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PR Girl Media To Host Third Annual Penthouse Party


The news of the 2019 edition of the Penthouse Party hit us all with curiosity and excitement especially when PR Girl Media announced that the event, dubbed as the best end of year party in Lusaka was to be hosted under the theme “Jungle”. Introduced in 2017, the Penthouse Party is a premium clubbing event that blends nightlife with fashion and has since become a popular “Ke-December” event that the city anxiously waits for throughout the year. The Penthouse Party is certainly a popular choice for party goers, fashion and music enthusiasts with a liking for premium social events.

Following a successful year of hosting trendy events such as Champagne Picnic, Lusaka July and Beerville Oktoberfest, PR Girl Media is closing off 2019 with the Penthouse Party on the 7th of December in Lusaka at Goldman House (Arcades). “The Penthouse Party is a stylish event that receives the attendance of top local celebrities and influencers. The city has shown incredible interest in the event over the last years and the event has proven to be a favorite on Lusaka’s social calendar.” stated Monde and Chishimba Nyambe, Managing Partners of PR Girl Media.

This year, the event is sponsored by Budweiser, Jagermeister, Power FM and Diamond TV. In attendance at the event will be DJ V jeezy, Shadaya, Chef 187, King Illest, Mutale Mwanza, Macky 2, Grace Rumsey and many more.

Further details of the event can be found online via PR Girl Media social media platforms.

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  1. Is this the event where local celebrities/felebrities to attendee are not allowed to have underwear? Minister of Zodwa Affairs needs to hear about this.

    • Women exploiting other women. PR Girl media should be ashamed for making a promotional video featuring a 55 year old known Lusaka child molester surrounded by young girls in a Harem. is that what development means for Zambia?

  2. Lusaka Museum should get two cages and put in a Priest of Baal and Asherah Kaoma and another for a diploma too. HH will be in Livingstone Museum with KAMANGA in 2021.

    • Oh dear! You forgot to take your medication. Make sure to take a double dose because you’re not compliant.

  3. why would i attend such a party full of weave wearing women when I can stay at home in england with my whlte wlfe who has the hair you wish to have?

  4. Sharon,looks like you forgot you medication in rotten scatters teeth’s room when he was nailing you back door…… nembwa yakatako amano than kolwe Sharon

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