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Zambia now added to the list of countries where food shortages have reached crisis b levels by the U.N

General News Zambia now added to the list of countries where food shortages have...


Zambia has been added to the list of countries where the lack of food has reached crisis levels, the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization has said.

Citing reduced harvests and high food prices in southern and western areas, the FAO reported that an estimated 2.3 million people in Zambia are food insecure, more than 10 per cent of the population.

Zambia’s addition to the UN list means that more than 40 countries are today in need of external food assistance, 32 of them are in Africa.

Countries in crisis requiring external assistance for food are expected to lack the resources to deal with reported critical problems of food insecurity.

An estimated 2.3 million people are food insecure and in need of assistance, mainly as a result of the reduced 2019 cereal harvest and higher food prices.

At the regional level, southern and western provinces are facing the highest prevalence of food insecurity, corresponding to areas that suffered prolonged periods of dry weather conditions and consequently reduced harvests.

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  1. My PF colleagues DO NOT want to hear such reports. Soon we will see them asking for the deportation of the FAO representative in Zambia

    • The humble leader chosen by god seems not to aware of such happenings, everything has been slothfully been humbled, the kwacha with soon get an NRC at the rate its moving, mealie meal has been humbled too like we import maize, how much is fuel his loyal humble leader supporters, do you use different fuel stations with the cheap promised K5 per fuel?, nanga zesco do you also use different pylons from the rest the citizens? That campaign song balimuchibe bola naikosa, I think bones whether pf or opposition bola naikosa ka?

  2. What you expect with poor leadership and theft from the highest office in the land? A president with no plan and just talks hot air but does the total opposite. Zambia is in reverse gear

  3. Thank you very much to the UN. I’m so happy to know that the UN has seen it with their own eyes that in Zambia there is hunger. And President Lungu and his Ministers were denying that there is no hunger in Zambia

  4. On 27th November 2019, Lusaka times had this story headline ” There is no need to declare Food Disaster in Zambia-FAO” the story had quoted Mr George Okech the country FAO representative. 10 days later his head office says the opposite. Was Mr Okech bought by someone to say what he said?. Leadership is about foresight, lack of of which leads to un manageable problems. Preventative measures are taken by those with foresight. We are in many problems as a nation due to lack of foresight and vision by those leading us. People without vision only act when it a disaster but do nothing to prevent disasters.

  5. The safety and security of the nation are not partisan issues. Food insecurity can lead to instability in the nation and therefore must be prevented. Our leaders sold maize to some neighboring country claiming then that Zambia had a lot of maize. Our leaders only acted when there was maize shortage and prices of maize went up. Who created the shortage? And then the leaders acted to stop maize exports. We need better leadership. Let’s all be involved in determining the destiny of of nation. Politicians only want power for themselves, but we have to hold them to account.

  6. Dununa reverse spirit at work. Kwacha reverse, economy reverse, loadshedding reverse, inflation reverse. Ma scandal mbwembwembwe, mukula, fire trucks, bogus road contracts, 48 houses, lower zambezi, forest 27 etc. Now we hear of Zambia defaulting on loans for the airplanes.

  7. According to the PF and one Sunday Chanda, this is part of a campaign by HH and international organizations to bring about regime change.
    The PF should just go to the compounds in the city and see how people are suffering.
    No need to blame HH.

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