architects are supposed to be thinkers. Wow! When designs come from China, contractors come from China, loans are forced on Zambians from China and Zambians are relegated to only 20% on menial subcontract works? This is a rubbish institute.

  8. What has happened to the mansions in Swaziland ? Have they been surrendered to the state or it is like the Chavula case which has been shelved in some police office in Lusaka .

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