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PF Rubbishes The Mukula Cartel EIA Report and links its authorship to HH

Headlines PF Rubbishes The Mukula Cartel EIA Report and links its authorship to...

PF Media Director Sunday Chanda
PF Media Director Sunday Chanda

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has rubbished the 20-page report published by the US-based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA-US) linking President Edgar Lungu, his daughter, and Cabinet Ministers to the plunder and the trafficking in Mukula tree.


In a statement released to the media, PF Media Director Sunday Chanda described the report as a desperate attempt by foreign-based entities for regime change in Zambia, and replace the current Government with what he described as surrogate parties who would promote gay rights and sale State assets and the Country’s mineral wealth should they usurp power.

Mr Chanda further said that PF found it interesting is that the document has been released just weeks or so after the opposition leader, Hakainde Hichilema returned from the United States where some unknown persons promised him funding if he took overpower.

” This is no coincidence given the desperation by Mr. Hichilema and the UPND to usurp power “by fire, by thunder.” The UPND needs to wait a little longer, 2036 is not far off,  ” Mr Chanda said.


Below is the full PF Statement on the Mukula Cartel report




The Patriotic Front has read through the 20-document by a US-based NGO called the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA-US) in which the organization struggled to link the First Family of President Lungu and Cabinet Ministers to the trafficking in Mukula tree.

The PF would like to forewarn members of the public that in desperate attempts by foreign-based entities for regime change in Zambia, the months ahead will be characterised by worthless pieces of reports and drama authored to dent the image of the leadership of the Patriotic Front in favour of their surrogate parties who would promote gay rights and sale State assets and the Country’s mineral wealth should they usurp power.

The Party is not shocked by attempts of this foreign-based entity to link the key figures into their so-called report as not doing so would have made that report unreadable and worthless to any sane person or institution, including their funders. The report contains no details except some semblance of an interview by unknown persons talking about known persons in Zambia. The report does not contain any substantive linkages, traceable institutions or individuals who are participating in the so-called matrix.

The report is clearly a figment of some people’s imagination, as it is without any critical data, no any grain of truth is baseless and a mere tool for propaganda!

We have no doubt that the so-called “investigation” was the works of authors who sat in a Boardroom overseas to draft the report that would attract the equally bored minds within and outside Zambia.

What is interesting too is that the document has been released just weeks or so after the opposition leader, Hakainde Hichilema returned from the United States where some unknown persons promised him funding if he took overpower. This is no a coincidence given the desperation by Mr. Hichilema and the UPND to usurp power “by fire, by thunder.” The UPND needs to wait a little longer, 2036 is not far off.

As we remind the EIA-US that this report is not worthy of any action from the PF administration, we ask our President and Ministers to focus on delivering development to the Zambian people than responding to “boardroom reports” which are engineered to attract their attention. It is not worthy to respond any further to this document, as without having mentioned the key names of Zambian leaders, it would not have been any worthy than a newspaper does after its use.

Issued by

Sunday Chanda
Media Director
Patriotic Front
Party Headquarters


  1. Sunday you are the one presenting hogwash and your obsession and jealousy for HH is helping in reducing popularity for HH. That PF is a thieving entity, even children know.

    • You heard it from me first on the other thread, just as I predicted PF’s robotic response. There was going to be HH and Gayism in there somewhere , as I predicted. Please note, am no INDOSHI or MFWITI or SHING’ANGA in my predictive ability. I just have a dumb case before me: PF Project

    • This reminds me of Tariq Azziz when USA army was over running Baghdad. He kept assuring the Iraq citizens that all was well and the Republican guard was destroying and killing the enemy , when in fact not. The Iraq army was already running away.

    • Sunday, why do you want to live all your life in 1day yet ts gona be 50years plus. Face reality ECL is killing PF n you are helping him.
      Get out of your comfort zone and ask pipo out there what they know about mukula and ineptness of the president.
      We love pf and hate you the current leadership. You are a shame to such a humbling party. Do u know how painful it’s now with your destructive politics? We are so sad that if it were easy to remove you with fist, then right now should ve put u in cells to rot.

      This report has nothing to do with hh but your dirty hands as pf mcc.
      Am so furious with you and can only wish that nature can take its course now. You are not a listening pipo but pipo hunger for wealth. This wealthy can promise you won’t enjoy it.

    • We have known for a while that Tasila has been involved in Mukula smuggling together with Mr. Jean Kapata.

      This government is full of thieves.

    • I deeply pity h². The rebuttal is credible.
      Devious h² will not survive the reverse decampaigning tactic of the PF necessitated by double h’s attempt to discredit the duly elected Government.
      Who is advising h²?
      Let him keep it up. The moment a country starts announcing to the world that it has Gold, be wary. H² is a proxy. I hope the bloodbath is not eminent.
      ECL 2021.

    • I wil still vote for EL. All this talk is simply for upnd to sound active, alternative and destruct.
      EL’s development is overwhelming.
      No matter what upnd does EL will scoop the 2021 election easily.
      In my dream, hh died.

    • Right you are, Thorn. Chanda is spot on. It’s the assets and minerals they want. Tell me, when did the west give out $25bn just like that?? We would have to sell ZESCO, NAPSA, ZAFFICO, the gold mining rights and everything. Of course our “president” hh would remain with minority shares in these companies-muli ilyaine style yakwe…

  2. What a shallow “defense”. In fact its an own goal. Never in my life have i seen such a cheap piece of work. If I was Lungu i would fire this clown.
    And whats the obsession with HH? Chanda cant open his mouth or pen a word, without mentioning HH. And the narrative is always the same. blah blah blah foreign entities….regime change….funding HH… Its gotten old chanda. And it only goes to prove further that you have no defense for you party’s misrule. kuya bebele

  3. HH is blamed again ha ha ha ha!!!!. I bet HH is to blame for failure by govt to pay for the other private jets, the load shedding and the collapsing kwacha.

  4. Do not underrate the Power of a desperate man. He can be so ugly. This is just a tip of what is in store as we approach 2021. The truth shall set us free.

  5. This guy and also awe sure aba ifimaglass.
    We are tired of his HH thing,HH that HH this.
    Boring PF propaganda chipuba

  6. Just like we expected response from Sondo Chanda, this chap is deranged and enjoying the loot too. Well Sondo we believe the reports so much that there is no way you will sway us to believe your rhetoric. The chap is talking about gay rights and regime change associating everything to the UPND. Have balls please and challenge yourselves in PF to be answerable and accountable for your actions. What else is Chanda not going to blame HH for?

  7. Guys, you can no longer take Zambians for granted….You are scrambling with own goals. By the end of the day, even your supporters will start scratching their heads…

  8. Knee jerk reaction as usual from these scum**bags. Zambians are slowly waking up from their hypnotized state. Kuya bebele bane!!!!!!!

  9. Awe Sure – Spot on and that’s why the likes of Sharon and Kudos are silent on this issue.
    All beneficiaries and hence their silence!!!

  10. Uko, as usual, these thieves have no shame really, this ka Satan Chanda and his ka boss ka worst useless president on earth really think Zambians are stup1d, but to think again Zambians are id1ots always buying and chewing this sh1t they are told by dander heads and stup1d idots like Satan Chanda, a son of the devil and his ka useless scatter teeth worst president on earth…. the ka thieving lawyer wanna be

  11. The truth still remains that at one point the Chinese claimed to have imported mukula worth $85M from Zambia while ZAFFICO only declared $400,000

  12. This Sunday Chanda fool will not stop defending the indefensible! Why do you always have to blame foreign entities for problems your PF has created? If only you guys would direct half the time you spend worrying about one individual, HH, on addressing the challenges common Zambians are facing (power outages, high food prices, corruption among your cadres, failing economy, etc), we would all be better off. At this rate, you PF guys are in serious trouble. You can lie, but Zambians won’t eat your lies. And a hungry man is an angry man, as Bob Marley sang. HH or no HH, Zambians are tired of PF incompetence, thuggery and lies.


    • Game
      Imagine, sometimes i even forget that this f00l is paid for this,anyway it is good for us,the more mediocre the opponent the better,thanks Sunday…

  14. So this Sondo Chanda has a blank headed paper with the words Gayism and HH already typed into, then we an issue comes they just add text around these words?

    Very interesting approach to political attribution.

    Anyway it is now clear that PF = Grand Corruption = poverty.

    The Zambians will present a report card in 2021.

  15. We are here to declare to you that he will still go up to 2036. And its going to be so nice and this country will continue to be a Christian Nation. So be ready for that because we don`t want a situation were by, when you hear that he has continued ruling, you collapse or pass out

    • Such submissiveness and idiocy towards a useless leader. Who told you that having a christian country will feed you and provide jobs for the disadvantaged people of Zambia? You must be one of Lungu’s beneficiaries as it appears you don’t care about the marginalized citizens. What’s with some of you people with no common sense? How come you have such tunnel vision such that you say yes to any foolishness thrown at you? Only Lungu’s thieving associates can rejoice in the state of our country right now!!

  16. You wait. The documentaries are coming and you are featuring. We are in the digital age, we are not in the 70s my friend.

  17. Actually Sunday Chanda is right, it’s HH who is the cause of all the problems we have unless Edgar Lungu or the PF say otherwise. An example is global warming, HH is the one responsible for it that’s why the president had to acknowledge that it’s real.
    They think we are very stup!d, like them.

  18. The report does need action from he people of Zambia. You are in denial and neither you nor your boss have a leg stand on. The US have a lot of data on the stinking deals Lungu has been involved in. You are in denial, but the tide has changed you will be swept away like chaff in a storm! Be warned, that time is nigh. You can only lie to yourselves not the people of Zambia. Even this madness must come to an end.

  19. The Americans say they have prof of all the export transactions so since PF is refusing let the Americans just publish everything for people to see the truth.

    • Then what?
      Mwe maZambian, tampeni ukutontonkanya. That info has value. You don’t just throw it out.
      Lekeni ubukopo twapapata.

  20. This one now HH, lower Zambezi HH, climate change HH, maize meal HH, loadshedding HH, mines HH, forest 27 HH, political violence HH, Bill 10 HH everything HH PF behaving like crying babies there are so confused that even when they see their own shadow they think it’s HH this man is so powerful I can’t wait for this guy to be my president I will be so proud.

  21. But kwena, when everything goes wrong, ni HH olo Global warming. surely, even this matter has to involve HH, homosexuality and christianity?

    • When a particular musician was being bonked from behind so he could be on the same stage with RKelly, all that was HH’s making. Kikikikiki

      Ba Pee eFu sure.

  22. The authors of the document purporting to investigate our mukula trees are living in coco land. The USA has withdrawn itself from all climate change protocols; what is the fuss about?

    • Only trump does not belive in global warming, most states in the USA like California are full into GW laws and protocols…..

    • Unfortunately, it’s also Trump and his party that are fraustrating world progress on agreements, not individual states. They can have all the local authority policies and apply them locally only.

      No teeth internationally. The retort on USA hypocrisy stands.

      And these trees can be grown sustainably on forest farms. No reason we cannot use the demand towards our GDP.

  23. He didn’t need to attack HH on this one. It is disgruntled gay people trying to destroy Africa. Reason we need intelligent Zambians speaking up and not loud mouths like this PF spokesperson. Zambia being a Christian nation is a defensive shield for Africa. Reason they demons are trying their best to reduce Africa’s population by homosexuuality. Never sleep my friends guard the continent righteously.

  24. iwe Sunday …a u Tasila to be answering??mukula cartel,zambia ungovernable,high inflation, nose diving kwakwa, bill 10,corruption fyonse ati opposition ……u just make noise….don’t just tok becoz u av to tok ,tok becoz u got something sensible to say….not ifi atase …

  25. PF will cry when Wikileaks starts offloading data on the dark deeds they have been hiding from Zambians!
    There is nothing that is hidden that will not be exposed!

  26. What a disgusting and shameless response Desparately trying to distract peoples attention and remotely linking the responsibility to someone else. Address the issues, if you can’t, ask someone in government to do so. Why is a PF propagandist responding to an issue of public interest?

    Govt. managed to ‘hush’ this issue for a while (for those who remember) when trackloads of the same were intercepted with a State house vehicle escorting them. Every ounce of evidence, paperwork and witnesses should be laid bare so we can hasten the kicking of a.ss!

  27. I don’t why this reminds me of Chanda Chimba Iii. Very similar stories about Gay blablabla. Am not sure how we lost the man. By the way, who cuts these trees . Am sure a trace can be done from the Bush where trees are cut all the way up to proceeds. There are not less than 50 people involved from villagers to banks instead of accusing each other..

  28. Expect more releases…….the Americans have buckets full of sh.it to pour on lungu and his gang…..

    It will be a steady diet of theft scandels perpetrated by lungu and PF top dogs.

    That hill top embassy US with 4 floors under the hill listens in on everything…..

  29. Hahahaha. Am sure one of these days these PF officials will end up answering a waiter in restaurant that they will have HH for lunch when asked What they are having.
    Waiter: sir what are you having for lunch?
    PF official: HH please

  30. I wonder why he is responding to such fake reports. Please let us mature and remain patriotic. Go to America if interested.

  31. Sunday Chanda does not understand what an undercover investigator does, or else he wouldn’t be spewing this rubbish.

  32. There is no evidence suited for prosecutions coming out of the report.
    The report is nothing more than a mind bending exercise. The allegations are ‘mere’ suggested connections to His Excellency and very strangely, ……..to poor innocent Tasila! Of course Minister of Lands must be connected to make the propaganda plausible. There is no evidence provided for prosecution. USA is engaged in attacking everything China. This is nothing more than an extended Trade War.

    And it is the last year to General Elections………it’s going to be coming fast and furious. Just keep your wits about you Zambians!! Your vote is being manipulated. Is it only Facebook, Google Interfering in 3rd world elections to ensure govts compliant with drowning USA? No…..Watch ’em

    • And frankly……..USA hypocrisy is outstanding. This country that breaks all international agreements is now publishing ‘investagative’ journalist reports? Have they run out of skulduggery false impeachment material?

      And these trees can be grown sustainably on forest farms (well maybe not on Forests 26 or 27….)! . No reason we cannot use the demand and ready market of the trees towards our GDP if we replace cut downs.

      We cannot hold our progress back to benefit the Western world responsible for environmental damage in the industrial revolution to their over production of fume releasing cars. They don’t want to cut down their economies. Zambia is NOT a playfield for the EIA.

  33. Chanda , this country is not for your father or granny’s.It is not a family business.
    It is not for PF.
    This country is ours.
    You will all be held accountable for your deeds.

  34. KWACHA TO 1 US$
    11.23 on 1 Jan 2019
    15.29 on 7 December 2019
    Where will currency be if this man continues through 2021? Wake up Zambia.
    The ineptitude if this government is unbelievable.

  35. Ba Lulu,2021 ati shani,nenshinafye,ati Chagwa?Most people change their names if they have negative connotations,in Lulu’s case evidence in his citizenship case with Siwale says he actually applied to add “Chagwa”to his name.And he is leaving up to his name.As a professional lawyer he ended up in Chawama,chagwa.The lawfirm he supervised was a sorry excuse of a law office, chagwa.Given the rare opportunity to become president,chalo chagwa.And it is like it wont end up there,he is now tinkering with his life,this one will definetly be the first president to be convicted and do time,and his carrying his useless Chagwa look alike daughter with him to jail…

  36. God will ever preside over Zambia because Zambia is for God,this territory is for Jesus and not Freemansons,Guy,Satanist but for God.Some of us we are up to the task for we know the enemies of this land.We are in a spiritual warfare and if God be for us who can be against us.
    Watch out all you enemies of this land God is God.May God bless mother Zambia and to hell all negative sentiments about our country by fire and by force.

    • Where were you and your God/Jesus when the whites were raping, pillaging, and plundering your country? It was not spiritual warfare then because your ass€s were rescued by the practical Mposamabwe.

      The Christian cloak you adorn is farce, my friend. Economic emancipation calls for handsworth revolution.

  37. I told myself that the response they will give HH will included , It is a Shame that the pipo who have to help the pipo of Zambia are the ones adding more problems to it’s table when Mr Footie talked of Corruption he knew what he meant but Zambia wake up

  38. The UPND needs to wait a little longer, 2036 is not far off,  ” Mr Chanda said. Wow so these guys believe they will be in power for that long. We shall see….

  39. Sunday Chanda must stop lies. He must be stopped. Most of of the time when we read something about Sunday Chanda, we see that what he only talks about is just HH. It looks like he can’t sleep well because he is just thinking of HH and just thinking of which lie he is going to say about HH. Chanda is dangerous he must stop telling lies


  41. Even Rupiah Banda thought he will be their as he wished but the time of reckoning pushed him unexpected. the only problem this party called pf has is that of not seeing the future after they leave power. you may fool people for some time but you cant fool people all the time. ala bane mukalila ububi dont think people dont know wat is happening u can try to suger coart some information but the truth will alwaz come at last. we are just waiting 4 that time as Zambians elo imwa ba pf it will be bad coz u have proved to be the worst leadership ever in Zambian leadership from the time of Kaunda.

  42. $1= 15.35 and someone wants to continue to be President. Hmmmm Awe!!! Buy buwelele due. 2021 is just a few months away.

  43. 2036 if God is on your side Sunday chanda no can stop you to be there, you shall declare a thing and it be established it is up to people who don’t believe in prayers wait for 2021!

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