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YALI and Church groups seeks permission from Police to march to Parliament over Bill No 10 and Homosexuality

Headlines YALI and Church groups seeks permission from Police to march to...

The official opening of the third session of the twelfth National Assembly

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI)  in partnership with church groups have written to Police for a public procession next Tuesday with a petition to be presented to Parliament.

YALI Administrative Assistance, Natasha Kapoma says the Unity Assembly will be on the enactment of the Constitution Amendment Bill number ten of 2019 and against Homosexuality.

In a letter to LUSAKA Province Police Commissioner Nelson Phiri and made available to ZNBC, Ms Kapoma said the Assembly is proposed for Tuesday 10th December 2019.

She said Assembly will be held outside Parliament Grounds from 10:30hrs to 12:30hrs.

Ms Kapoma said the speakers will include the organization’s leaders, Church and other civil society leaders.

She said that a petition will also be handed over to the National Assembly for possible debate with the Constitution Amendment Bill.

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    • Chakubaba because YALI is showing more maturity than your Halusa Hagain. Zambians are independent minded people who will not be forced to go against their own submissions

    • Wow! Have you seen the deceiptfulness of PF. Is bill 10 about homosexuality??? This is laughable. This is meant to sway the ignorant masses into thinking that there is something positive in bill 10. And these nameless “church groups” that worship money? The judas iscariot types that will sell their souls to satan for a dime.
      I bet they are an obscure charismatic grouping full of sipetstitious ignorant types that have been told lies by Ntewewe and friends. One thing you can be sure of is that nothing good can ever come from “YALI”. It is just full of reprehensible scum like Ntewewe.
      But anyway, the fact that you are trying to use lies through you proxy organisations ba PF only serves to show us more clearly you dark ulterior selfish motives. This is a battle to the death. We wont…

    • We all need to study ourselves and investigate EVERYTHING that we”ve been brainwashed into believing

    • My Jesus of Nazareth, I keenly waited and watched tutwa, mweetwa and chipenzi debate on prime tv, I was perturbed and petrified at the ignorance exhibited by a certain kabwe law maker about his understanding of minority rights, it seems for our colleagues from the ituri political side, minority rights simply means gay. How I wish martin luther king junior the civil rights movement leader would come back from the grave and spank these misinformed thugs. Now I understand why minority groups in zambia are made to speak only the 7 major languages in zambia, case in point radio 1, if a namwanga gets employed at radio 1 , he has to switch to bemba, same a soli or lenje he has to pushed to tonga section.

    • This is what the much talked about ALN net : courtesy of wikipedia :
      The Africa Liberal Network (ALN) is an organization composed of 44 political parties from 30 countries in Africa. It is an associated organisation of Liberal International, the political family to which Liberal Democratic parties belong. The ALN serves to promote liberal objectives and principles throughout the continent.

      Parties involved in the ALN agree to a policy stating that they: exist to ensure the freedom and dignity of all people through; establishing political and civil rights, ensuring basic freedoms, the rule of law, democratic government based on free and fair elections with peaceful transition, ensuring religious, gender, and minority rights, fighting corruption, and establishing free market economies.

    • for proponents of christian nation, this how the issue of minority rights started:The issue of minority rights was first raised in 1814, at the Congress of Vienna, which discussed the fate of German Jews and especially of the Poles who were once again partitioned up. The Congress expressed hope that Prussia, Russia, and Austria would grant tolerance and protection to their minorities, which ultimately they disregarded, engaging in organized discrimination.

      a simple repeat, minority rights is not gay, it is broad subject.

  1. Yali are a bunch of faggots. Go get meaningful jobs rather than playing cadre of pf under the disguises of being a pressure group.

    • Ne.z how do you expect people to get jobs when your idol god hh sold companies with ba mmd, lets be fair and truthful. KK left this country with over 150 companies? How many companies are still operating today? Shame on you deceiver. There are no companies your sa.tanic,gay&homo supporter leader call hh sold them for a song therefore shut up.

    • For your information, FAGGOTS were bundles of wood used to start fires. Gay people are called faggots as a slur because gay people used to be burned at the stake.
      YALI are not faggots they are homophobes or anything you want; as long as you pay them.

  2. Yali and the church are hypocrites, we have never seen them march concerning very serious issues like corruption of government officials, 42 fire engines, the violence caused by the pf cadres the list is endless but the truth is these guys are fake fake fake… Never take them serious. #let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

  3. By the way who has now blocked Zambian Observer? It seems outlets which exposes corruption and violence caused by PF cadres are being blocked and strangled. This is dictatorship. People should be allowed to access different information to make informed decisions.

    • 1. Punch The Devil in the Balls Fire Ministries
      2. Alleluia Crusade Underwater Passion Ministries
      3. The Helicopter of Faith and Airforce of Fire Ministries

  4. Yali – Rent a Mob for a reasonable price – call Yali. How about marching against our status as the 4th Hungriest Nation in the world?

  5. What a country but you don’t want to protest against corruption,economic downfall,violence and tribalism.
    Very shameful behaviour from the so called church organisations

  6. Donors who are willing to fund these so called pressure groups, take pictures and notes. Then have fun rejecting their applications for funds and visas to visit your countries. Let them stay in their corrupt, poverty and hunger stricken pond.

  7. We are also going to protest against pastors who ask their female members to suck their dirty dicks in church! Ah Abomination!!! What is the difference between Oral $ex, and Anal $ex you Hypocrites? How many of you fanatics are without sin? What is the difference between Heterosexual Adultery and Homosexual Adultery? Are they not all private matters of the flesh? How does homosexuality suddenly become part of the discredited Bill 10? It’s shocking how Zambians have allowed their thieving politicians to get away with murder in the name of Christianity! In most cases, Zambians don’t read for themselves to verify issues. Most act on rumours and twisted versions by politicians! Where did Ambassador Foote say we should promote Gay practices in Zambia? Was he not Expressing concern on…

    • If only we had more Zambians with brians like yours we would not have had Lungu in Plot one for 8 years and still allow the dull Presido to stand in the forthcoming elections. The fact is Lung has served for 8 years and can only be relected to serve for 2 years, which will make 10 years. You cant complete a term on behalf of a dead President through an election

      Zambians wake up it is time to correct issues

  8. Focus on electric power deficits, the erratic water supplies and other necessities of life if you want the country to remain competitive on the world scene. The net effect of raising the issue of gays to national priority is obscuring the challenges of employment creation, better infrastructure and better social amenities. If you like, shut down a radio station because the law does not stop you from shutting a radio station. Why not shut the radio presenter instead of shutting the entire radio station? Discipline the interviewer and discipline the interviewee for careless talk. You see, the glass is half full again.

  9. Was he not Expressing concern on Extremism in out court system? One steals Social Cash transfer money for the poor and is only sentenced to 2 years in prison while someone practicing a private matter of hormones and the flesh is sent to jail for 15 years? Where is the fairness and logic here? Why do you want to make Christianity a big deal when Zambia is multi religious? Remember that not all Zambians are black and not every Zambian is Christian! Legislating private matters is an act of discrimination and only breeds extremist ideology in state institutions of governance! Why are we allowing ourselves to be turned into a terrorist state towards minorities and other religions?

  10. YALI, is not a fool, he actually did a great job. If what he did upsets you go and hang yourself. In fact marching to the parliament was not enough,he would have gone round and round chikubabe

  11. @ Ba Mwine Mushi ..very well said. The ambassador further went on to say that behind the scenes, donor institutions went on to provide facts ( I.e evidence) to govt about funds misappropriation to which govt agreed and even went ahead to pay restitution from public funds. Yet no culprits have been prosecuted & jailed. This clearly negates the “Mfwiti Mfwiti” mantra. Why not challenge the ambassador to provide this evidence coz he clearly seems to know something concrete. He further lamented how the help offered to mitigate power issues was relegated while pipo played politics and now they are blaming climate change. Yet we are being deliberately misled by focusing only on homosexuality issues alone. Why….pliz challenge him so he can talk further than demonizing him. Call him out on…

  12. Eeeat – But meno meno has chewed even the little bones that were in the cupboard. I hate to hear anyone who mentions this animal called PF. We are really suffering out of the loans they have contracted and shared through dubious contract. God help us from the jaws of the hyena called PF

  13. Christians must shun self-worship – Pope.
    One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by cadres – PLATO.
    The Price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men – PLATO.
    Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws – PLATO.
    Ignorance is the root and stem of every evil – PLATO.
    I am trying to think, don’t confuse me with facts – PLATO.
    I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing – PLATO.

  14. Everyone is allowed to protest. No one should shun YALI, the church or opposition. This is good for Zambia. This is what it should be :).

  15. Reserve some tears for 2021 because UPND will cry a last cry which will be the most painful than ever before, talk and talk but remember that those that win the fight don’t talk mach but they play it cool and win at the END.

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