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Government has prioritized the enhancement of education-Tasila Lungu

General News Government has prioritized the enhancement of education-Tasila Lungu

Tasila Lungu spotted at a PF event
Tasila Lungu spotted at a PF event

Nkoloma Ward One Councillor, Tasila Lungu says the Government has prioritized the enhancement of education, especially in rural areas in order to create equality among Zambians.

Speaking when she officiated at the Francis Chipasha Award at Kansenje basic school in Kafue, Ms. Lungu said education is the only tool that provides equality to all Zambians.

Ms. Lungu said this is because the government has reduced school fees from primary, secondary and tertiary schools across the country.

She said President Edgar Lungu is from a humble background and believes in uplifting the living standards of ordinary Zambians.

Ms. Lungu said the government will never leave the poor people behind because the late Michael Sata formed the government on pro-poor policies.

She, however, thanked the people of Kafue for supporting the government as it endeavors to take development in all parts of the country.

And Sponsor, Francis Chipasha said with the good policies of the government, the school will continue producing good results.

He, however, called on other former pupils to come back and support the school activities.

Mr. Chipasha however, pledged a 15,000 Kwacha towards the procurement of a new bus for the school.


  1. eh eh from no where we are reporting on Tasila today? Kulibe we know your dealings, you are now famous on the international stage for doing wrong things.

    • Bandit daughter Tasila Lungu..like father like daughter..so this is a family of thieves…Esther Lungu wasted $millions with the Junk fire trucks…Esther Lungu Police station…let me just deal with Trump here in the USA

    • That imagine building won’t help with Tasila with Mukula scandals, infact just making it worse.
      The best that lesbian do is to resign that Ward sh!t, go to school in Singapore, what a dull girl.

    • If Lungu wins 2021 just expect this little girl Tasila to be corruptly wealthy like José Eduardo dos Santos’s daughter Isabel. Since when has a Ward Councillor been talking about govt policy.

    • I traveled with this cartel thief on 4 November on Emirates, she was in first, not business class, probably on her way to China.
      She is already rich now and will escape prosecution like Bandas children by going in exile.

    • I was on the same flight with this thief, on 4 November on Emirates from Lusaka, she was in First, not business class.
      She is now rich and like Banda’s children, will go in exile her millions. The money is already offshore including apartments on Jumeirah creek in Dubai.

  2. TL ,

    can you refute the American claims you are part of the mukula cartel that is ripping off Zambia and depleting our forests ????

    Don’t act like you father who pretends he does not hear the corruption claims labeled at him, that silence is catching up with him.

  3. Out of nowhere we are now reporting on Tasila Lungu? The machinery is at work to distract the people. It won’t work.

  4. Thieving b*tch, just like the ka useless father she has, she is also busy looting the country right under our eyes, this is a family of thieves, these mother f*ckers steal each other`s under ware in plot one, they are all addicted to stealing… thieving mother f*ckers in plot one, what a f*cken shame

  5. Thieving b*tch, just like the ka useless father she has, she is also busy looting the country right under our eyes, this is a family of thieves, these mother f*ckers steal each other`s under ware in plot one, they are all addicted to stealing… thieving mother f*ckers in plot one, what a f*cken shame

  6. @Nostradamus it is not imaging and you know that. You know it is one of the most successful developmental plans that the country has experienced under the PF Government or any other government so what is your problem?

    @Game the prioritization of the enhencement of education is a nation-wide issue so she doesn’t have to be just in Lusaka to have a stage to talk about national matters.

  7. Well done Tasi. But lets start with Lupososhi where the electorates have rejected your party the PF and her honour says it is a small ward, meanwhile the party participated in the small ward.

  8. We are sick fed up with this thieving family; it would appear they have stealing in their DNA. It is an ordained family occupation. You and your father will see the inside of Mukobeko – that’s where you belong for raping and pillaging our resources.

  9. How does an ordinary councilor go and officiate at a function in kafue? Is there no local councillor or officials there? What if another councillor from kafue comes to officiate in her own ward in Lusaka.

    • Dont say ordinary councillor, that is an insult to responsible councillors,say a thieving councillor and daughter to our humble leader

  10. Who are you to talk about education? Your dad has never talked to zambians about anything save for the small meeting with press men/women. Are you now the spokesperson? Just enjoy your mukula.

  11. Who are you to talk about late President MCS? You have no clue on what he stood for? No idea on how PF came to be. Have you ever met any of his children or his wife Dr K Sata to learn more about PF? That will be your starting point Tasila .

  12. These arrogant PF imbeciles thought Americans were going to play their diplomatic games, they will start closing down their foreign accounts and expose the money trail.

  13. You can tell somebody is pondering to the state media.

    “These dissenting opinions are certainly not shared by state-controlled media such as ZNBC, Zambia Daily Mail, and Times of Zambia. It’s time to advocate for a real voice for all Zambians and uphold a person’s right to freedom of conscience and belief.”-Ambassador Daniel Foote. Zambia’s economy has been ravaged by a regional drought and repeated budget deficits that have sent government debt soaring. Economic growth won’t reach 2% this year, according to the International Monetary Fund, while sovereign debt will end 2019 at 91.6% of gross domestic product.”
    “Currency weakness makes servicing foreign loans more costly and could also drive up an inflation rate that’s already at 10.8%, the highest since 2016.”-Bloomberg.

  14. Tasila Lungu can make a great lover for me here.I’ll help Zambia’s fight against corruption by taking her away.

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