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UPND MP says he is receiving death threats for refusing to walk out parliament

Headlines UPND MP says he is receiving death threats for refusing to walk...

UPND Nalikwanda Member of Parliament Geoffrey Lungwangwa
UPND Nalikwanda Member of Parliament Geoffrey Lungwangwa

United Party for National Development (UPND) Nalikwanda Member of Parliament Geoffrey Lungwangwa says he has been receiving threats on his life.

This allegedly follows his decision NOT to walk out of Parliament in protest against the restoration of the Constitution Amendment Bill 10 on the Order Paper on Tuesday.

Out of the 58 UPND members of parliament, only Professor Lungwangwaand his Solwezi West counterpart Teddy Kasonso remained in the house during the walkout protest.

The Constitution Amendment Bill number ten of 2019 was restored to the Order Paper in line with Standing Order number 26 clause one of the National Assembly.

Meanwhile, Professor Lungwangwa emphasised that there is a need for compromise and dialogue among political stakeholders over the Constitution Amendment Process.

He cited that due to comprise and dialogue some proposals such as the formation of Coalition government after an election, have been removed from the Constitution Amendment Bill.

Professor Lungwangwa also reminded Zambians to emulate the compromise that the American people exhibited in the year 1700 to come up with that country’s constitution which has stood the test of time.


  1. While the MP has the right stay or walk, his explanation seems to suggest that he is open to the process of changing the Constitution without wide consultation with “We the People”.

    What stops PF from making further undemocratic amendments from Bill 10? The risk still remains.

    Prof seems to be in the PF pocket. His life should not be threatened. But the people of his Constituency and the nominating party in 2021 (likely PF), will have decision to make.

    • UPND is a terrorist H-organisation run by a tribo H-Organisation masquerading as a party. It is the worst group to ever appear in Zambia’s political life. The leader is a privatisation thief who chose to go to lodges to meet his friends at the time Zambia was fasting and praying because he has Three Mansions and wanted to sell Zambia – my foot.

    • You got wrong because you have already made a stand!Prof Lungwangwa is educated with wisdom!I pity Musokotwane who has delegated to a puppet on the string for he is also an objective situational analyst! Well Prof for being yourself now.I always remember as a very down to earth UNZA Lecturer!!

    • HH must run as sectional leader in Namwala, then as a ward chairman in Namwala, then as a Councilor in Namwala, then as a mayor in Namwala and as an MP for Namwala. After that he could have grown a bit physically and mentally and try to run as a President on a Tonga ticket party after being an MP for 5 years and walking away on every debate. Unfortunately, HAZALUZA HAGAIN.

    • He will never kiss it for as long as the sun surely and factually rises from the East and certainly sets in the west

  2. you are a Judas , a betrayer who should not be trusted. Dont’ alarm the nation. Ba lungwangwa honestly who can be after your life ayi? you are just a small fish trying to survive under UPND’s name. mumenso foloooo and now you want to divert our attention. you thought the bill will pass ka? hahah

    • HH walks away from prayers, he walks away from independence celebrations and he wants his MPs to walk away from Parliament. He is not called an UNDER FIVE for nothing. How can you vote for such a boy to run a country?

    • You got wrong because you have already made a stand!Prof Lungwangwa is educated with wisdom!I pity Musokotwane who has delegated to a puppet on the string for he is also an objective situational analyst! Well Prof for being yourself now.I always remember as a very down to earth UNZA Lecturer!!

  3. Those dogmatic, intolerable thugs you have created will now beginning to sort you out guys. I told you. Watch the slate.

  4. His friends from MMD are now packed in pf.Your career in politics has come to an end bo Lungwangwa. Let MMD readopt you in 2021. UPND is for traitors.It represents the wish of the people. Bill 10 is demonic

    • Well said ‘UPND is for traitors’ and hooligans too bulldozing everyone around, no room for divergent views. Upto now UPND and hh have failed to justify their opposition to the bill of rights, @katana too can’t justify how demonic bill 10 is. He has only heard what his god has said. 2021 will be tougher for you, you have lost a number of influential people since 2016. You can downplay this issue at your own peril. Leave the prof alone.

  5. This professor should not even be in parliament in the first place – with that kind of reasoning, even a kindergarten child can out up a more credible argument. Has a pocketful of PF dollars for staying put when those of his ilk did the right thing. No adoption in 2021 for this clown.

  6. This issue is tricky, on one hand, in a group, one must forgo is interest for that of the larger group (Fayol’s 14 principles). On the other hand, I really don’t see what the two did to be a crime to warrant expulsions. Remaining behind is no guarantee that they are in support of bill 10. It will be political suicide for UPND to expel the two members. I know in an event of a by-election, UPND would still win the seats, but winning isn’t shouldn’t be the only motivation. Its should be also about how members of the group are treated. Be Kind and loving to each and every member

  7. UPND thugs ,,why do you always want to fight and kill?? Shame on you….the prof has a right to self determination.

  8. It is all about principles that is what democracy is all about on the same issue people have different views , in democracy you allow those with different views to contest your views however you don’t threaten them they also have a point .

  9. Wena muKwangwa tuwe u nyefuzi maKwangwa ni maLozi kaufela. U betekile sicaba. Na nili Mwendanjangula niku atulela lifu – u nyelile!

  10. “We The People “ don’t like treacherous MPs! If you have chewed the deposit of $20,000 inducements to help Bill 10, that is your personal business! Unfortunately you have to pay back!
    Education without ethics and morals is useless!

  11. my brother and colleague, if you are receiving death threats, the best you can do is take any evidence you have and report to the police. let us not seek justice via the media.

  12. UPND is acting completely useless and primitive by threatening somebody’s life just because he didn’t follow its instructions to walk out of parliament.

  13. it is all immaturity.UPND do not know how to challenge.You can never win a battle when you can`t face your enemies.Be in the battle field.You walk out you lose.That is the importance of having a commander who tells you to remain in the battle front.That is why we look for qualities in a leader.PF are already working and you are looking for a job.You think the electorate are happy.Face the men and women in parliament.Do not appeal to the mind of the government,they are there to rule.Make use of the opportunity you have been given otherwise you will have nothing to boast about after2021.Good luck!

  14. You go against the wishes of the infallible, the grand ayatollah of the tongas and dare to think on your own, Geoffrey, this is what happens. Ask Canicious Banda. Bill 10 is a process that is totally Zambian brought about by the people voted into power by the Zambian electorate. Mps represent Zambian people. NGOs and such organisations are funded by people in western capitals whose motive is unknown. Upnd walk outs are a betrayal of Zambians who entrusted them with the Constitutional duty of law making-if they walk out, who will handle their duties?? Ask yourself, do Labour mps walk out during brexit debates or they propound their ideas??

  15. Prof, would you plse prove your allegations of the death threats on your life for not walking out with the rest of your colleagues from parliament. Because that was your constitutional right to remain seated. Now, in the absence of any verbatim for the allegations, others would probably insinuate that you may be just want to attract sympathy from the public.

  16. Traditionally, all comments from trible UPND cadres must contain an insult, must be a cultural trait. But Professor, don’t worry about the insults from trible UPND cadres, because I command all of the insults to return to senders and their uncultured parents.

  17. PF cant be trusted. Why should a select committee decide for the entire country? Zambians should make their own descisions. This frog is on pf payroll. He must be removed from the party.

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