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UPND should not get Misguided by Wining a Ward in Northern Province-Inonge Wina

Headlines UPND should not get Misguided by Wining a Ward in Northern Province-Inonge...

Kafwanka Polling station

Vice President Inonge Wina has said that  United Party for National Development (UPND) should not be misguided by its victory of the Ilambo Ward election in Lupososhi in Northern Province into believing it has penetrated the PF stronghold.

Mrs. Wina has described the victory as harvesting a small fish in a big lake.

She says PF has won elections in the so-called opposition strongholds but had not exhibited such excitement as by the UPND.

Mrs. Wina also says non-violent campaigns in Milenge should be a litmus test for political parties and the PF will set the path.

She says violence has been experienced lately in areas where UPND has a strong showing.

And Mrs. Wina has regretted the negativity being peddled around Bill 10.

She implored MPs to understand the Bill and explain in a clear perspective.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Wina says the government will ensure jobs are not lost in the mines and would verify the lifespan of Baluba Mine in Luanshya.

She also says DMMU will continue its program of sending relief to needy areas and implored MPs to get involved in the program.

The Vice President says sensitization campaigns will be heightened against the vandalism of Lusaka’s Bombay drainage built at a huge cost.

She says the drainage plays a critical role in the prevention of water-borne diseases like cholera.

Mrs Wina also says reports alleging police officers on the Copperbelt were selling confiscated mealie-meal as false.

Mrs Wina says homosexuality is a contentious issue.

She says Zambians are not ready to accept homosexuality based on Christian values and local culture.

She says currently there is no hope that Zambians would accept homosexuality which matter has been political and went global after the sentencing of a gay couple of Kapiri Mposhi to 15 years in prison.

Mrs. Wina refuted claims that the government has hired private prosecutors in the Kambwili defamation case.

Regarding launching an airline, Mrs. Wina says the government is sorting out technicalities before launching the airline and is very determined.

Meanwhile,  Patriotic Front candidate Chanda Masheke has won the Milenge Council by-election with a landslide.

Mr. Masheke polled 4,409 votes beating his only rival Brave Nsamba of UPND who polled 1,237 votes out of 5,765 total votes cast.

Returning officer Duncan Chipulu declared Mr. Masheke winner of the by-election at 08:28 hrs.

And PF Campaign Manager Chitalu Chilufya thanked the opposition UPND for a peaceful campaign.

Dr. Chilufya said the people of Milenge have shown exemplary conduct that will be emulated in many parts of the country.

He said the people of Milenge have confidence in the PF because the party has been delivering development.

Dr. Chilufya said many other projects will be implemented through the choice of the PF council chairperson.

He said people in the district are yearning for development which will be delivered.

And Mr. Masheke said he will immediately begin to work and that there is NO honeymoon.

He also thanked President Lungu and the people of Milenge for the support during campaigns and during voting.

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    • a journey of a 1000 miles start with one step. watch the UPND in 2021. Am not a UPND fan but as things stand, i can sacrifice my vote for them

    • Why are people from Luapula so gullible? Chiluba was from Luapula and never took development there. The current PF govt has 4 ministers (the most from any province) and still no development. It is very sad to see how a richly endowed province has people leaving in abject poverty.

    • such a ex-noble woman shouldn’t be commenting like that, at that age she should stop prostituting. Discussing sex n media at that age, who are the banachimbusa?
      Today she should be at Ester Lungu’s house to advice her to stop Lungu’s family from stealing Mukula logs. There better ways of stealing, for example “stock” and “bonds” which you don’t cut from forests using poor villagers.
      Inonge should be having visiting Rev. Sumaili and cook chikanda together while discussing how they can help Jean Kapata get out cartels.
      But here we are seeing BoMa Inonge playing with Sunday, Chanda, Makabi and Tutwa, be careful don’t discuss homosexuality which your husband never did.

    • I want to congratulate my tribesmen in lupososhi. Well done my clansmen! We must show these thieves the door and demonstrate that they cannot take us forgranted. I also want to encourage our close relatives in Luapula to follow suite. Kwindi naiba pafula.
      I also encourage our cousins in the east to show wisdom, like the wise men from the east in the bible.

    • Whatever this woman may, it carries no weight in my head. I take her as if she doesn’t exist. In short I don’t know who she is!

  1. A ward is not a country. It doesn’t mean HH is president which he won’t even be. @Asante it is true a journey of 1000 miles begins with one step. But get this right, you have no idea if you are taking the next step right. You can’t expect to go anywhere when you take two (2) steps back. You can not go further with a leader that supports homosexuality, is a liar, a crook and everything and that goes when it backfires

  2. Awe aba bamayo is such a big let down! I could have said more. But I have to restrain myself on account of her age.

    • The fossil has spoken, this woman belongs in the museum together with Easters 1878 fire trucks, awe we really did it this time… gave the country to dogs and id1ots to destroy… maybe scatter teeth and this fossil will just leave one day if we are lucky

  3. Mzilichwane agogo Wina. As a non Christian I am glad to learn from you the religious values related to homosexuality.
    Could you expand the Chrisitian values related to plundering of the Nations wealth by your PF ministers, top shots, cadres and to mention the dota of your boss.

    • Please take note that she hasnt said that corruption is fine. Homosexuality is against the order of nature and must be condemned at all times. Even animals never make such a mistake. Sodom and Gomora were wiped out because of the same. Corruption is wrong too and must be condemned but you are not helping matters at all because you are involved too.

  4. Some people who appear to be homosexuals in upnd think winning one ward has already made them win the whole country. U will cry in 2021.

    • Definitely they will cry!! Let their supreme leader renounce and condemn publicly what he said about minority rghts last time, maybe Zambians will relent on teaching him a lesson in 2021.

  5. we are just watching your moves ba HH wining a ward that cuts part of northwestern does not make you a president or that you have over the whole northwestern province,bika bola panshi…come 2021 your entrance will be your exist!

  6. VP please wake up and face the reality, how many people in senior positions in PF are really working? Its time you unpacked the problems that has befallen our country and appoint SERIOUS non-partisan skilled expert and hardworking people in almost all institutions otherwise dont live in denial. People at governance, operation, implementation and planning are all tired and sleeping. How do you lose a seat in stronghold like Northern Province and you think all is well, lwenu.

  7. Those are the same people who will vote for their next MP and the vice president is simply showing her frustration because the cracks are now being exposing. The grassroots luckily have shown what they are capable of doing with their votes and this trend will spread because everyone is awakening up and seeing the poor governance under the leadership of our humble president and his cronies. Madam Wina you are the one who is and has been misguiding your followers!

  8. Actually would be nice if we just had a whole new set of leaders mwe. I remember once in or about 1990 someone saying “This is not Poland” referring to a Trade Union leader standing for President. I think we need another one of these mwe… Awe mwe…

  9. At her age and position she should be magnanimous in defeat yet she is behaving like a small ward chair lady who is so bitter with this little setback.

  10. Thats what we want in Zambia…Let also the People of Southern province vote for PF MPs or Councillors…not always voting for UPND and violence against non-UPND people.

  11. Headline and Story appear to contradict, did the PF not win the By-election? Why then is the Veep saying UPND should not be excited for winning a seat in Northen Province?

  12. Congratulations to the UPND. This is a good thing, it will keep PF on their toes and actually force them to work. UPND kept on losing way too many seats in their strong holds. It is time the PF learnt a lesson too. Zambia wins.

  13. Kikiki!!! Laughable indeed. The target was to catch that very small fish in your big lake. So this is a success for UPND. You can keep your big fish that will soon die because there are no small fish remaining in the big lake.


  15. But Veep, your Secretay General is very angry with the area MP, are you speaking as a united or a discordant party?

    Hon Inonge now being reduced to Sunday Chanda the unbelievable hogwash?

  16. She said violence has been experienced in areas where Upand has a strong showing I agree to Veep statement look at kaoma by election…..

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