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President Lungu condemns Opposition for Shooting Celebrating PF Members

General News President Lungu condemns Opposition for Shooting Celebrating PF Members

President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has condemned the shooting incident reported in Mpulungu, Northern Province in the aftermath of the council by-elections.

The President expressed sadness that one person was injured in the incident.

President Lungu says according to reports one of the opposition members opened fire at the victorious Patriotic Front (PF) members, who were celebrating.

President Lungu has since called on churches to counsel their members emerging from different denominations not to engage in political violence.

He says the love that exists among Christians must also permeate the political landscape.

President Lungu also noted that some politicians have realized the importance of worshipping God as they now flock to different churches in a day.

The Head of State was speaking yesterday before he unveiled the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Synod headquarters in Lusaka’s Woodlands area.

President Lungu observed that Zambia is on the right trajectory of transformation owing to modern buildings being constructed.

He said the new UCZ Synod headquarters is one of the buildings that have changed the face of Lusaka.

At the same function, UCZ Secretary-General Peggy Kabonde said God could turn around any negative situation in Zambia.

Dr. Kabonde invoked God’s blessings upon President Edgar Lungu as he presides over national affairs.

She also called on Zambians to love one another regardless of political affiliations.


    • When I was putting the last set of seeds in the ground some lyrics caught my attention. I interpreted them as…
      I know Mr. PRESIDENT, you can’t please everyone but everybody like you say
      Corruption is going; Violence is going.
      Corruption is going; Violence is going.
      ” … and I see a bemba man is coming together with a tonga man and a tonga man is coming together with a bemba man; I say a ngoni man is comina togezzar wit a lozi man n’ a Lozi man comina togezzar wit a ngoni man, yeah!
      Can we achieve the upndeadian working togezzar with a PFian?
      No man kill another man pilizi.

    • Zambian politics is becoming evil , I think the devil is so much in the acting front line evil people are at the centre encouraging the scourge.
      No wonder Satan worshipers are there to shed blood of the innocent, if this trend continues it is a sad story for the nation.
      Zambians unite and repent and ask God for forgiveness I mean all political parties should not just talk be repent and change your ways may be the Lord may forgive you.
      The problem is those dying are common innocent Zambians and the those who are benefiting from those deaths are safe.
      Reminds the boy from Lusaka went to die in kaoma a distance of so many miles , really the devil is happy Zambians need to be civilized to overcome such acts.

    • You have no shame ba president. Not at all. A person was shot during the by-election in Western province, Kaizer Zulu has been terrorizing innocent Zambians for months now and you have not spoken a single word to condemn such atrocities. And yesterday you were talking about being humble,REALLY?
      You need help Mr.President. The corruption has made you blind to the sufferings of the Zambians. Come2021 and if you are hoping to rig the way you rigged in 2016, you in maningi trouble.

  1. This man is so divisive. Its like a widower who has remarried and only sees wrong things in his wife’s children and praises his children’s sins.

  2. With the current by-election indicators, GRZ should deploy the army in Southern, N/Western and Western provinces in 2021 as the rest of the country is civilised. Thank you Luapula for the peaceful elections. The bantustan savages need heavy policing.

  3. Violence and bloodshed won’t stop as long as HH and Lungu wants to continue as presidents.

    Everything change. Lungu should give way to a new person to take over.

    HH should give chance to a new person to take over.

    HH has bad history around him. He is involved in many scandals and every thinking Zambian should never vote for such.

    We have many good Zambian citizens who are not compromised like HH and Lungu.

    Why is it that HH and Lungu think they are the only ones who can rule Zambia?

    Those supporting Lungu and those supporting HH has no good will for Zambia.

    Zambia is bigger than Lungu and HH. These two are one and the same and should both be rejected. They are crooks and both thieves.

    They are the ones making people to fight.

  4. Vice President nonge Wina says the UPND victory in a ward in Lupososhi is insignificant as it means just catching a small fish in a big lake, PF secretary General Davies Mwila says the loss is significant as that is where PF had their first member of parliament and provincial Chairman should resign, very uncoordinated. But you Davies Mwila, when you were home affairs Minister and lost a parliamentary seat to a simple independent without resources in Chipili, who asked you to resign. Hypocrites

    • Kawalala wa Mukula uyu, ka worst president on earth, scatter rotten teeth as useless as they come.

  5. Double standards of a ceremonial President. If you are not a captured head of state, why don’t you condemn Kaizer Zulu and your cadres as well when they ran amok?

  6. Unbelievable to say the least, Sean T was clobbered in the heart of Lusaka, not a single statement has been made so far.

  7. Why doesn’t he call up a press conference following serious allegations of his involvement in the illegal and corrupt trade in mukula tree? While his trigger happy handler kaizer goes around terrorising anyone in his way, lungu is quick to condemn and blame opposition for alleged violence which has not been proved by the courts. Foote gave you good advice to desist from commenting and choosing sides on issues that should be decided by the courts. Lungu uIichlpuba sana!

  8. Now he is into commissioning church buildings? Road and other PF “development agenda” seem to have been delegated or is it relegated to ministers lately.

  9. @junior jj the president was invited for commissioning a church building.Hope you can get the logic.
    UPND work on your history.First day when HH was introduced to lead UPND series of in fight occurred.Venon Mwaanga is lame today because of political violence characterized by supporting Chisanga to lead UPND.Sakwiba almost went home naked in the same fraction.In mapatizya,(MMD vs UPND)a child was killed and one man lost his legs while locals had their huts torched by UPND stooges.Historically,tongas have suffered tribal supremacy in belief that they most educated,livestock keepers and great farmers than any other tribe in Zambia.This tribal ideology has put them on social conflicts in school,workplaces,POLITICS and religion set up.Tribalism was nursed up to now because of this tribal…

  10. And he never voiced concern over victims of KZ’s shootings and arson for poor people in Mikango! What kind of hypocrisy is this?

  11. The UCZ woman said, ” God could turn around any negative situation in Zambia”. I believe that Zambia will be a better country without these thieving roaches and indeed all negativity will turn into positivity!! She’s actually saying something to PF.

  12. Just a couple of months ago a U.P.N.D supporter was Shot dead in cold blood by your minister & cadres, & as if not enough your P.F sanctioned Cadres ransacked the funeral gathering, which is “unchristian, & against African values”, which you profess to have by the bucketload!
    You have failed to Govern you fraudulent Chawama thief. #JONAAYENDE.

  13. …uncoordinated message, story or poor summary??
    “…some politicians have realized the importance of worshiping God as they now flock to different churches in a day” Maybe it’s the pain we and them are experiencing when you speed us through new bumps in a day??

  14. Will we also hear a comment on Mapenzi, and others that have fallen at the hands of party and state sponsored thugs?

    Can we also hear about Kaizer please.

  15. …ba UCZ also why disturb the humble one?? He needs all the time to fix the DUNUNA REVERSE GEAR( Kwacha no Clutch??). UCZ SYNOD, Please read the bible and invite the poor sinner,the sad and the gay to your feasts also because, isn’t that why you are in existence as a Church?? Why invite the well off only??UCZ, why doesn’t anyone talk about widows in his presence??Is he allergic to widows??instead you talk about politicians??

  16. Was her heart truly pure of no hate when she was blessing the man???awe ninshi bakaya ingila mu bufumu bwakwa Lesa ….if not then its blasphemy, mukaya pilapo ba mayo imwe! The man is playing double standards, and has the guts to stand and face the holy people to proclaim his party’s innocence when we all including the blind can see the happenings… With the Mukula, there is no smoke without fire!

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